Where are you? No communication

How is it possible that the communication got even worse since last stream, when alex said that you will start communicate more to the community?

I see big topics everywhere and no one from funcom is saying anything? For example the playerlist feature, big topic and alot of activity, but no answers from you.

Then I see topics like “I cant place carpet in my base please fix” and u guys will answer within 1 hour or so.

Show us that you guys actually still care about the game and players. Please.


Another question:

Where is the document Alex said he is writing regarding the movement changes?


Yea actually was thinking about that aswell, but wasnt sure If I just missed it.

This is pathetic.

Is that movement as in the dodge roll?

Since several weeks I realized that they only answer to bugs or their own posts. Every controversial topic gets either ignored or listed so no one can see it anymore.

Remaining in silence will not automatically make us happy with recent updates or exploiting/glitchers and so on. And it will not automatically make everyone forget about it. Everyone who plays conan knows about the state of the game and even new player know that there are several problems. Being transparent about them and sometimes let the people know if you going to solve it will bring you more fans, I’ll bet.

Imagine what effect it would have for the playerbase if you could read following underneath a post: “thanks for reporting the person will get a warning and the undermesh base gets cleared.” Or “thanks for your opinion we gonna do an official vote and if any least 70% of the votes are against it we gonna reconsider our decision”

I promise you, everyone would freak out and sincerely love the communication and community. Not only the few people who are here to defend under every post.


Momentum movement.

I don’t know but I am guessing both, the movement momentum and dodge roll changes.

Answers to certain questions have other baggage associated with them. They’ll answer when its appropriate to do so.

Thing is when majority of the players dont agree on some of the changes they should be able to give a answer on what it will do for us to make it better.

For example the playerlist feature again, how did it become better? Low level players getting raided/killed in first sight now instead of before when u actually could see if that player is lvl 20 or level 60.

And as SirDaveWolf asked, Alex said he would make a document public regarding the movement changes. But nope nothing. That make u lose trust. And my trust towards funcom is getting lower for each day.

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  • 1st would require them to hire a full time GM team to police the servers.
  • 2nd would require them to make sure that all players votes are recorded and considered not just the ones of vocal forum community. Not to mention that the community often doesn’t even know what they want but they think they do.

Some things are done because they want the product to have a certain look and feel and to explain it implies there is the possibility of change. Entering into a dialogue about something with no possibility of change rarely ends well; the player list was done deliberately, the nameplates without levels is a deliberate choice, the roll mechanic was done deliberately (and has been discussed extensively). They have their own process of PR to decide when and where comments are appropriate. Just because we ask, we should not feel like we are entitled to an answer. It just “is”.


So just because it’s a deliberately choice it means it good? No, and it’s obvious they making wrong decisions. People that been in the gsme since start actually been begging them to stop doing this stupid updates.

Im playing PVP and since the latest updates PVP is getting worse and more boring for every update. And dodge and momentum is still a huge reason for it.
Their explanation was that a player should not be able to attack 10 players alone. And my answer to that is, If 1 very skilled player makes that choice and survives it not his fault its those other 10 players fault. Rn a skilled player almost cant go 1v2 1v3 even if these 3 players are really bad.

If they were asking PVP players how they would like to see how the game developed it would probably be better. Same with PVE.

And still they said they will be more communicative to the players, but it’s even worse.

They do take input from pvp. That is indisputable.

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@darthphysicist yes they do. Not for the betterment of everyone else. My opinion that I typically keep to myself. They could have kept the players list. It is a option on private servers. Playing for fun on a private server I get killed alot. Not sure it makes a difference how I dodge butt I will use heavy armor now


They clearly not do that. If they would, people would be happy about it. So many people have quit playing because of stupid updates that’s not necessary. I guess your not one that plays PVP cuz if u did u would prob agree.


they did communicate via the stream havent they?
so they said what they did. they did communicate with the community. dont expect more

Your pov is your own, but many changes have everything to do with pvp.


They said they will start to do it more. And yes he said some reasons. But he also said he would make a document public regarding all movement and dodge, but nothing. And its obvious ppl dont like the playerlist hidden. And yes I will expect more if they say they gonna be more communicative.

They can start with patch notes for example so much stuff missing in the patchnotes gamechanging stuff.

Tell me some? That people havent complained about.

Sorry and please do not this as being rude but no they will answer when they feel like it, communication was not meant to get any better , it was smoke to blow up our butts to keep us off their back is all or we would have better communication, I mean come on they even stopped their weekly stream as cant handle the questions on them.