Suggestion on the Map Expansion

Just read the release about the MAP EXPANSION and watched Firesparks video on the same subject… The Map Expansion should not be a DLC expansion. I feel that this would turn sour quick and players would leave. The Map is needed and should be a simple evolution of the game that should happen for free. Make money through DLC stuff and selling annual passes for this content. DLCs for things like Permanent Tattoos, Changable hair styles, Clothing, expansion packs for existing DLC content (Example- Japanese like placable items for Yamata DLC), Vines and Cammo kits for bases, a DLC that gives access to hidden caves and crevices to build bases in, DLC specific Mounts and Armour. DEFENSIVE TRAPS. Players would drop bank on DLC content like this. I would easily do $50 to $60 or a little more annually for this type of content. Let the game evolve and expand and make money on the extras that give flavor to the game… Thanks for a great game and all of the hard work y’all put into it…

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Hi there,
I completely agree with you guys. The new map is really needed to refresh this game. I play on PS4 and I can see that the community is dropping here, the same is in my country. It would be bad idea to charge money for it because that won’t pursuade most of people to come back and that means you will be at the same point like you are now.

And I feel it’s inane to keep insisting it will be P2W, when we know nothing of the sort.

I also feel the outraged demands that this HAS to happen for free to be a sign of entitlement issues gone haywire, and a clear example of “if you give someone an inch, they’ll demand a mile”.


I also watched that horrible entitled video.

He actually wants funcom to charge 5 dollars for few hairs. Are you okay with that?
I am not okay with that.

I want funcom to make bigger DLCs and like any sane human they should get paid for their work.


Did I say you said that? There is a quite deliberate space between my quote/reply to you, and my line (which is not targeted) about entitlement.

Okay, you keep talking about how it feels, but based on what? Literally all we have is one line, that a map DLC will be coming this year, and it will be paid. That is to the best of my knowledge the sum total of everything known. So as you say “we need to know more”.

Generally I would say no, it’s not, but what word are you talking about? To the best of my knowledge, Funcom has never promised that their current MO of DLC packs being (mostly) cosmetic in nature was going to be their process forever, never to change.

For the record I agree that cosmetic DLC and free content updates is a very sympathetic way to do business, and Funcom deserves many props for having done so thus far, but I stand by my previous opinion that a big enough expansion (such as a map expansion) would be a fair thing to make paid.


We don’t know what is going to be included in the new map yet. It’s much too early to determine whether a paid map is going to backfire or be greeted with enthusiasm. Firespark81 has no more information on the topic than the rest of us.

Constructive suggestions regarding the expansion are most welcome, but I feel it’s premature to say this is the wrong way of doing it when we don’t know what, when and if a new map is happening.

Now, I’m very much opposed to “pay to win” content. If the paid map DLC gives paying players an advantage over those who don’t buy the map, that’s a dealbreaker for me. But if it’s, as I suspect, more of the same as we already have, just more more (as if that makes any sense), there’s no real advantage except more room to build, explore and expand.

Yes, Funcom has said that all content expansions will be free, and paid DLCs are going to be cosmetic only. They also said that we’d never get mounts, or that a new map was not likely to happen. But things change over time. Sometimes technology advances in such a way that previously impossible features, such as mounts or map expansions, become possible. Of course a company should be allowed to take advantage of these new opportunities rather than make them stick to their original promise of “we won’t be doing that, sorry”.

Depending on how the new map DLC works, it might not even be a DLC in the sense we understand it. For all intents and purposes, it could very well be a “Conan Exiles 2” game in all but name. Would the community be fine with paying a full game’s price for Conan Exiles 2 where the only difference was the map? Many would, but not everyone, I’m sure.

So depending on how the new map is going to be implemented, it could be a “screw this, I quit”, it could be “meh, I can live with it” or it could be “yay, shiny!” But I won’t be making that decision without more information, nor will I recommend anyone else to make that decision without more information. I was a bit disappointed to see that Firespark had already made their mind about the new map being a bad idea.


They have? When/where? Because if they have actually said that, it changes my opinion somewhat, and similarly makes some people’s outrage much more understandable than I currently feel it is.

I’m not sure if it’s an official, permanent stance they have had, but basically every time they release new content, whether it’s a new dungeon, or mounts, or stuff, the guys on the livestream go out of their way to explain how the new update will be free for everyone who owns the game, and the DLC releasing at the same time will have cosmetic stuff only.

It’s entirely possible that I’ve simply come to understand this as an actual “rule” rather than a “this is just how we’ve done it so far” thing, but if that’s the message I (who considers himself a professional when it comes to communication and interpreting communication and who also refers to himself in third person) have picked from their communication, so have many others. So yeah, I think the outrage some people feel is totally understandable. Maybe not based on hard facts, but based on the impression Funcom has given us, which doesn’t really make a difference when it comes to how it makes people feel.


Ah. Fair enough. For me there is a distinct difference between what they have done thus far and any promise that things will continue like that indefinitely. Or to be precise, I see no promise, whether explicit or implied, that things would continue unchanged forever. I also don’t blame them if they’ve been going out of their way to “pat themselves on the back” for free content updates so far, as it is a very nice way to do business, and they deserve praise for it. But obviously, if they have at some point stated that “free content, cosmetic DLC” is a policy, then that might change my opinion (I like to think I am always open to changing my opinion if presented with new facts!).

What I know they are on record for promising - from way back when - is that certain features that appeared in promotional material / future plans during Early Access would never materialize as paid content, ie Mounts, Sorcery and Settlements/City Life, those would all come as free updates (or not at all, as the case may be). Status so far is mounts (which was indeed a free update), with the other two still MIA.

