Fearing for the original map

With the announcement of the new unconnected to the original game map Siptah coming out there has been no details if there will still be updates to the old map . The old map will die if there is nothing new added to it as there is no reason to build up the old map and nothing will be transferrable to the new map.

They said in stream that they gonna update both, but i dunno. The new map is an island, it looks smaller then the old one so seem that it gonna over populate quickly. I wonder if we can play on several siptah maps on the same server we are on today

That could be interesting.

I think the opposite, new map will died because it is not our conan game, the game we play since 2 years. It is a new game, with too many changes.

Most peoples will not buy the new map, and many who buy it will come back to the old map later.

And new players will not buy the game + the new map.

Now wait the end of the year and we will see.


That’s an interesting view and very plausible, didn’t think of that perspective sofar.

I was like CE wil be just dead, as this is splitting the game that’s not the way i would have wanted it.

Just like the jumps you make in CE atm. Essentially its a "cavemount " to/from the conventional CE to another biome overhardly commercialised to press the last of cashlife out of CE.

Probably instigated by new management.

The map should be free and usable with the character form CE. like all maps/biomes before.
(and how it was promised)

The way this is done is just not right imo. but hey.


That is how I am starting to feel. Why the splitting anyway? Was there a code reason to make the island separate from the original game? It wasn’t like we didn’t have a way to transport there in the game already (obelisk) . Very Strange indeed.


This is not unusual at all. Ark has a half dozen different maps or more. This is pretty standard, so not strange at all.

Connected or completely separate?

I posted this in another chat room, still waiting for an explanation: "So, NOT being a “techie” nor running a server, excuse my ignorance. EverQuest was one of my first multiplayer games and I remember “zoning” to different “zones.” No one like that, but it worked. I take it they type of system would not work with the two “maps?”

The fact that modders will be able to make their own maps will imo draw more people here.
Private servers can feature their own maps and customised lore and content.

Khemi, Tarantia, King’s Landing, Middenheim, Gor, Forgotten Realms. If you can make the map, there is really no limit to what a server can feature to attract players.


It would not. You have the dlc, other people don’t. You transition to the other side, these same people can’t go after you.

Yes, we could add several ways of preventing this “advantage”, but no developer wants to make their players to feel like they are being “punished” for simply going through zones.

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It DID work in EverQuest; those who did not purchase the new maps, were just limited to the “zones” they DID have or purchased. There was no need for a new server every time a “map” as up for sale by Sony…


Could just make it so materials and gear are not transferable between worlds. No advantage that way.

I will buy it just for the DLC content to use on the old map, I have no intention of playing on a smaller map.

I wonder if the new map could be played as an solo play as you can with the old map. There were not forthcoming with info. It’s like they were not prepared for the numerous questions regarding this new map which as for my concern should not have been called expansion because it is not an expansion.

It is obvious Funcom is using this technique as a really easy blocker/unlocker for DLC purchasers. For the previous DLCs a purchaser can craft the DLC items and give them to Non-DLC peeps in the server.

As for EQ/LoTRO/SWTOR/ESO…etc. Funcom ‘could’ have made the new map a zone. UE4 this is easy (I work with my Dad in UE4 almost daily) and they have porting already in the game…like Underwater City. Funcom is doing this for a very specific purpose and I am not buying into it.

The old map will continue for another year at least.

Im beginning to have the feeling we are tricked into an expensive dlc wich should be free to begin with.
why? (Auticus)Because all other biomes and caves in CE where free until now.

Paid dlc’s always consist of armour and building items etc. not maps.
And - it has been promised by Funcom in EA and before the final release.

“Maps will be free forever”
“Paid dlc will be cosmetic only.”

Not that i care for those Funcom promises in the first place but hey let’s keep things straight.

It’s a shame i seem to be the only one playing in that era who noted that.
The subject was so dominant in those days that it puzzels me that no-one says - yeah i remember that""

I figured there where lots of oldies carrying the Royal Armour inhere. Perhaps im the only one dumb enuf in still beiing here lol.

I’ll still buy the dlc like allways, so just chatting - 2cts


Variety is the spice of life, having 2 map options - even if unconnected, is just what the game needs.


Sigh, Everquest and MMOs are not Conan Exiles (are people seriously comparing a game that was made 20 years ago to the complexities of a modern survival game? I just…I’m speechless) . If it was so easy to have multiple “zones” why do you think Ark with its hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue uses a different server for every map?

Yes, Ark uses a cluster system to allow players to easy mode port their uber characters and dinos from map to map. Funcom wants to do it differently. They are allowed to. And yes, Ark charges for those maps too (and no, before you say it, the ones that are given away are fan made).

Show me a source. In almost a year now, not one person who has made this claim has given an actual source of this information. The one and only thing people have used is an out of context quote by Natascha that was clearly used to support their agenda. The only actual time they have talked about it was during a dev stream in 2019, when one of their Senior Developers said that if they ever worked on a map, they would charge for it.

No, they couldn’t have. The engine literally cannot support any further direction in map size. I don’t know how many more times this needs to be stated (because its nearing a thousand at this point). Physics engine literally breaks down. You can test this yourself using the dev kit.

It’s not a single player game, it’s a multiplayer game. If it was a single player game, you could move the map origin (0,0,0) with the character and have as big of a map as you want. There is no tech in UE4 that allows this in a multiplayer game. Not in 4.15 especially.

Even if that wasn’t the case, all the lag talk about the current servers would be immeasurable.


Honestly there are tons of unused servers official that could be used to be loading servers for Siptah plus again the function for transport is already in the game via obelisks