Perks and Armor need some work

Both the Perk system and Armors need some work and shuffling.

Things like Agility and Survival are always dumpstats and a lot of this could be mitigated by shuffling the perks most of the trees around, and not in just these two trees. A good example of this outside of those two specifically would be Strength and Accuracy. They both have perks that affect how secondary effects work, strength having one that gives a bonus to all at 20 points while accuracy has it’s armor pen perk at 40. It’s bogus that a perk in strength is currently more appealing to archer builds than the one in the accuracy tree. There are perks like this all throughout each stat that seem placed superfluously, and the 20 point strength perk should be at the 40 point while moving light and heavy attack extra damage down to 20 and 30 respectively. Either that or the Accuracy Armor pen needs to be moved down, with maybe a nerf to the percentage. There are examples of this all throughout the perk tree and it really looks like whoever designed it liked a very specific build and didn’t want competition with it.

As to armor, there really needs to be something done to make Light and Medium more attractive mechanically. The further dodge distance really isn’t enough and in PvP situations it’s only useful if you need to get away, otherwise it takes you out of attack range while heavy keeps you right where you need to be while also avoiding the attack. Pretty much everyone right now just runs around in Silent Legion armor, even on PvE and Private RP servers, proving there needs to be more sacrifice to using Heavy armor in general and Silent Legion specifically, especially with weight reduction kits in the game. It should slow down your run and sprint speed and have a greater drain on your stamina. Also with dodging the 25%/4 dodges in a row is a good place for Heavy, but Medium should get 20%/5 dodges, while light should be at 16.6%/6 dodges. There really needs to be more incentive to wearing other armor types.