Actual content DLCs? Expensions? Whatever, but more content?

Just pitching this very broad idea here. In short, after many DLCs that introduce new culture-themed buildables to Conan, I’d very much like to finally see an actual content expansion–one that adds new regions or story arcs to the game.

The world starts to feel real small when it doesn’t grow over two years. I’d buy a region expansion or story expansion faster than you can say poo on a stick.


Your wish has been granted.

Examples, War Makers Dungeon and the Wine Cellar.


Yeah they added a few dungeons, but that’s not what I meant. I meant regions. The desert, jungle, swamp, plains, frozen north, volcano, unnamed city. They’re just all so familiar now. Would love a new place that gives reason to go there more than once.

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Unfortunately any additions to the current map are a no-go, since the unused parts are where they keep the dungeons and they’ve said on numerous occasions that they have no intention of making them accessible. Plenty of people (myself included) have expressed interest in an entirely new map, but given how much work that would entail I’m not exactly holding my breath for anything like that any time soon, if ever.

There are a few mods that replace the entire map if you play on PC, but last I checked they’ve all been in the very early stages of development for ages now.

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It seens on the financial report something has been said about a map expansion next year, in fact its implied by the phrase that conan exiles map is on the limit and the only way to expand would be an additional map.

Since they went all the way to remaking the map to accommodate mounts I would not discard a new map in 2020 just yet.

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They can expand the map… you just add a hard transition like a portal, flight of some kind, teleportation, etc. Like the hidden garden but bigger and with multiple persistent access points. Would be cool if we could jump into the volcano with special armor equipped, end up somewhere unexpected and new if a certain item is in your inventory when interacting with an obelisk, etc.

New maps for this game require a professional staff because the map is fully rendered. It’s less like a map and more like a full game world.

To be clear, are you asking for more content like dungeons and maps to be locked behind a paywall? Or asking for free versions of stuff?

When you ask for it to be DLC it seems like you’re asking for paywalled content which seems to be a really bad idea, the reason I support the current DLC structure is because it’s nothing more than cosmetic and doesn’t hurt player who miss out on it

If you’re asking for more free stuff I think the fact we have been getting some new dungeons is great but depending on who you ask there are rumours of a new map next year

That’s what @BoogerParty explained – these dungeons to which you teleport are actually located in those inaccessible parts of the map. It’s the technical limitation of the engine they’re using.

In general, more content sounds nice, but if I had to choose between more content soon and Funcom sitting down to fix the bugs and balance the game, I’d rather have that than more buggy updates.

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The skeptical pessimist part of me says to ignore this unless something is officially announced, but the part of me that wants a new map says


The map feels already big enough. It’s rather empty with 40/40 players on that map.

They can expand the map…

Can they? I was under the impression that this is the biggest they can make the map as long as they’re using this version of Unreal Engine 4. Maybe I was wrong?

That’s what I’ve heard too. I’d never claim to know enough about UE4 to say whether it’s true or not though.

It is possible, you use multiple maps (UE calls them levels) that are only connected with teleporting. Max level size in UE4 is 20km, but World Composition is available in UE4 to simplify implementation of mumtie levels. Essentially, on teleport, unload old level and load new one.

Yeah a second map for after you loosw the bracelet sounds good to me :+1::+1:

Id be game for several maps if im bein honest. Give a little variety in them. Have some be more realistic and hyborean while some others could have a more fantastic or cthonic bend to them.

That sounds like a good start. I imagine they would have to beef up the servers a lot, because I can’t imagine how it would work if the server didn’t have to keep both maps in memory and run simulations for both.

Any new map or biome has a lot of work but it isn’t the most difficult and it’s possible to do it, in addition now the mounts are great and we know that it’s necessary to add more biomes or new map.
They know how to solve any technical problem that comes with a new scenario, they did it with the mounts and more.
Conan exiles is a survival adventure that needs content like that and they’re probably already working on it.:+1:


I am not against a paywalled expansion. More the opposite. Many games sell expansions, Look at wow, eso and many others. This generates income for the company and can deliver new Maps.
This must not exclude new content for the existent playerbase, but the expansion content is not reachable for those without expansions. this could include a Level-up for instance.

But - to be honest - this would demand a much more better test/patch management, because in the moment I suffer almost each announced patch inducing a lot of stress & fear in me what will be broken now & can I continue my most beloved game in the way I like ? I played almost 10 years WoW, then Eso but since 3/4 year CE has become my favorite game and in the moment I suffer because of this situation. When the stress factor will override the fun factor, the Outcome is clear.

When this problems are overcome, I will embrace and are willing to pay real CE Expansions.

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I would welcome a map expansion as long as it doesn’t affect the server performance and it is not locked behind a paywall (DLC). This would be a step in the wrong direction.

I think a whole new map (if such a thing were to come to pass) is one feature that it would be acceptable to put behind a paywall. Unlike features such as Mounts, more dungeons or (the still non-existant) City Life, a new map would be outside the scope one should expect to get for free (arguably even new dungeons should not necessarily come for free, but so far they have).