What are the chances of having a conan exiles 2?

New map, unreal engine 5 graphics, butt slider… what else am I missing?

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It could happen. Why not!? I’d buy it again.

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Since Funcom owns the IP, I am sure there will be more Conan games.

I doubt they are even planning a Conan Exiles 2 yet though, still much to do with Conan Exiles 1.


Very unlikely considering that Funcom are working on another survival game that won’t be released for at least an year.


Me too.

In 4 or 5 years, maybe.


dosent matter in what they work. How you make one thing u make all in ur life. I talked about conan 2 and remake all the game long time ago, but watching the new content are coming to us in 3.0 i just give up. For sure i will find every new game fail as i can with my friends in the new patch but yeah. Conan 2 will be a dream for ever =)

This. I don’t see any company paying millions for intellectual property and doing nothing with it.
I remember there was talk going on about a TV series from Netflix too.

I believe it’s Conan Properties International who owns the IP.

You are not wrong.

Conan is owned by Conan Properties International, which is owned by Cabinet Entertainment, which is owned by Funcom.

I didn’t know all that, thank you. However after looking up on the wiki, it does say that Funcom plans to make a new game after Dune based off the acquisitions that came with. Maybe an Exiles 2 maybe not.

They already commented in the Dev Stream that Conan Exiles 2 is not an “if” but “when.” They will make it, but its not even in the planning stages just yet. So it’ll be years away at least.

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I have to agree with @Tephra CE 1 has at least 2 years left…more if this transition into a battle pass system succeeds. That’s not to say they won’t start looking into upgrading without a full fledged new game. I can see a transitional dual access time when the next gen consoles’ inventories stabilize and do they will have 6 distinct versions of CE for 1 year only and then retire the ur4 versions.

I’d say the chances are pretty good, but not for a good long while.

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And I will add here, let’s make them do it :wink:. All we have to do is keep on playing and supporting :man_shrugging:.

Will this new survival game have a battle pass using FOMO tactics?

When I first read that question, I didn’t think anything of it, but then it occurred to me; I 100% will not bother getting the Dune game if it has a battle pass and microtransaction store in it at launch.

The only reason I would tolerate them at all in Conan is only because I have already been playing this game for four years.

Making me think about how bad the new monetization really is as I realize that, if I didn’t already own Conan, the battle pass and shop actually would be a decisive factor that would turn me away from getting it…

Once a company starts doing it for their games they will make it into a thing for every game. Blizzard didn’t use to have any microtransactions on their games from WOTLK WoW, to Diablo 2, to SC1, but when they started in WoW it branched out into all their games, to where its more focused than the content of the game itself. Hence Diablo Immortal.

Seeing Funcom saying they talked to a monetization advisor and they want to listen to them instead of their community, the monetization advisor is going to push this for all their games. And Funcom will be enticed by this rich bounty they discovered. Many people will disagree and leave or continue on playing without touching it, but thats not their target audience anyways. Its the whales who’ll spend hundreds, if not thousands on everything. We have twitch streamers spending 25k on microtransaction and calling it twitch content. This is what companies will continue do and people will continue to spend. Our voices don’t matter, whats say $120 purchase of an individual compared to the 20 whales who’ll dedicate 10’s of thousands of dollars monthly if not yearly.

Who knows, I guess it depends on how successful it is in Conan Exiles.

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Tbh if it turns out Funcom will indeed go on ahead using FOMO tactics i’m out. I’m uninstalling the game and i’m writing a negative review on steam and telling my discord gaming channels to stay away. I outright despise all FOMO tactics even in game events like season rewards with a passion. But I’ll still play those games even though it greatly upsets me, but once you offer nice and shiny items that look more valuable than the game assets already within the game and say if you don’t buy this now you’ll never get it again. I’m gone.

As a PvE player I want to experience the PvE content of the game especially with friends who are new that i bring into the game, I want to decorate and build massive castles or villages and show them off. I want to see others peoples great works of art and be inspired. But if I go into random persons base and they look amazing and I ask how to obtain said item and they reply with “Sorry bruh, this was on last seasons battle pass and you can’t get it anymore” its going to kill my inspiration and motivation and make me not as likely to continue playing.

And its not that I don’t support Funcom earning money, I’ll gladly give them money by buying battle passes (without FOMO) and support the devs. But lets look at No Man Sky a exploration survival based game that been pumping out FREE DLC for YEARS. Without having a shop or a battle pass. I’m not saying Funcom should give us free DLC for years to come, i’m just saying be ethical and humane about it. Don’t use the most predatory, inhumane, greedy, and deceitful ways to get into peoples wallets.