What are the chances of having a conan exiles 2?

i understand that one can have problems with the BP, even if i personally don’t. but one should at least try to stay somewhat close to reality with one’s criticism. this completely exaggerated rhetoric has exactly the opposite effect. it makes one unbelievable and makes one appear hysterical. none of this is conducive to the actual criticism. sometimes less is more…


There’s a difference between a normal non FOMO battlepass that can be bought at any time and a FOMO to play on peoples will power as well as using mental mind games to get people into doing what you want. Here’s the thing too: If there is 7 battlepasses within the next 2 years (just a random number) and each one is $20. And some new player comes along completely enthralled by the game and wants to support the devs and get all the cool items. Said person can dump $140 for all 7 battle passes in that span of two years… or since its FOMO only spend $20 before realizing that the battle pass system sucks and begins looking elsewhere.

So really you’re just shooting yourself in the foot for quick profit now and not long term big gain. Why would people do that, for the adjectives i used that you replied to in your post.

yes, and there is a difference between constructive criticism and drama. constructive criticism is important and explicitly desired. drama is counterproductive and does not lead to anything.

otherwise, as already written above, i understand the criticism and can also understand it, but the way it is dramatized is not my thing


Except the battle pass conversation that managed to get inside here too.
If someone would tell me that battle pass would win the pvp VS pve in here I wouldn’t believe it :rofl::rofl::rofl:.
I beg your kindness my great @Testerle for a hope. You are “inside” conversations people here don’t know. Do you see it possible? It has positive thoughts from the company side isn’t it? Any reply will be very appreciated, thank you.

I doubt its baring on working not working in CE would change that.

CE didn’t have it at start, its not a good mark.

CEII, would 100% have one. Or some form of Seasons from get go. This way its not a “suprise!” mechanic, its inbeeded from get go.
More likely to work with larger audience joining game in 1shot.

I would assume CE-II is not in production, or just not public discussed production.
More of a “This idea wont fit CE, slap it on CE-II Board”
Small team Slowly puts stuff in working order. So when its time start… theres a base line.

I’m going to avoid weighing in my personal feelings on the subject. But when you look at it industry wide, how many Battle Passes are using a system of “let you buy it later” versus exclusivity? I haven’t super dug into it, but, there aren’t many, most of them are on team exclusivity.

Logically speaking and in terms of a pure business decision (once again, I’m avoiding leaving my opinion on this subject out), if it was “leaving money on the table”, surely all these companies would have pivoted by now. Fortnite would have changed its systems by now, as an example. Is it money, or are there other variables players aren’t seeing? I would lean towards the “other variables” because as much as money is a driving factor (game companies after all are a commercial entity), its rarely the only reason for a decision.

I’m not saying that you are wrong, or the people who are okay with the Battle Pass system are wrong. I’m merely opening up the discussion with those points in mind.

From a gamers perspective, its logical to reach for this as an argument. But context matters. On Steam alone, No Mans Sky has 183,000 + reviews (a lot of which occurred when they claimed a TON of features were going to be in the game at launch, that fans found out only after the game had already launched that it was nothing like they said it would be. They of course turned things around and I’m thrilled for their success, but context matters) Conan has 54,000. Obviously not every person who buys a game leaves a review, but generally, the more the reviews, the more the purchases. Rule applies to just about everything whether that’s video games or a blender on Amazon.

And before you say something about Tencent and their giant wallet, remember that Tencent didn’t get to where they are now by acquiring a bunch of games and companies and let them not turn a profit.


This was mentioned in the 3.0 Livestream. The answer was not “IF” there will be a Conan Exiles 2, but “WHEN”.

You have a better chance to make the next survival game yourself, than getting Conan Exiles 2. UE5 is free so go for it.

It’s true, damn true actually. Life is more difficult every day, more and more and more. I totally agree 100%, or better 1000%. Real life problems are getting harder and harder and harder. I know, trust me I do… Yet…
This is the place I try to escape from this reality.
This is the place we meet to speak about our hobby m8, isn’t it?
So full pocket, empty pocket, it just doesn’t matter in here, it shouldn’t. Here we must keep all these s… t away, either in our gaming life.

do you have to pollute every topic with BP rant? this one is related to a possible sequel and not the 3.0 update. there is more than one topic on this subject.

please back to the topic!

