UE5 Bandwaggon?

Are there any future plans to upgrade Conan to UE5?



Well, thats a shame. Everyone else is upgradeing. It would be a nice update. BUT Im sure this topic has been asked a dozzen or more times before.
Just Suggested. It would be nice to update the game.

It would not be an upgrade for Conan Exiles. It would be re-developing it.


Yes, it has :slight_smile:

The answer has always been the same: Conan Exiles engine is a heavily modified UE 4.15. Even without the CE-specific engine modifications, upgrading from UE 4.15 to UE 5 is not trivial. With all the changes to the engine that have accumulated over the years, it’s pretty much impossible without completely rewriting the game.

The best we can hope for is “Conan Exiles 2” in some unspecified future, and it’s anyone’s guess whether that will ever happen. And if it does, it will be a brand new game you’ll have to pay for.


Maybe after two years of early access for dune and maybe 2 more after of official release, we might see some Conan 2.

I am convinced with certainty, there will be a CE 2. It will be several years away, but there will be one. CE, contrary to popular myth, is a very successful game. It has been a big boon to Funcom. The idea that they would stop with CE and not make a CE 2 at some point would make no sense (sure it might not be called Conan Exiles due to story, but in spirit, we’d all know it was CE 2).


Hyborian Exiles?

Never really liked numbered sequels, having a somehat unique title gives a game more of an identity of it’s own. I know that sounds a bit vague… welcome to my brain.

I bet it won’t have the “Exiles” actually. Don’t know what it will be of course, but it’s gotta have Conan in the title.


“Conan: Forcibly Removed From Your Place of Birth”

It’s a spiritual successor, but we can tell it’s actually a sequel.


If I were to hazard a guess, it would likely be a MMORPG.

Age of Conan’s PVP areas were supposed to be what Conan Exiles is. You build buildings in a base with walls and fight over resources to control an area. You would have siege engines complete with Mammoths and Rhinos being used in the sieges.

It never really worked well. When Conan Exiles was announced, I was initially unimpressed because it just seemed like ‘Cut AoC Features, the Game.’ Thankfully I was wrong and gave it a shot. But now that FC has several MMO’s under its belt, and has the systems in Conan Exiles doing well. Taking it all to the next level seems the logical next step.

Essentially this is what Dune is. But since Dune is the next major project it will be some time before they do a Conan themed major project. For multiplayer anyway. Wouldn’t put it pass them to try a singleplayer/coop Conan game in the meantime that is focused more on a narrative story element.

If you can barely handle a tricycle it doesn’t matter if everyone around is upgrading to an SUV.

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It’s not so much about handling, than about trying to upgrade the tricycle to an SUV. Your very own, heavily customized tricycle for that matter. Even if both your tricycle and the SUV you want are both Toyotas, it doesn’t make it happen by just pushing the “Update” button.

It’ll be easier to just build the SUV from scratch.


I hope the mods revert the flag, because it was definitely undeserved.


Personally I was like WTH?? in beginning of early access in 2017 :joy:
It was one of the most buggy ea games I had ever played(Ark was pretty much the same), but I had fun and could see potential, Conan Exiles scratched a different itch than many other similar games, it felt unique in some ways, so I adapted and lowered my expectations, and while I had loads of fun in pvp through ea and a bit after full release, I simply lost faith in pvp on official servers, so I went pve-c/pve on officials and once in a while tried out pvp in private servers with varying success.
I don’t know where it went wrong or even if it was possible for them to find a good balance between shared pve/pvp, but I took what I could accept and adapted, I loved this game and still do, although it is no longer my main game anymore, I still can’t really quit it and move on for some reason :grin:

I’m not saying any of your criticism is baseless, but it still has nothing to do with the challenges of “upgrading” from UE4 to UE5, which some people seem to believe happens as easily as installing Windows Updates.

Even if you had the best pros of the Unreal Engine working on it, converting a heavily customized UE4 to a fresh UE5 is not going to be cost-effective.

So from this perspective, your snipe at Funcom’s incompetence is off-topic here.


I don’t understand why people are hung up on swapping engines. Its not a magical fix. It doesn’t magically make things look better. UE5 looks good for stuff designed with it in mind. Just throwing shiny new features over a 6 year old game that was never designed with them in mind doesn’t mean its going to look shiny and nice.


Well a new or revamped CE in UE5 would allow the maps be much bigger than the current 64 sq km to approximately 400 sq km. Plus other visual features. I think the maps alone being capable of being at least 6 times larger would be neat. Granted, it would take longer to make a map that large.


Omg the idea of making a bigger map mod with ue5 fills me with both joy and sadness

Bigger map is kinda pointless unless the server code is redone to allow for hundreds of players online at a time.

Right now with current map sizes, and on Exiled Lands (the most inefficient map for building on) it only gets crowded on servers with inactive moderation and insufficient cleanup of inactive players. Where even on 80/80 servers it can feel like a ghost town.

As I said, every other feature requires designing content with them in mind. Just tossing them over a 6+ year old project isn’t going to magically make it look better. At best it looks meh, where more likely it won’t look good at all out of the box.

UE5 is a great tool for new games using it. Using it for already developed games is a gimmick at best. Great advertising tool, as most gamers frequently get hemmed up on fads and get hooked easily.

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