My personal opinion on Conan today

I have no idea why the only time I come to the forums; all I hear is what amounts to temper tantrums. Some are legit issues for sure but so many are just silly.

I’m just posting my personal opinion, and nothing is directed toward anyone in particular.

Funcom, I think you’re doing a fantastic job. Keep up the good work. Are there bugs that happen? Yes. Do you fix them? A lot faster than you did when Conan came out. Did I lose materials and stuff with the last update? Yes…So what. I still have to do the same thing I did yesterday. It’s not like it changed anything for my game play at all. I still must go out and gather supplies and materials (no longer a painful grind), I still must gather thralls. (Which now is no longer a painful waiting game and quite pleasant - thanks for that as well.)

Unlike some, I do not mind the bazaar at all. I own everything that’s come out and I’m a pvp player. To me it’s a matter of money management. I just purchase $20 in coins every few weeks and get what I want when I want. I don’t even notice the costs.

Some of the bugs people complain about are more of an inconvenience than a problem. I personally don’t experience a lot of bugs…Exploits, quite annoying but nothing worth quitting the game from. Personally, I’d just remove all of them from the game to stop those who used the exploit

I can safely say that I and my clan as well as friends we play with all enjoy the updates we’ve been through. In fact, our servers haven’t been this full since the free download days and it has been providing some enjoyable game play.

The only thing I would like to see a focus on is defensive features. Especially with the new purge feature arriving. Oil cauldrons are useless when they could be incredibly dangerous against attacking foes. Thralls need to be more defensive. We need arrow lockers (think thrall pot except arrows) We need traps that are actually hidden and more variety of defensive traps. The explosive and poison traps are great BUUUT for some reason they’re not able to be hidden so you can see them for miles.

But again, all just my opinion with 10k hours in the game. (I really need a life)


Nah, I think you don’t. After all, you have Conan Exiles to fill your days, so what would you need a life for?

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LOL, you may be right.

Some people can get their foot stuck in a wolf trap and just comment on how nice the light rays look through the leaves of the trees. But some of us are more concerned about the wolf trap on our foot.


the only two bugs that i can’t stand are the invisible mobs bug that has been going on since AoS and the foundation bug i am a builder i build and when i login to find my castle i have been building on for years go poof. can you blame people when they get mad about that? building is one of the main things you do in the game and should be one of the first things in the list of things to fix. if you can’t build in a base building game what is the point? the next thing is combat for me it is ok not the best not the worst but when a lot of things are invisible i have no choice but to use thralls to fight and with the update i keep losing thralls left and right and the Rockslide, Avalanche, three skull enemies are invisible and can one shot you if you run in to them in the new update. i love the game but when the two main things you do in the game is broken people feel lied to and cheated. and it feels like pc get fixes faster than PS4/PS5/XBOX because that is where all the content creators that make the videos are to fool people in to thinking that the game will run the same on PS4/PS5/XBOX.

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Jup, in destroying the game, for sure.

I still hear all the people saying with 3.0 and the bazar introduction that now finally Funcom gets the finances that they need to further support the game. 2 ages later, game is in its worst state ever.

  • Perma stamina
  • poke and roll
  • invisible and non responding AI
  • empty camps
  • ongoing foundation bug
  • building pieces that loose stability and decay even with decay set to off
  • soccerer builds nerfed into oblivion
  • animals and thralls dying like flies
  • treasure walking simulator
  • pvp destroyed
  • events that not work for a big portion of player
  • developers that hide behind zendesk and avoid 99% of communication with their playerbase
  • bazar items that are way overpriced
  • same cheating and duping methodes repeat after updates

Live and enjoy your bubble, I don´t care. But don´t say they do a great job. Because they do not. All they are doing is money grabbing from people that love the game so much that they got color blind.


No hate, just truth.

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Don’t make me pull this thread over. You two need to self moderate.

ya, I said that.


LOL, I wouldn’t say that. I’d simply say, we’re not quitters. And, again…it’s what the game is about when it’s not raid time. Running dungeons, gathering mats, survive the raid night and repeat.

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  • Perma stamina

Okay, this is an occasional bug and with the new stamina system, is it really an issue? You literally CAN run for unlimited stamina. The current “bug” if you will, once you engage with your weapon, it will clear itself out and if you hit the run button again, clears it out. So…Not even close a "OMG you guys suck, this game is trash, " bug.

Not a bug at all. It is an attribute.

This is indeed a bug as far as the invisible. I haven’t experienced ANY non-responding AI. If anything, it’s responding far sooner than I’d like.

If a camp is empty, someone already cleared it out and they haven’t respawned yet. If nothing spawns, it’s not supposed to have anything in the abandoned camp. This complaint is just silly.

On going? ROFLOL. It was one time, with one specific type of foundation. It has been resolved literally within 4 days of the bug.

  • building pieces that loose stability and decay even with decay set to off

First I’ve ever seen or heard of this one.

