Is conan exiles 2 a possibililty

Is this any actual idea confirmed by funcom after dune?

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It is a possibility. They’ve stated as much.

It has not been confirmed, as far as I know.

But considering that they bought the rights to the whole Conan IP, it’s highly probable that they have plans to utilize it.

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I think they will wait and see how Dune turns out.

My guess is they won’t attempt a Conan 2 until they can massively improve some of the limitations of the first game i.e. the game engine’s capacity to manage many more players. So I think their goal is probably to use Dune to see how far tech has progressed since Conan 1 was built.

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I think that would depend largely upon the game engine and the database manager they will choose to work with.
UE4 (heavily modified) is the current game engine. (UE5 or better would be recommended).
For progress sake, I hope they get away from SQLite. (The primary cause of limitations).

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can you go more into detail on what SQlite

I guess that’s subjective. Me, I’m having more fun than ever.


? Making the second game, when the first and actual (and popular) one is not even optimized well enough?

They apparently aim to improve “CE 1” and adding new interesting contet in it, instead of making the second chapter, which would mean much more work. And I see it as the best option.

I Don’t understand why there should be any CE 2, at least not now and not in the next few years.


I could see a possibility of a CE 2 in the future. I am sure that will be years away. UE5 is more capable and could have larger maps so will give more flexibility to the game. Granted, larger maps mean more work so this would not be a small project.

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It makes sense, actually. There’s only so much duct tape you can layer onto the original work. Many lessons have been learned in the process of how to do and not to do things. The technology of Unreal 4.15 has its limitations that make it impossible, or at least cost-inefficient, to apply those lessons learned to the current game.

At some point it becomes easier to start from a clean slate. Start with a newer version of the game engine, better servers, and the perspective of a team who has done it before and knows how to to it better this time.

But like you say, CE2 is probably not going to happen in the next few years because CE1 is still alive and well (despite some vocal protests to the contrary).

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