Conan Exiles Remake

Take a page out of Arks book! Remake Conan exiles with unreal engine 5! This will allow you to do so much more and bring BACK a dying community! Updated graphics, the capability to open the whole map, the ability to give console MODS and to make the game cross-platform! This should be your only goal to save your consumers. Make Conan Great Again!


Better wait til they figure out how UE4 works first


Assume someone will say this can’t be done but I think is a great idea. There is so much potential with this game. I do appreciate all that has been done so far and love the game, but going to UE5 would be great if it can be done! :slight_smile:


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It’d be terrific to see happen for sure, but honestly as beautiful CE in UE5 could be i would mostly prefer to see crossplay and console mod support come into play.

Both would breathe quite a bit of life into the game by themselves already for console gamers especially.

I would also not mind some other changes to the game itself, but that is a whole other topic.

Why not? Because it didn’t work, and FunCom knows it.

  1. WildCard didn’t truly “remake” anything. They copy/pasted ASE into ASA and then made a few changes. 90%, or more, of everything in ASA is just the ASE code running under UE5. Anyone who believes WC “remade” the game is believing their marketing lies.

  2. It’s not going well, ASE still has more players than ASA, even months later.

ASE playing = 17,802
ASE 24-hour peak = 29,885
ASE all-time peak = 247,292

ASA playing = 10,111
ASA 24-hour peak = 16,255
ASA all-time peak = 98,047

  1. WildCard has published their 1st quarter financial results, and they are bad (and again, FunCom knows this).

The reality is that the majority of players saw through the marketing lies surrounding ASA, didn’t buy it, and won’t play it. WC did not ‘save their consumers’ nor did they make ARK great again.

If FC wants to port their game to UE5, quite a few games have done so, and it might be a good idea. But if they do it, it won’t be a “remake”. If anything, ARK is a great example of exactly what FunCom should not do with Conan.


Pretty well said.

One of the issues with porting CE to UE5 is benefits don’t exactly outweigh the effort. When porting a game like that the development team has to weigh the benefits to the effort. Not only does the benefits need to be better, but significantly better.

Time spent transferring will mean a pause in current development. That means the game needs to be sustaining itself, the efforts being made, for an indeterminate amount of time. A nearly seven year old game has very little chance of doing so. Ark as you said, tried this, they took a risk, and it didn’t exactly pan out.

For the sake of devil’s advocate, I will slightly disagree that it was a total bomb. And any resources they spent, were offset by the small surge that their UE5 project gained. But unfortunately it wasn’t a surge of revenue that could have been obtained from pretty much any other monetary strategy. And well they kinda needed it to be better.

So which benefit would CE see in UE5? Well most of the features were ported to the custom version of UE4 FC uses. Those would have to be reworked, though that is par for the course. The biggest benefit would be larger map sizes.

I know of a few modders (especially one) who would absolutely love a larger map limit. But outside of creative endeavours (to which we do benefit from), how much of a bonus would that be for us?

I remember having a chat with a few server admins on a private server back in 2018 about the map. I had just become a server admin myself, and one of the complaints they had was the map was too big. I believe the Jungle had just been added.

But here’s the kicker. This was a 70 man server. A 70 man server that would be full during peak hours. There was quite a few players in this community. Not nearly as big as some of the RP servers at the time. But a good size. The complaint was that since it was PVP, even with 70 players online it wasn’t often that players ran into each other.

This was a server with somewhat building restrictions, we didn’t have a way of counting pieces and there wasn’t mods to help. But the areas were kept to be sane and none of that building over entire regions of the map. But even still, when players were out and about, actually playing, the encounters per day was lower than what some of us would have liked.

And I agree, in fact I still do. I do think the map is overly large for a PVP setting. Outside of the brimstone lake and a few other areas, there’s not much to funnel players into each other. And back then we didn’t have horses yet. And it was exacerbated by maprooms, which are even more exacerbated by transportory stones.

So personally making the map bigger won’t make things better IMO. I won’t say it would be an outright detriment. Even from a PVP perspective, the issues we have that I brought up won’t really be made worse. How could they be? We have teleportation. Even if we made the map smaller, it wouldn’t help.

But as far as size helping, it doesn’t help more than decent moderation of building space. If you’re looking for a space to build, its much easier to weed out rule violations, and set decay settings to be a bit more restrictive than changing to a whole new engine and redesigning map elements. Not to mention the former simply requires server admin work. Which us players who have servers can do ourselves even without mods or on console.

Mind you that a really heavily populated server with a very high semi-active population, can start to run into loading issues and server tickrate issues. With more places to build, that would likely get worse, definitely not better.

Just for sake of reference, when I say semi-active I mean the total population on a server, not everyone is longed in 24 hours a day, or every day of a 7 day week. If a server is 70/70 during primetime and doesn’t drop very much, you’re looking at a 300-400 player population at the minimum. Some servers can even have over a thousand players that log in and out throughout the day or week. Even if they login once a decay cycle to keep their buildings up, their buildings still have a footprint on the server, even when they are not playing.

UE5 is the last thing they would do at this point. Like literally the last thing. They would cease bug fixes and age content releases before doing UE5 and it would be a hail mary marketing scheme at best. I don’t see this happening.