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From my point of view, a CE2 is pointless at first.
(“Maybe in 4 - 5 years I’m of the same opinion as @Marcospt”)

The potential of CE is far from exhausted and you can still do a graphic update there.
(“If a PS5 version should appear”)

If you consider how much was gotten out of Ark before a second part was announced, which will first only be available for PC and then only for the next gen.
(“Sony wants to end support for the PS4”)

But as always, it’s all just my own take on things.

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Idk you seem to enjoy harassing me and you already said your peace. There’s no need for a conan exiles 2 when the one we have is fine.

I am really sorry that you see it this way…
@Testerle is harassing Noone. Actually all the player base of Conan exiles is owning a lot to players like @Testerle, @Tephra, @SirBowen and the list go on…
They do not abuse power (they could have a lot) and most of the times they are extremely gentle to the whole players base of Conan exiles. These players are “foundations” for this game. Their deeds in this game needs no more kindness and explanation, they count endless hours of selfless work so we can have fast valid information about the game…
What @Testerle is trying to say to you it’s the obvious, nothing more, nothing less…

Now about ‘who needs CE 2’, we all do…
Not now, in the future, but we all do…
We need, want, to think that what we love will be there for ever…
So we all do :man_shrugging:.


I thought this was about now and not the future. Of course every game needs an upgrade engine and such later down the road. But right now Conan exiles is great. I’m just concerned with the lack of devs talking about BP and the community talking about other things that it seemed no one cared that much about the direction of where this was all going.

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There’s a thread with 800 comments on just the BP, and you think nobody is talking about it?

Really not every thread needs to be headlined about that topic, there are other things to discuss and debate on.

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Chill out :grin:. Either way we cannot change anything fellow exile, so let’s dream here and chop heads in exile lands :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:.
Cheers m8 :+1:t6:

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Exactly. Such as constipated elephants!

More on topic: sequels are a way games go, if they’re successful enough. The current game has limits to how much it can grow, both engine-wise and content-wise. Eventually a saturation point will be reached where adding new content (that feels like new and not just re-releasing old content) becomes impossible, or at least cost-ineffective (which is why I voiced my concern regarding the constant pressure for new content the Battle Pass model will bring to the dev team).

At that point, you press the reset button and make a new product. Even if it’s essentially the same game, the lessons learned from making the prequel and the technological developments can still make it feel fresh and new.

Many players who have played Conan Exiles for several years have already restarted the game more than once. So it’s not like the threat of losing everything they’ve built would stop them from buying into a sequel.

That said, CE2 is not in any foreseeable future. With 3.0 it is expected (on a company level) that the current game’s lifespan is still at least several more years, which is likely the earliest when CE2 would release. (Of course, if the game was in early development now, they probably wouldn’t talk about it yet because it’d be too early to start the hype train. They may have a super-secret roadmap for CE2 in existence, but still years away from release.)

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stay on topic and no one will bother you. if you can’t do that, you have to live with people pointing it out to you. if necessary, several times if there’s no other way. since you did not pay attention to the first hint (Developer Stream Recap: June 21st, 2022 - #16 by Darkzavon), there was a second one here, which was also a bit clearer.

that’s exactly why there are different topics. if a topic doesn’t interest you, ignore it and don’t try to hijack it for your own interests.

in the first 20 topics alone, over 50% deal with different aspects of the 3.0 update. from thrall nerf to BP to the new build system, it’s all there. there’s really no reason to put the update 3.0 into every topic.

back to topic:

from a modder’s point of view, i would love to see a conan exiles 2 based on unreal engine 5, but i’m realistic enough to know that the time for that is far away. even though the current game is based on a relatively old unreal engine (4.15.3), there is still a lot of potential in this version.


Thank you :grin:.

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