Future of Conan. Theorems, suggestions, and opinions

Does Conan have a future?

Sure, but what future? Maintenance and reruns? A far more leisurely approach to bugs, updates, and content release? Statues quo?

One thing that would help most and they keep saying they are going to do is…

I know this forum is a mine field; I’m one of the mines. But the best way to communicate is to
COMMUNICATE. Put on your flack boots and step in.

First suggestion:
Popped on a couple times to check my builds; not serial refreshing concerned I might get purged. Riding up to my sorcerum there was a blip and I was falling. Grabbed the cliff face.

But all is well and now what? No challenges, no building to do, last few dungeons to do on the dungeon delvers journey; but the well of skelos keeps handing me my donkey. Lost 5 thralls in there already. Need to level up another but not really motivated.

And that is my issue in game right now, I feel like an actor searching for my role. Just what is my motivation?
With so many public transit systems I don’t need to build anything. My chests are full, there is no mats I need. And just going exploring tends to be triggering, so now what?

The battle pass. I know a minor majority would like to see it back in some form. I’d like to see it back as a paying job. No more battle pass content, I’d rather see that effort put in to the bazaar; later in post. But have the old battle pass challenges back as dailies/weeklies/monthlies. And have them simply pay out croms.

Buying the pass just gives you the option to earn croms; and yes the pay out will be more then enough to buy the next. This works best if the pass is self perpetuating. This would not only put butts in seats, it would give players a reason to play longer. More over this would give players with more time then money the option to be more active in the bazaar.
Not me, you know why.

As well as freeing up the pass from events and ages.

I know I’ve posted this before but I still favor this version of the pass.

Now having been on a very little bit of late I haven’t logged in in a foundation. Though I’m still periodically falling through, but this seems related to certain players logging in, and/or some one starting a purge.
Seems to me funcom aught to have some sort of telemetry{?} on this, but then I’ve been very wrong before.

This is something we really need that communication on.

The update did solve my menu issue. It didn’t solve THE menu issues but I can interact with bench content and repair the thrall unlocked armors. Yes I still have to change sorting when things get finicky; “no I want to stay here”.

I think the UI needs a redesign. Most benches need more option buttons now. And ones that work.
I never used custom stacking, I always sort by weight or name. But enough people used it to bring it back.

Now I’d like to see the ages dropped and just be quarterly events.
Head hunters
Sacred Hunt
War; more later.
The Alignment: Those odd events that I wish only happen during one quarter. Where the worlds are close enough for the vortexes to form for the events to occur. Blood moon, Grave matters, ect.

The age of war is the only time there should be full encampments around the Stygian keep. Drop the size of the keep to a hardened out post; with a captain, lets keep it as an active POI. But at a quarter the size. During the age of war surround it with Stygian war tents and troops. Kick the captain out because the general wants the comfy chair. And a dd 2 more captains tents.

As long as the bazaar is buyer beware it’s going to be a hard NO for me regardless.
But I am not really one for exclusive content. I have no issue with funcom offering up the previous battle pass content in the bazaar. But as affordable packages. Maybe even steam DLCs. The armors of the age of sorcery, the weapons of…
And so on.

Pet peeve.

Putting my shoulder behind that boulder and starting up that hill again.

Pushing hard for land claim flags. Completely drop the building ToC. Set nobuild points and zones.

You start with a 10X10 land claim flag. You gain another every 10 levels. So 7 at 60th.
You can link them to make Hadrian’s wall, group them to make your village, spread them across the map. Don’t care, no ToC.

Nobuild points and areas will prevent you from blocking them, so no real need of a rule for that. Other then don’t be a dick. Ya, you ring in a POI and that aught to be reportabel under that rule.
This would free up funcom moderators to actually concentrate on exploits, and hackers.
They certainly wouldn’t be wasting time on, or have summary judgements from spam land claim reports.

Now here is an ask of funcom, if you don’t want us to build bridges YOU build them in the high traffic areas.

Brain purged.


