The Future Of Conan

Hey there exiles

I had created a previous post about having another map and everyone would love to see one but most likely wont see it happen but an exile by the name of @stelagel has come with a great idea that i think we would all love and support

Conan exiles 2 stay with me now

We are aware that funding wise conan isnt doing the greatest and i have heard the isle of siptah did not blow up which is unfortunate due to its amazing new landscape and challenge

But the point is if there were to be plans for conan exiles 2 stelagel also mentioned that it would most likely motivate us to invest in the game’s battlepass and bazaar and i agree

I think conan exiles 2 on pc and next gen consoles would be a big improvement i think we can all agree here that we love conan exiles and like for it to succeed and since conan exiles has been out for awhile we know what to expect and what we want and dont want i think this would be a great time to have plans for conan exiles 2

So then we can make suggestions on how to improve the next game and help the game developers do what they love and so we also get a better game that we love

Thank you for reading exiles let me know what you think

May ymir bless your travels and lets do great things all together


It’s not only my idea! It’s something that many people brought here through the years and i happen to agree and want it nonetheless! Stelios is just another member that wants it, that’s all.

That makes us 2 so far :rofl:. But i believe it’s a really good motivation! It will definitely work for me, as the motivation
“keep the lights on” works so far.

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Hahaha yes i meant that you brought up the subject that i know of

And yes i agree 2 of us so far but im sure many more will follow fellow exile

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Siptah’s mistake was everyone was expecting Conan on a different map with different POIs and story’s. What we got was practically a completely different game. I tried to play the first week and hated it, never went back.

Now would I like to see new maps based on the Conan lore? Sure. Would I like to see Conan exiles 2? NO, I want to see this version polished and optimized.

Unless you are part of the in house alpha crew your opinion has 0 weight to the developers.

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I choose to believe that my and many others opinions matter alpha or not

And ofcourse i agree with having this game fixed but i think what conan exiles needs is a fresh start im sure they wont just abandon this game if they do decide to make a conan 2 but i think it would a good idea if they did so they can improve

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Honestly, announcing plans for Conan Exiles 2 would simply render this one’s current refusal to purchase more Chrome Coins permanent.

The reasons are two fold.

  1. Content purchased via Chrome Coins is only usable while connected to Funcent live services. And impending sequel all but guarantees a rapid sunset of the existing game. Based on previous Funcom titles, this one believes it would be dropped like a rock. It still may be if Dune does well.
  2. Age of War was the opposite of impressive. Development seems on a downward trajectory, at least as far as this one’s interests are concerned. If the game were on a high note, demonstrating design principles and implementation this one likes, support would be offered. As is, no. This one funded the Age of War (what is it good for, absolutely nothing at all) and finds it a poor investment.

and it would be like EA sports games you put a lot of money in the first game for all the things you bought to be unusable in the next game. as long as Funcom make it so any dlc, item shop things you bought would carry over to the next game i would be ok with a new game on newer hardware.

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If the devs needed our help, they would work with us to get it. From a few offhand comments I’ve read here and there, they don’t seem to even treat the closed beta group – the group they selected – seriously enough.

In fact, I would be amazed beyond words if this first chapter of Age of War had positive feedback from that group, and yet here we are.

Don’t fool yourself into believing our words here matter a lot. They used to matter somewhat more, but now it’s just mostly shouting in the wind.

Hell, with the track record they established, if Funcom made a freaking Kickstarter for Conan Exiles 2 tomorrow and one of the tiers was to influence the development by participating in closed alpha, I wouldn’t trust them to keep that promise. I’m much less likely to start spending money on half-assed overpriced Bazaar stuff out of some misguided hope for Conan Exiles 2.

That’s how much they eroded my trust.

Right now, I’m sticking with Conan Exiles for two main reasons. One is BUGLE, the other is a perverse hope that maybe the next set of changes will pour at least a kettleful of water on the dumpster fire that this update was.

@DeaconElie isn’t talking about being “an alpha” on a server. He’s talking about being part of the in-house (i.e. working for Funcom) alpha testing team.


