Conan New Map Expansion



Just a quick one I’ve seen a lot of info at the start of the year about a new map expansion coming to Conan.

Is this still happening? And roughly when will it be happening ?

Any info would be great. Thanks

No news to share on then it’s being worked on, sorry.


Well, to clarify, here’s what we know so far:

  1. The current map is not going to be expanded. Its pretty full with dungeon assets even in the “spaces” seen when you open the map menu.
  2. The new map that is planned will be a DLC. And yes, the new map will be a completely new map.
  3. Yes, it is still happening.
  4. Roughly when the map will be released… well all we know so far is that it is planned for the second half of the year. No official date has been given yet. Being that far out, I wouldn’t expect it until Nov-Dec of this year. In other words, I’d be surprised if it showed up very soon (its going to take quite a bit of work).

Hope that helps!


No official word has been given yet about traveling between maps (if that’s even going to be a thing). There’s still a lot of information we don’t know yet. But yeah, I’d like to know what their plan is, too.

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Well, i think we are starting to see, balance in PVP is down on the list of thoughts. By then we will a have something like this following us around the map…


I saw the trailer for Assasin’s Creed Vikings as well, this will be on my radar for sure.

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hum conan is not bannerlord II, seem to me a wrong direction to follow

::swan-dives from Valhalla into a hay pile::

I still hope they open the road above the Volcano and we can skip along it until we reach The Cloud City. #inspiredbytrueevents


Personally I’d be surprised if we could. One need only look at the situation on Ark servers to see how bad an idea that is.


the only thing I ask for is: show a whim on this map, even if it takes too long! and when you’re ready, show everything beautiful and wild.


The comment “not in this version” that was given as answer to… some question… got me thinking that the new map and possibly sorcery may even be part of Conan “not-Exiles” where the game is actually completely separate; built on the same framework, re-purposing as much as possible, but a separate game. Conan Exiles Unchained or some such… All for the cool price of $50 :stuck_out_tongue:


I would be fine and happy if CE was a mini Bannerlord (and its Mount and Blade 2: Bannerlord, btw). There is so much more to do in Conan, but there is alot of fun to be had with a group of followers.

Unless its already almost done and funcom has kept quiet about it like they did with mounts


More dungeons, more places to explore and add some depth to some of the mechanics so we can get more time with the game before you’ve done everything. Also, slow down the leveling process and take it up to 75 or something like that. I’d be happy.


I can definitely agree that leveling happens too quickly. I would have liked to have seen more spacing between the technological developments. For example, sandstone at level 20, stonebrick at level 40, and reinforced stone (black ice, endgame T3 DLC) at level 60.

Players ought to be able to makes tents and a bedroll early on, but I’d save the sandstone for much later. A tent, bedroll, and a bonfire or something similar like other “Exiles” have around the south river.

And I certainly wouldn’t be opposed to increasing the level cap.


there is a lot to do with conan, and certainly not to do bannerlord with it, why not the sim too ? conan is conan, what he needs is expansion map, and balance of the raiding system (to make raid harder and defence work better), actually as solo player i can raid any base and kill any thralls with best weapons & gear very easily if enemy are not online.

and priority is to correct all glitch to make game fair.

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That could be interesting. Just make it so each player can have X amount of simultaneous/idle followers, with that value decreasing based on how many people are in their clan.

1 player = 10 thralls total, 3 following. 2 player clan = 5 thralls each, 2 following. 3 player clan, 3 thralls total, 2 following. Above 4 people, you can only have 1 thrall following and the clan cap is 2 per player.

The only issue would be people with more than 1 thrall melting PVE content, but lets be frank, thats not something FC cares a lot, looking at some t4 thralls stats.

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Other dlc?

Well, leading around a bunch of armed guys supporting you is pretty common in the Conan stories, where he’s been a mercenary, captain, commander - sometimes multiple times- before he even became king.

That said, I do wonder with the talk of wanting the players to feel like they are in control of a real settlement if certain behaviors might be given to followers eventually to give them a more distinct personality eventually. (Or at least patrols, or something else to do rather then keep them standing in one place for eternity.)


there is leading, and there is watching. Rarely a Conan story read had “…and Conan sat upon a stone boulder, and watched his indestructible army kill everything in sight, only sparsely did he interrupt his game of RuneScape, and draw his bow and heal them.”