I can probably find all kinds of faults in any communication, I think most of us can; we’re fickle little turds like that. It’s just human nature. But we can always do better. Some have suggested in the past that there is little communication because of that fickleness. No business in their right mind is going to stop communicating because some voice displeasure (respectfully or not). So I’ll use deductive reasoning in that I believe they’re in their “right mind”. They’re people too. If we dismiss that factor then what is it? Funcom has always had a knack for “surprises”; keeping us in the dark until TA-DA look at this thing we were working for a year/months on! Throwing in some clues on Twitter/X if it is grandiose.

I’ve often questioned why the lack of continuity in communication? Sometimes only Twitter and Facebook? Facebook is always a silly thing, they seem to be making use of a calendar and pre-prepped posts and that is good! Because it saves time. It can be scheduled for any time and day. But why not use other tech available to them? There’s powerhouse content schedulers that can hook up to most social media and it will auto post to every platform available to them.

So then we see players post in the forums of something announced on Twitter or Facebook and I wonder why not here too? Often no longer posted in the unofficial discord either.

What also gets me is the random answers to questions in the forums itself. Big questions that require clear answers and while I’m appreciative if and when those answers come, WHY in a singular comment on a 100-comment post buried later in the forums? Take the boss blocking fiasco, removal of the console commands and clarification about some ToC violations, for example. There’s places for these things to give visibility to everyone.

Much of the communication we see happens after-the-fact and appears to be only when there’s some cries; damage control. When really IF we got the information beforehand at least we’d be able to understand, manage expectations and make decisions.

Is DBNO a solution to inability to balance thralls? What was truly their motivation behind nerfing thralls? They said it was to make players the true heroes. Ok. So make the thralls meat puppets and dolls; make it easy to get them via Ob coins and resurrection mechanics… to do WHAT.

Seems like a lot of unintended consequences which is a symptom of poor game design.

Absolutely, which prompted my post about the game being easy.

I have to wonder if games who use this method have been successful in generating revenue; isn’t that the true goal? Make the Crom coin reward minimal so it forces players to make the decision to buy. There’s going to be players who abjectly refuse to purchase and will grind the hell out of this so they have those free Crom coins. That is a loss that should be factored into the whole. But there’s going to be players who complain that it’s too grindy to get the coins. That is human nature.

Seeing some other gaming companies deal with large issues I have to be critical to Funcom on this. Hugely. It feels like we’re all being ignored despite the few comments about it being a particularly difficult bug. Ok fine, then write a blog post about it, let us know it means something to you and post everywhere.

When is summer vacation starting for them? Has it already started? Are we not going to see any more momentum in solving this until August/September? Embarrassing.

Further to that is the cheating. 6 months.

Going in to the 7th month of completely unabashed hacking. No pause. No break.

Every online game is experiencing hacking and is a complex and very difficult thing to address. Check. Got it, fine.


Some of us may be familiar with Dark and Darker. The game is VERY fun and I’ve spent some time on it. They have a problem with hackers but the difference? They’re communicating with their playerbase and actively trying to fix it.


To be fair, communication was a big problem for then back in the days of Age of Conan. But I do not think it was ever THIS BAD back then. And I myself have even made a post asking Funcom why they ignore their OFFICIAL forum for posts about updates / events, hell even the TWITCH DROPS, but of course it went completely ignored by them. No response, just radio silence and still no mention on their official forums about when twitch drops happen to this day. It is disgusting how they treat their own official forum and their forum users.

I’ve often questioned their lack of continuity in…well…everything. :woman_shrugging: But communication is a big one. :rofl:

There really is no reason why they cannot have one person prepare one post that they can put up on their twitter, facebook, youtube channel, forum, unofficial discord if they want, and even on steam if they wanted to, or anywhere else. Just copy / paste it everywhere. One person, copy / paste. This is NOT HARD! Yet they can’t seemed to be arsed to be consistent on where they even post things.

You and me both. It should not every be up to other players to find out where Funcom decided to drop some announcement and then rush over to Funcom’s own official forum to inform the rest of Funcom’s players about Funcom’s announcement.

I’ll take a stab at this. And since I obviously do not work for Funcom this is all just speculation, which is all anyone can do because of the… lack of communication. But I believe is this.

