Perk's changes (ideas)

Just something i made up idk exact numbers and stuff but just some ideas i like to share.

Strength: (Increase melee DPS)
-10- Knockdown damage is increased by 100% and damage is increased light attack by 10%
-20- Charge attack
(most weapons just use the momentum from sprinting to an attack. when using a shield you shield run instead to knock an enemy down on impact wile deflecting range attacks)
-30- negative effects make you deal 25% more damage (light armor also ignore 25% armor with melee weapons
-40- increase heavy damage by 25%
-50- Brezerk (heavy armor wont go in brezerk but cant be knocked down when under 25%health)

Flexibility: (Increase Armor pen)
-10- (less) Fall damage
-20- Jump Attack (able to attack in the air)
-30- Climb Faster (light armor Can utilize Stealth when crouched)
-40- Dodge cost less
-50- Double jump (heavy armor does get “dodge counts as an armor class lower” instead)

Accuracy: (Increase range DPS)
-10- recovering (able to recover some ranged ammunition and (all) trowing weapons)
-20- crippling with ranged weapons are improves (trowing axe and javelin ignores the resist cripple perk)
-30- increase armor pen by 50% for ranged weapons (heavy armor only gets 10% but for all weapons
-40- deal more damage the farther they are with heavy attacks
-50- head shots only are countered by the armor of the helmet (light armor deals bonus damage)

Vitality: (Increase total health)
-10- Temperature resist
-20- Increase the healing effect of bandages
-30- gain passive health regeneration (light armor will regenerate 50% slower)
-40- increase Total health with 10%
-50- food counts as potion (healing effects don’t break on moving when wearing heavy armor)

Resist: (Increase Armor Capability’s)
-10- natural resist damage
-20- attack when holding a shield will knock enemies back and deal little damage
-30- potion invulnerability (light armor only resist to noxius gas)
-40- Defense= offense (get a little (2.5)% of your armor rating as (melee) damage)
-50- Thorns attacker gets some damage when attacking you (heavy armor will weight 0 when equipped)

Endurance: (Increase Stamina and lowers food needed)
-10- Sprint cost less and deep breath
-20- Able to eat raw food without poisoning
-30- Jumping cost no stamina
-40- Climbing cost less stamina
-50- Stamina regenerate faster

Encumbrance: (Increase carry weight)
-10- Harvest 2times as fast (trees, stone, iron, …)
-20- when kick your enemies get more knock back , when dodge (dagger) you get a damage bonus for a short time , and sprint when using a shield.
-30- increase carry weight by 20% (light armor 10%)
-40- Harvest extra (chance for rare) items from animals
-50- Move normal when over-encumbered (heavy armor will have no stamina penalties)

I like some and others seem odd but overall it think it’s decent not sure we will see such an overhaul but still I like the concept I do see an issue with some but in most cases I think it’s just the order

One example is encumbrance 30 and 40 should be swapped I think just seems to powerful for a 30 point.

yeah dont know the order buti wanted to make perks in te first place to be in a reasenable list like agility currently boost armors the level 40 perc is usless for light armor users and the level 50 is stupid for heavy.
also i dont like survival so i put it under encumbrance while splitting agility / grid under stamina and flexebility
and made the resist for armor’s
(im not sure by names but still)

Yea I totally agree with you I really feel survival is wasted.