What's the deal with the new map?

When are we going to get the new map?
Are we going to lose everything that we have got on this map, of course the big question how much is the new map going to cost?come on let me know something because I know everybody wants to know how much longer it’s going to take?


So far, all we know is that it won’t show up until the “second half” of 2020. So anywhere between now and New Years Eve.

As for how its going to work, we haven’t been informed yet. They said they would talk about the new map when it was “near” completion (whatever that means). And yes, we have all been waiting for news for several months now.


The way it was described when the information came is that the new map would be a expansion-like Paid DLC. So for those of you who aren’t accustomed to playing games with paid expansions, here’s how that works:

Original map stays as it is. Occasionally games in the past have seen original areas updated alongside expansion releases, but this would be no different than updates we’ve already seen. Likely no new areas in the original map (but who knows? maybe we’ll see it, but I doubt it).

Players who buy the ‘expansion’ will be able to travel to the new area. Players who don’t, cannot.

Structures in the old map remain. Unless your server wipes, obviously. Officials haven’t wiped in 800+ days, I doubt they’ll wipe for this. They ‘could’ but they likely won’t.

Mechanics for going to the new area are unknown. My theory on that is that it will be a zone transition. Similar to how when you enter the Dregs, Witch Queens Room, Black Keep, etc. Except you will not be on the map. I highly doubt it will be an extension of the old map. But one entirely separate. This is to keep unpaying players out, even on private servers through the use of admin commands. This is in line with the fact we cannot spawn DLC items without having the DLC.

So is all this info definitely? No, but the first few paragraphs I would put money on. I’m 99% certain its how it will go. The last one is iffy, I dunno what sort of mechanics they’ll use, but I’m about 80% sure there.

My personal hope is the the new map runs on another server application and it runs on a separate core, splitting the load between two CPU cores. But that’s wishful thinking.


My guess is there will be an option on the main menu to enter the new map (if owned) and upon loading for the first time we will get the choice to either import an existing character or create a new one (similar to DA Awakening).


When ever there ready, there ready to talk. =3

I’m in no real rush, Hopfully when they gt to showing some of it… they won’t spoil to much of it.


I’ve heard that day will not expand this map because this was funcom’s first time using an unreal engine and they have done things that they cannot reverse without completely breaking the game. I know it’s been confirmed that we will not see the black forest which is supposed to be in the top right corner of the map. I’ve also heard they’re going to take the single-player away and this is supposed to stop the disconnecting /dashboarding I would like to see this game become what it really can be such a great concept. But only time will tell I know we will have to pay for the new map :scream: I really think if this game is really going to get its full potential that they need to get a new engine, or newer engine not one that was designed back in 2000 but this is just my opinion I’ll probably get suspended for speaking my mind on this subject. I wish they would not keep everything such a secret and inform us of what is really going on and what their plans really are. I mean if you buy all the DLCs and the game it’s $120 AND this game is not worth anything close to that the way that it runs but let’s hope for the best I’m invested over 3 years into this game I come and go but I have not lost any of my important things hell I still have some bandit leaders and captains that will not level up :joy:

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False. Just people trying to push as much false information as they can. It’s becoming routine at this point.


I heard there will be a unicorn that poops candy if you feed it high tier weapons.

I also heard there will be a direct link between other survival games servers allowing players from ARK and Rust to invade and fight on conan servers.

I also heard Funcom have invested all their money in creating a deep learning a.i. which is predicted to lose control and seek to end the human species by the end of the year.

Speculation until proven by reality I say, obviously people are desperate for answers but the only ones that can give those answers are not opening their mouths yet, thus we have no choice but to wait patiently and see what unfolds. Or you know you could start planning now on what you will do with all that candy from the magic pooping unicorn :man_shrugging:



You mean china? :shushing_face:


I disagree with that, if they really do it, couldnt be calling it an “MAP”,
but an big dungeon,

an real new map, should be big, and could be opened like this one on the menu, would open then only the map you are on, or if they are really good making it, you could see and make marks on both of them, rolling the mouse up/down to change map vision

changing subject… but also i totally agree with this new map being PAID, this incentivates their work and nothing is for free on this world !!
specially because we really need an map increase


Great tool for making huge open world maps optimized for Unreal Engine 4/5, a new 200km2 map for Conan Exiles would be awesome.

Comparison ARK:
Island is 40 km
Center is 70 km
Ragnorok is 144 km
Valguero is 81 km
Abarration 40 km


Are all those Ark map dimensions how long it is on each side?

I’ve heard a lot of nonsense online ever since the Internet came accessible to the public. For various reasons, people seem to still be trying to come up with more nonsense.

So please don’t take it personally if every time I hear someone say “I’ve heard that…” I’ll ask “where did you hear this?” Providing sources so we can better assess their credibility would be of great help and reduce the chance that misinformation or disinformation gets spread around.


New to RPGs? I’ve played many games, online and single player, with new “areas” (zone, island, map, ect, whatever the devs called it to keep with the theme), and more often than not, you “zone” in, similar to how you do going into dungeons. ESO, Rift, GW2, many others. None of them have been called dungeons, unless it was actually designed to be a dungeon.

Given the limitations of the engine, I highly doubt it will be a continuous map like you’re suggesting, but more what Taemien said, a zoned map.

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The Hidden Achievements indicate a lore accurate island off the shore of Stygian Kingdom. As to what purpose or nature remains to be seen. But it has to be magic related.

It’s interesting how that quote mentioend using the World Maker Tool is something they are going to use going forward. Wonder if we will ever see that Conan Singleplayer Game they briefly mention every now and then. Think it was put on hold/canceled in favour of other projects

kakakakakaka, i will not even awnser that,

Limitations… limitations, thats the problem,
you guys respect too much their limitations

Never played Diablo or Path of Exile that every “zone-map” you can open and sees the map you are in ??

or you just gonna argue that “the game is different”? kkk



Here is a link to the wiki of CE.
So Infos about the upcoming features. :blush::v:t4:


Limitations. Of. The. Engine.

You can drive a nail into a wood board using pliers, but it’s better to use a hammer.

The blessing of software is that you can build a “hammer” out of your “pliers”. The curse of software is that people who have no idea about programming assume that it’s easy to do so.


I used to say CE is a game ahead of its time, it has great ideas executed as good as possible inside current engine limitations.

I ve been noticing small changes in direction like the practical vs realistic recipes, like removing feathers from basic stone arrows. I am sure there is more.

Still hoping they pull a good move with the new map.