The original intention behind the “thrall rework” was to make the players the “true heroes of the story”. But as well all know, Funcom is incapable of making any kind of nerf to anything without going massively overboard and so you have thralls that were ding en mass all over their servers. So they could have reverted their changes, but then the thralls would have become the over-powered monsters they were before which isn’t want they wanted (and a good section of the players for that matter, though not all). Which leaves them with several option.

They could “rework” the way thralls work. But they have already done this before and it would be a lot of work and effort. They could attempt to re-balance thrall, but if there is anything they are just as bad at as nerfing it is re-balancing. :rofl: So why not “invent a new system no one asked for!” It seems to be on key with what they have been doing recently, make changes that no one asks for right? Well, at least this one has the potential to be positive. Right? Maybe?

If they were going to go with this sort of method then the goal of “paying CC’s out” via a battle pass type system isn’t to “make money”, though that is likely to happen especially if the payout is low enough. It is to “drive player engagement”. And this would likely drive more engagement than the previous version of the battle pass, as long as they figured out a system that would not allow you to cheese it via the admin panel or some other such way. Otherwise it would become just as big of a failure as their last two attempts at creating a battle pass system. And when you consider they went 0 for 2 on system that were not able to be cheesed, I find it unlikely that they would put any more time or effort into attempting any further systems.

Yeah, this has been their way since Age of Conan. They promised a whole big revamp of their crafting system. Did it ever happen? Nope. Did they ever communicate that it was being worked on? That it was being abandoned for other things? Anything at all? Nope. Radio silence. That is just one example.

A simple post (on all formats) stating:

We are aware of the issues with hacking on the official servers currently going on. We are looking into the root cause and what solutions can be made to prevent these from continuing. We do not have said solution at this time, but we are working on it.


The same for the issue with falling through the foundations…for how long now? But no, just ignore it all and act like it isn’t actually happening. Then get all giddy when you talk about some new (broken or bugged) item out on the BLB!!!


While I agree with your conclusion, I’ve never entirely been sure how hard they were trying to make systems that couldn’t be cheesed. The impression I always had was that they knew it could be cheesed and were fine with that - maybe a lack of real desire to go down this (often unpopular) monetisation route? The fact that they went for the ‘full refund’ option also struck me as possible evidence of this. I don’t know (obviously), but it always seemed to me that perhaps the reason this was the ‘least egregious’ battlepass I’ve encountered was that those charged with its implementation didn’t really want to put together the full FOMO/timedrain/constant costs package…

I’d also like to see some acknowledgement at least that they recognise there are issues with the new UI/inventory, and that they are aware thralls now take massive fall damage because their AI is not up to the task of following. (And maybe some sort of update on if or when we can expect to see the long-awaited ‘pet fix’ while they’re at it…) The silence on so many major issues that are deeply affecting players’ enjoyment is deafening (and surely must be impacting total numbers of people playing?!?).


That seems to be the inevitable result when Tencent buys a company.


Why bother with all that. After all, you can just bring them back up with the brand new shinny DBNO system right? It’s better than fixing thrall AI, or re-balancing pets, or thralls. Just yell at them and bring them back up yeah? Isn’t that what everyone wanted, a way to save their favorite followers? (I do hope that you pick up on my sarcasm there…)

Considering that this was designed (as was the BLB) due to the “suggestions” from their “monetization expert” from Tencent I doubt they were purposefully sabotaging it as you seem to be suggestion.

The fact that they went for the “full refund” option seems pretty clear, to drive player interaction. But since the system could be cheesed that obviously failed. Hence the reword of the system, which ended up being able to be cheesed as well (not in one day but easily enough and with extremely little player effort). Each age (at that point every three months) they drop a new battle pass in the hope of enticing the players to come back and engage with the game in order to earn the new rewards (and earn the coins for the next chapters battle pass). But since you could do this all in one day via the admin panel where was the engagement coming from? Just do the battle pass in a day and go back to serial refreshing.


As far as cheesing the challenges, dailies mean daily. You can log in to single player and cheese through them in a few minutes, or log in to live and spend a bit of time doing them. Regardless you would have to log in daily.
Weeklies and monthlies would just add to that logged in time, whether you cheese them or not.



