Thank you for the fixes but…

Now when we try to sprint, the toggle option is broken. I think if that is fixed, it will be perfect. It took some getting used to the right analog stick to move quickly between inventory windows but I think it is quicker than having to scroll across the whole screen, thanks for your time and consideration.

Ps Conan is still the best game ever made, just a few more small adjustments and it will be perfect.

A grateful fan of the game


Seems like another broken fix for features no one really asked for. These kind of disruptive changes really screw the PvP communities who are often literally in the middle of fighting long going server wars. A lot of pvpers are quitting over the disruption of these changes. People want to play the game and even buy stuff out of bazaar etc but broken shit really kills people’s mood and will to even login. I’d suggest Funcom turn off raid on PvP servers when big disruptive patches get rolled out and break things.


What fixes??? The inventory is still broken your items are moved everytime u add something and you have to search though everything and if u want to drop an item it drop stuff you want to keep. Or it just freeze on the inventory screen or that you have to hold your lift joystick in to run??? Its madness it feels unnatural to keep pushing it down. The broke the game so bad!!! They took an okay game and sh*t on it!!! Funcom fix this messss!!!

Which is it? I’m not displeased.

IOOI. Did you remove your comment? Because if you didn’t. They did

They are getting desperate. Trying to hide evidence :joy:

Now they want us to wait 2 weeks :smile:

Probably more bugs and shit

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