  • soccerer builds nerfed into oblivion

I don’t know what Soccer has to do with this game but there hasn’t been a Sorcerer build change that I’m aware of. I still have all my attributes. Well, until I respec’d today to go with a farming/strength build.

  • animals and thralls dying like flies

Not a bug. It is certainly a animal management issue. Thralls and pets have had a significan reduction in HP due to the fact that it is so easy to replace them now. We haven’t lost an animal yet because we feed and manage them properly. Pets and thralls are not supposed to fight your battles for you.

  • treasure walking simulator

I don’t even know what you’re trying to say here. You’re mad because when you grab someone’s treasure you have to walk with it? LOL. Sorry, also not a bug.

  • pvp destroyed

Not even close. It’s certainly been improved. A lot. I’m sure this one is a personal opinion complaint. It hasn’t stopped PvP on any servers that I play on. In fact, now we even see more fighting and less running away.

  • events that not work for a big portion of player

No events going on right now soooo…

  • developers that hide behind zendesk and avoid 99% of communication with their playerbase

I can only speak for myself here and I haven’t experienced an issue with getting help.

  • bazar items that are way overpriced

Also, a personal opinion. No one is forcing you to purchase items. I personally own every item they’ve put out and still have 4500 crom coins. I just take a few bucks every week and get some coins. EZ PZ and no dent to my wallet. I don’t even notice the costs because of this.

  • same cheating and duping methods repeat after updates

There is currently no duping method that I know of. All of them have been fixed. The cheating mace has also been patched. There may still be some in existence, but they won’t be able to create them again. You apparently haven’t played recently. If there is a duping method again, it is certainly not a “same cheating or duping method”.

It’s all good. I appreciate the “positive thread”, but it’s not needed as you can see from my response above. Currently, there are far too many people that find something difficult or not to their liking and blame others for it. As you can see, most of what Winthor mentions are not actual bugs but more about his knowledge of the game, playstyle and adaptability.


I agree.


Hello funcom employee.


As do I.

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Nah let’s be real for a second. The game has good points and bad points.

The current stamina system is not the best, the current leash range is not the best, the weapon balance is not the best, etc. etc, there are many things that are worse than they used to be.

Despite all this, I can still grab a Legendary and kill everything, farm resources and build cool buildings, it’s a sandbox and there are many things I can do, enough things for me to ignore those “not the best” points and still enjoy the game.

But you have to note that I mostly play in single player those days, because:
• Server performances are, once again, not the best, and I’m not gonna rent a server or host my own.
• PvP has so many broken things (just the 4x Harvest Rate itself is stupid, and enables some resource exploits) and even without the hackers and cheaters it is not balanced at all (not just combat, but the whole game).
• I do have many things to do in life and I would just get offline wiped because I’m not connecting 24/7 :theworst: (I’m exaggerating of course)

Thus I can say with just a little bit of observation, that I can understand the complaints of both PvE and PvP players about the current state of the game. Hell man, PvE is so easy I can craft a practice wooden sword and clear the game with it! Just have to roll 24/7 and I’m good to go :partying_face:

The old stamina system was just bad. Having to focus for the entirety of a fight on your stamina was taking away all the fun for me. The fact that some ppl want to go back to chasing a yellow bar on their screen, is hillarious.
I will never agree with a downgrade to the combat we have now.

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So having to care about a fundamental mechanic, fighting resource, is bad?
I hate to be this guy and I really don’t want to say it… But that just means you suck?
Keeping an eye on your stamina bar just a little, and getting accustomed to the stamina costs to have a rough idea of where you are even without looking at it…

Yeah ok, I get it, you can’t take a little peek at your stamina in combat and you cannot handle stamina management without your brain overheating (figure of speech, exaggeration, just to make the point), so you prefer the current iteration where you don’t have to watch your stamina at all because even if you run out of it, it’s back in less than a second :theworst:

It’s very rare for me to straight up talk trash about skill, because really it’s just a game and it doesn’t matter, but don’t you dare say that making a fundamental mechanic nigh-irrelevant is a good thing. That’s all.




for me the invisible bugs be it the bar conan is in to a lot of the three Skull mobs and/or world bosses and some resources not spawning or are invisible and the building pieces that randomly loose stability and decay is the only thing i want fixed combat will never be perfect depending on who you ask you will get a different answer.

Invisible elephants, rhino king, king kappa, camels, eyes of dogs, eyes of white horses, some furniture, etc.
Ridiculously short leashes for npcs.
Camps half empty.
Inadequate aggro range for npcs.
Unimpressive combat system.
Irrelevant crafted weapons when compared to easily obtainable legendary weapons.
Texture rendering delay.
Texture rendering in and out cyclicly.

Conan is my favorite game. It’s present state for PS5 is the worse of any game I ever played. By far.


At least I can follow a comprehensive train of thought instead of inserting my personal issue into every single thread I find