A new map will keep ppl interested. No new map means players will get bored and move on.


The real issue is cheaters masquerading as hackers, and word of mouth (or gaslighting). They are “hot heads” and maybe hackers taking the heat, and the results might contain mistrust due to their line of posts on these forums. It was business and now it’s a slow clap.

Not every program can be done overnight, as it usually takes five years for a complete game…

P.S. I generally don’t use discord.

Even though i play the game since release, i didn’t engage in the form or cared about FC‘s social media.
I joined the forum last year out of frustration about AoW.
… So I don’t know if FC‘s communication was any better before… and i didn’t play age of conan.

However, Chinese corporations aren’t exactly known for their transparency.

As i mentioned in the thread about BP removal, i ‚m very split. Is FC just slowing down as many people (including myself) wanted?
Or are they slowly but surely leaving CE behind because of the low player count?
… don’t know.

Besides T4 bearers and horses and camels i don’t use any followers atm. And i only use the bearers because i am building something and need structural integrity for now.
As soon as i‘m done building i can either switch to beast of burden, or get rid of expertise.

Anyways, i already lost bearers to fall damage at sinkhole!
Now i can at least go down, kill the fvcking dragon and shout at him to get his lazy ass back up again… :rofl:
But shouldn’t it be a priority to fix stupid sh¡t like that?

I could accept the nerfs if their AI and pathing would have seen some improvement. Along with the overall performance.
But that’s not the case, the leveling process and equipping them is still the same effort it was before, but it’s just unrewarding to spend that time. And you guys know what i think about pets… don’t get me started on them.

If DBNO is a solution “for now” while FC seriously goes for a rebalancing, ok. Could live with that.
But i already voiced my concerns about DBNO the moment it came up a few months ago.

They probably don’t have the time, ability, money or motivation to rebalance thralls… nevermind pets… i hope i‘m wrong… but i wouldn’t be surprised either if that’s the best we can get.

Would be perfectly fine with that. Lots of players took breaks from the game because they were upset how FC treats them and the game.
Frustrating them even further with content they don’t have access to anymore seems like a bad idea to me.

It’s NOT loyalty to suffer through a game riddled with bugs and exploits, and nobody should look at it that way! And no player should be forced to do so!

Regarding events and ages…
Monster hunter had seasonal events and event quests. Also “exclusive” quests to celebrate some milestones along the way.

But when the pandemic forced capcom to end the support and we didn’t get further updates, they simply enabled everything.

Seasonal events circulate, ALL the event quests are constantly available now.
CE could go a similar route.

In case of cheesing the purge in the volcano, i was fine with it.
Was really funny! :sweat_smile::joy:

How many times have the broken thrall pots and pet feeder boxes been reported, by multiple members of the community?

Still not fixed… not even commented on.
No they are even implementing a reskinned version for the broken thrall pot with the sacred hunt event! :man_shrugging:
This made me think they are just taking the piss.


BP items AND bazaar items should be linked to some sort of FC-account and we should have access to it while being offline!
Because when the servers will go down and people don’t have access to their stuff anymore… nobody will buy any FC product EVER.

Some people like content creators also have multiple accounts, means it also shouldn’t be account bound!
(and just in case that sounds confusing, on console i have access to all the games and dlc‘s with my second PlayStation network account, but not to the BP/bazaar items of course. I would have to buy them a second time! :joy::rofl: even though it’s the same person… don’t know how this works on PC)


They don’t even have to copy/paste for the most part either. These powerhouse content creators I’m talking about have toggles for all social media plug ins. Make post > choose places to post > schedule - done. Sprout or Hootsuite don’t have full integration yet so having to log in to certain places might be an extra step but like you said, simply copy/paste.

Marketing calendars are so important and you can incorporate so much to drive engagement with your audience. One huge thing was ensuring that if something was announced it was done at the same time or within minutes of each other. This is all from experience.

