Evasive actions attached to armor type (lets send a no brainer to Crom)

It will improve combat and make a real diference between types of armors because lets say the true 5th grit perk its a waste of points atm, so to hit 2 birds with one stone would be a great idea to stick how many times u can do evasive roll by armor weight, being light: 6 rolls, medium: 5 rolls and heavy: 4 rolls/slides like now to deplete stamina bar, and give 5th perk a better use i.e:
Punchig bag (perk name can change)- u can no longer be knoked down to ground in combat stance (this may or may not include charge atacks, rhino, bears and the like)
Extend explanation: Thru barbaric combat training u know how to recive a critical hit, for any one else fatal blow its just one more scar to scrach on a battle-hardened warrior like you

So 50 grit points meta is:
-Heavy armor 4 rolls/slides
-Medium armor 4 rolls
-Light armor 4 rolls
-On 5th grit perk all goes to 6 evasive rolls from naked to heaviest armor

New 50 points meta can be:
-Heavy armor 4 rolls/slides
-Medium armor 5 rolls
-Light armor 6 rolls
-5th new perk

This way we all have a more realistic (better?) overall experience on exiled lands and make a real change between armors, cuz its a no brainer that being naked its the same to wear a battletank as an armor until we reach last grit perk, i think it will be welcome by the comunity and thx to read to the end :slight_smile:

You wanna make light armor even stronger than it already is? (from a PvP perspective)

Really? I mostly see heavy and medium builds on pvp, only light decent build i know involves darfari armor to focus on strenght

Every top PvP player plays with Light Armor (yes, the darfari one with a medium helmet, for example the aquilonian medium from the DLC).
Because of the spear. Light armor is the only armor that allows you to dodge out of spear range (given the opponent stands right in front of you).

So its even better, should be like rock, paper, sissors, light “kills” heavy, medium “kills” light and heavy “kills” medium, sounds cool to me :slightly_smiling_face:

Light > Medium > Heavy

-> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Aw_E4hiL7Pw&feature=youtu.be#t=35s

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