New dodge on armors + perks

Can we agree that the 40 agility perk is also unbalanced in the new system
as there is not a lot of time difference between light and heavy in the first place anyway.
putting a few points in to agility will make you already roll faster then 0 points light armor…

and when you look at light 50 and heavy 50 you basicly look at 50 light compared to 50 medium even tho they where heavy.

Make the 40 agility perk give something for light armor as well, like if you have that PERK and have light armor on your roll distance is increased.

and make the main diffrence in light armor compared to medium and heavy being the stamina costs of movement actions (sprint / dodge) so there are still pro’s in using lighter armor. as for now the diffrerence is minimal. making lighter armor almost pointless.

light and especially medium armor is in an odd spot now with heavy being basicly the same but with higher reduction.


Perks : if the devs realy want to make use of every Perk and make it so putting points in will be a harder dessission they need to stop pumping all the damage in to strength.
you can easely affect raw strenght for raw damage. however
in strenth you find this perk to increase light attacks by 10%
increase damage when enemys are under an effect by 10%
and heavy attacks by 25%
(the btw not working perk ‘‘Brezerker’’ that should give you more damage when you get low on health)

split them up … so when you dont have all points in strength you can still do damage.

survival can increase damage when enemies are under an effect

encumbrance can increase damage of heavy attacks

grit can increase damage of light attack

and vitality can increase your damage when your health is getting low.

then ppl will will go more deverce as every Attribute of SAVAGES will in a way improve your combad.

(also add attackspeed in grit it realy needs to exist … and get rid of Iron-hard Muscles +15 armor not worth a perk)

i don’t think the dodge change will like change much like spending perk points wise. ppl just will go heavy armor and then basicly do strength / vitality all over again

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ike the thinking. Maybe everything except weapon animations cost less stamina for light.

something like
Heavy – wha ■■■ is now
Medium–us 90% less than heavy
Light–us 90% less than medium

Basically, if a no weapon action takes 50 points of stamina, then it would be 45 points for medium, and 40 points for light .

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En esta actualización la han cagado pero bien han roto todo el sistema de combate ahora ya las pvp se ganan por cantidad de jugadores y no por habilidad

Y tampoco se que han hecho con las armaduras ara da igual lo que te pongas que con todo se esquiva igual de mal si esto no lo corrigen en 2 días el juego se queda aún mas vacío que con este sistema de pelea y los caballitos esto parece el my little pony

I like the idea of a reduced cost of action with the light and medium versions of the armor.

idk how the numbers will work the sprint cost can be low difference but i think dodge should be somthing like a max of 3 dodge rolls for heavy and then have just not enought for another roll (20 in grit)
and light armor be at 5 rolls and just not enough for a 6th (20 in grit)
medium should be at 4 then. (20 grit)

becous the roll is the main deffence of light armor . so even tho agility makes your dodge faster the light armor will allow you to dodge more regardless.

the distance of rolls arent far enough to give you an advantage in running away.
and yes problebly the meta will be heavy armor with knifes / claws to increase your movment.

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