I kind of feel bad for the person handling the marketing on socials. Like I feel bad for the mods on here and even the Zendesk employees. Someone is making the decisions and it ain’t them. Like Andy :frowning:

Kudos to those people. +1. But they’re basically doing the company’s work for them. I’d be more inclined to assist if say, this was a new up and coming company. This is a company holding a near and dear IP that feels like it’s not being fully taken care of backed by one of the most wealthy and encompassing media companies in the world. Besides, most new up and comers have adjusted with the times and have the ability to communicate. It creates loyalty.


I definitely should have been clearer there as it was the subject XD Driving player engagement should be the goal to keep “butts in seats” as Deac likes to say. Those butts will develop connections and then be more comfortable with purchasing available content.

It’s just so simple.

For the hacking it feels like there was a discussion that decided “do not say ANYTHING to any player asking about it”.

The foundation problem is just really embarrassing. I cringe thinking that this has been allowed to go on for so long with little reassurance. December/January is when it started :frowning:


It’s quaint eh? Interesting that DBNO has the effect of alleviating the poor AI XD

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Andy deserves a corner office with windows.


DBNO I doubt will make any difference in my game play. If a thrall goes down they wont be in a position where I can raise them.

As far as thralls I think placed thrall leveling would be more useful then DBNO. Fixing the thrall pot; if it’s actually broken because some times it does work right, would be nice. The thrall pot is something I’d like to see a revamp of. Like to have the thralls feeding from list back, but it could show their level and HP. Maybe even food buffs.

I lose more thralls trying to level them then just having them as a side kick while I adventure. I’d like to see thralls rebalanced, but not by funcom. funcom doesn’t know feathering. As in if the had just dropped bearer hp by 10% and damage by 2%, most people would never have noticed.

@Kikigirl The “butts in seats” is from 3 years of testing ACR. An unreleased racing game. Excellent concept of car collecting but copy rights are $$$, and the physics never hit that soft sim sweat spot. Plug got pulled after I think it was the 3rd open beta. :cry:

But marketing was asking how to keep people playing to fill race lobbies “butts in seats”. And the solution was not unlike being paid to play.
The game was being designed with no pay walls. You could just buy the game coin for a viper, or race a lot; winning a lot earns more :grin:


And here we go; not coming down on Dana even though it may seem so. This is about the quality of communication.

Doubtful. That isn’t how it works, you wont get a good explanation from zendesk. If it’s a temp ban you wont get any. But all they will do is copy and paste the rule you broke with no explanation as to how you broke it.

That is yet another communication issue. Zendesk is a system that does not give warnings or explanations. Now you can appeal an actual ban but not a time out; 1st offense.

And if you don’t explain to me just how I broke the rules I have no way of knowing how not to brake them again or what to warn others not to do. If you can’t explain how I was wrong, I wasn’t wrong.

It’s a server setting the only thing to investigate is who didn’t reset it last Friday :smile: Might kick in today with server restarts. But as far as I know everyone is on vacation for a month, anything that is broke is going to be broke for a while. Which is weird if they have a US office, I doubt they are on vacation for a month.

Thank you for your feedback. Also making a note here regarding this comment :point_down:

The team is still here being active. Over the vacation period we may not be at full capacity but we are still here working on improving Conan Exiles.


Obviously I don’t expect anyone from FC to confirm/deny this, but I’m betting that U.S. office is mostly a legal fiction, a registered address that doesn’t represent a fully functioning location. Just like the many U.S. corporations that have their “headquarters” in Delaware but practically zero employees actually in that state.

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How much money would you be willing to bet on this? I might be interested in taking that bet.

Or you might do a quick Google search before spouting any more nonsense.


Oh I’ll take that bet too:

That’s the NC office that’s located in Durham, a city I am well acquainted with. The specific area was chosen well as there is plenty of restaurants and good local fast food franchises (they’ve got a Bojangles in walking distance).


Do you understand the difference between being wrong and “spouting nonsense”? No, apparently you don’t.

I got to learn something new today, and I’m fine with that.

So you understand that figures of speak can had very different means in different nations? @Kapoteeni I believe is from Finland, though I might be mistaken on that. The point remains, the figure of speak “spouting nonsense” might have a very different meaning where they are from than from you are from, or where I am from.

So before you get all high and mighty, perhaps you might want to learn something new today? Or at the very least inquire.

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