I’ll take a nibble at this… not a full bite but just a nibble… I gave up on positive feedback in this forum because it gets shouted down with negative that has a strong contingent of alts that suddenly pile in to show widespread disappointment :roll_eyes:

I am pleased with the direction of the game and simply refuse to get in a back and forth over every little detail.


Doesnt take a tinfoil hat to spot them.

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I should probably address this too… while it wouldnt surprise me if some felt this way, what people forget is that the test group is just a group of players who were chosen for their opinions, many differing. Ideally the criticisms are constructive but simply having a criticism doesnt mean it gets special attention. I think of it more as a focus group. I would view it as a mistake to think my opinion wasnt taken seriously simply because a decision is made that didnt conform to my wants. When I give an opinion, its just that, its mine and not everyone plays like me. I dont know what is planned that may drive a game design choice and all I can do is comment in a vacuum.

I also think when the test group has criticisms, FC likely sees them coming when they make the change “oh Darth is gonna say this…” so if FC makes a bunch of changes and they see the anticipated criticism and nothing that is a surprise to them, in a way, that would be a success.


That’s fine, but it doesn’t really detract from my point, which is that the expectation of influencing or even having insight into the development of this game, or its hypothetical successor, is essentially wishful thinking.

By the way, I understand well that the input from players cannot dictate the development. Software development isn’t a democracy and trying to make it so only leads to Design By Committee, with predictably absurd results.

On the other hand, there’s a whole spectrum between the two extremes of developing with no regards for user input and Design By Committee, and my observations over the past 6 years have led me to believe that the way the user input is treated in Conan Exiles leaves a lot to desire. :man_shrugging:

But I’ve veered far enough off-topic. Suffice it to say that I am extremely dissatisfied by multiple aspects of how Funcom is managing this game, and I don’t think that announcing Conan Exiles 2 would make me spend more money on their Bazaar.

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Yep , you try to help people and all they have are excuses to bash everyone not just the devs anymore.

Oh wait i think this comment is off topic so i better hide myself!


True but if not voiced, it will ensure they will remain clueless to your specific desires. It may be improbable but I will take improbable over guaranteed failure any day.

Truth be told, I see LOTS of my suggestions throughout the years being taken into consideration. Many of the AoW changes were things I said in passing that I didn’t really give much more thought to and only when I was rummaging through my history did I see some things I brought up way long ago and noticed how the AoW resolved them. I haven’t a clue if some of that was funneled to Den’s team or not but it’s just interesting that they were on the same page as I was with NPC and bosses.

Siptah felt and still feels like an afterthought. I do agree with you.

One of the big issues with Siptah was the expectation of the story (or lack there of). But also the itemization and recipes locked through walls of RnG and and no cohesion obtaining things that made the Exiled lands fun to explore.

Sure you could get things and some better weapons to craft above what was on the Exiled Lands.

I was there for 6 months. While I did last longer than you (general masochism maybe), there was little lore.

To be fair it felt like a disjointed PvP map mixed with PVE.

What I mean by this is that resources were available everywhere which created less need to defend such resources. On the flip side if you ran vaults and got recipes, which at the time were better than normal weapons it equalized the battlefield.

We were all kinda the same because of the rng. Even if you did get a cool weapon or armor recipe they didn’t matter.

Thralls were never an issue. Someone killed all your thralls it was easy to farm zerkers from spawn points that always produced.

In the end Siptah was just terrain.

Sure. I keep voicing my desires and complaints, and I don’t think anyone should refrain from doing so. My point should be taken in the context of this thread. Specifically:

taken in conjunction with:

Basically, my position is “fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me”. I’ll keep voicing my thoughts, but I sure ain’t gonna hold my breath that anything will come out of that, and it would take a hell of a lot of work to establish the level of trust I would need in order to invest real money in some vague hope that Funcom will come through.


If the timestamp doesn’t work properly, the notable time is 1:50:07.


they said they would use the battle pass money for future game updates.

when i seeing the quality and the number of updates. I think their plan has messed up

So forget conan2 :stuck_out_tongue:


No i won’t :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:.

Exactly :laughing:. Just don’t stop!