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New map is officialy confirmed by tencent/funcom?

Hey devs. Just want to say that since I’ve played conan all other mmopvp games seem hollow. Best I’ve ever played. Seems like the community is well thought of and the greed seems minimal. Nobody was left behind in a pay to win pack. No, instead the grinder who plays for free can keep up with the spender, as long they spend the time to grind. I love that. But to pay for a map expansion, well that goes against what has been going. I beg you to keep map expansions free. Many would pay for character cosmetics and role playing items. To have a paid map would split the player base. And while the players logging in peek was 212k… I don’t think splitting the players would fair well. Would love to see the NE part of the map be added with a spiraling path from the mountain to the west and damp route from the jungle to the south. Maybe make it a large territory under the control of a vicious king with the baddest warriors. Could add new fighters and archers, maybe add an animal tamer to speed pet growth. And one last thing. Please separate the followers into two categories, pets and humanoids. And please allow a pet and a humanoid follower. This choice between a fighter or riding your horse…wish we could ride and have a fighter.

Paid DLC map is P2W for PvP.
Same as now DLCs. Since Heavy is meta - you dont have T4 armorers to make gear you need.

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The proof is on you…if you reference it as fact, pleas sift thru and provide the video and time stamp.

A map expansion is not a small update, and was not on the road map that was laid out. It is something that internally must have been found to be feasible,but will cost alot of resources to achieve.

And you tell those programmers to work for free…go ahead. Tell them that even though we have had massive free stuff for the initial purchase (none requiring to buy any of the DLC), that you some how feel cheated that they dare make a living and do a major map expansion.


still he is right about servers being less full / feeling empty if the player count will be devided cous of an dlc wall , this can lead to conan exiles dead

I’m more then happy to pay for any expansions or dlc they produce.What world do you live in where anything is free.Everything they make costs them something.If you feel a one time purchase entitles you to free service sorry for your luck.I have over 1000 hours of time spent on Exiles I have more then gotten my moneys worth.I have gladly bought all the dlc.Everything I spend goes into making more content.None of the people complaining benefit the game or it’s development.If you can’t afford to pay for your hobby get a new one.Make way for customers.Everything takes money.No profit no Conan no Funcom.Tencents take over is a blessing.**** all yall scrubs!

That problem, if it exists, will happen whether the new map is free or not. A new map will inevitably spread the player base across a larger region. However, since a map expansion is something that has been requested so often by so many people, it stands to reason to expect some old players to get back into the game if the new map provides them with a fresh enough experience, thus increasing the number of active players. This may be sufficient to keep servers feeling alive.

(In fact, a paid DLC map would be less problematic with this in mind, as not everyone will buy it and thus they’ll keep playing on the old map. Those who do buy the new map will find many hours of fun exploring the new place. If the new map was free, everyone would get it and move on to explore it, thus leaving the old map deserted).

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DLCs began (way back when) with expansions. Before you had retexture packs and micro transactions for every little thing there were expansions. Expansions are quite literally the oldest DLC concept there is. This is nothing new.

I personally had/have absolutely zero problems with buying something that expands on the base game. THAT is the natural evolution of game development. Not texture packs and minor add-ons, those are abominations to the evolution.

I’ll buy an expansion, like I said, no problem there. What I do have a problem rationalizing is spending money on something that just changes how preexisting models look.

So no, I don’t think it’ll sour players and turn them away. If anything it might actually entice new players, as long as Funcom doesn’t Bork it up… As usual



Regarding the new DLC map.

Please consider some of the following… The current map is already amazing, don’t toss it out.

Upgrade the current map by polishing it, and allowing it to be expanded to a larger size.

The “polish” would be for all players.

The “DLC” would be to allow for the current map to be expanded in scope or functionality.

New area’s would/could be DLC only, while “polish” would be free.

This would prevent current servers from suffering a die-off when the new DLC launches.

Everyone could play on the current upgraded map, but not everyone could access new regions (until the DLC is purchased).

P.S. One function I would love to see explored for the new map would be a server hub where players across many servers could load into a region where they could interact with each other on some level.

These interactions could include mini-games, resource trading, contests, or things not as feasible in the open world sandbox.

A small example of this would be in Monster Hunter World where players across many regions could interact in a space that was controlled and reasonable in scope. This allowed larger groups of players to interact for end-game content.

I appreciate your time.

So if u dont pay, you would not be able to raid those who paid because their base is build on dlc map?

God is good does have a good idea here about a server hub where people from many different servers could interact. Think about an arena for everyone that would be awesome. However, regarding the paid map. I have no problem with it at least theoretically. I don’t think we have any information that would suggest it is pay to win, and as others have said, expansions have forever been paid for. Remember Fable you had to pay twenty bucks to get an expansion in that game back in the day. Firespark in his video references Ark and says it is a completely different game. I disagree. While he is right that Conan doesn’t have as many Modded maps, is that really on funcom? Because no modder has made a new map, they need to make one now for free. I don’t think so. That does sound entitled. If you don’t have the money to buy the new map, that’s understandable, you still have a great current map to play which has received quite a few I unpayed expansions in its time. If you do have the money you get to explore a new world. As others have said this will revitalize the player base and bring back old players. Personally I think it’s nonsense to say Funcom is going back on their word. I watch almost all the streams and have never heard them promise to make a new map and then promise it will be free. Anyways I’m ranting now, but in summary, I’m excited for a new map, and despite what firespark says they will decide to make it paid or unpaid regardless of what we all want. It’s a business decision and they are a business.