NO Paid Map DLC Please

This video brings to light the fact that FC may be planning to charge us for new maps. That’s a direct breaking of their promise not to do so. And it’s utterly unnecessary.

As someone who has supported this game from its earliest announcement and started one of the larger roleplaying communities for it ( ) and who has defended this game to the death… I am absolutely NOT okay with Funcom going back on their word and making maps paid DLC. Just, no. Maps are basic gameplay. Period. I buy every single DLC that comes out. I gift several DLCs every time a new one comes out. I have loved and supported their current DLC model. And I absolutely agree that different types of DLC from the current model will prove wildly popular. Yes, HAIR for the love of Crom! More and better tattoos (because frankly most of the current ones are pretty bad), expanded skin tones, expanded eye colors, expanded hair colors. Oh and here’s a crazy idea… body sliders! The IQoL mod does it and, within a pretty good range, it does NOT break or clip armors. So, enough with the static clone bodies! CULTURAL CLOTHING. Make companion clothing DLCs to the currently existing DLCs. Be sure to add jewelry. A clothing mod based on the classic Conan artwork by Frank Frazetta or even the various comics would also be wildly successful. And also agreed on the placeables! A household goods DLC with alternate stoves and fireplaces along with all the sorts of things like cups and plates etc… A “treasure hunters” pack with placeables like piles of gold and jewels, golden skulls and statues and treasure chests (including some that store inventory!). Alternate cultural looks for all the crafting benches. Actual paintings using the amazing artwork that has already been done for this game and not just a screenshot of someone’s build that doesn’t look like a painting at all. Additional mounts like the elephants and rhinos. More cultural tack for the mounts. NEW base game building pieces like pillars and walls with more window options and alternate doors just to change things up. Placeable decorative pets! Please give us some actual DOGS FC! They could EASILY blend a bit of each of these into new cultural DLCs, giving them wider appeal. Oh and yes, the vines you mentioned! In different types! A garden and farming DLC would be amazing and also hugely popular! With and expanded planter system and lots of decorative plants like trees and flowers! The ability to create beautiful pools, both in building and natural looks. And I could EASILY go on! So it does seem very obvious that there’s still a ton of money to be made from DLCs WITHOUT breaking their promise to not sell us new maps. And honestly, if they do this, it’s very likely a deal breaker for me and I will have to seriously consider leaving the game and withdrawing my support and shutting down my site.


I have a question if or when they put out a map what would that do to private servers. Would it be one map or another or need another server. Ps4 private gportal server owner thanks in advance. I feel that the map will be free skins and placables for sale.

Little OT:
Items and placeables from the video as seen in the background can be found here:

Just in case someone asks…
Also: There are placeable waterfalls into it by now.

In Topic:
Yes, I’d love to have more placeables… (saves me some work :D)

I don’t know if a separate map is a good idea. On the one hand I love the idea… on the other hand… I need another server. There should be some option included to hopp from one server to another, if allowed. So one could also combine/connect different maps.


I think maps should be completely free for everyone. The DLC’s which adds armor and more customization however, is fine. I like that.


I do not want a paid Map DLC either.
Maps should be free to keep the player base unified.

However I don’t see this as breaking a promise.
Because the people who made the statement are no longer incharge.

I am a pessimist, I plan for the worse, but hope for the better.
If things stay much as they are, I’ll still be around.

But if we see censorship, or gambling boxes or an in game cash shop…


Please do a simple look at the forums before posting more duplicate threads on the same subject.


How about they fix all the bugs first before forcing us to pay?
I already paid for the game and since early acces i can still see the broken AI, fps drops, latency issues, undermesh bases, hackers and other glitches/bugs.
If u decide to not buy the new map, you are not able to fight back those who build on the new map, thats not fair at all.


Odyssey of Kings does not support paid maps. Please continue your focus on tangible content that your players can purchase, leave the maps to be played by any player for no cost, so that the low population this game has can play together consistently regardless of the environment.


On behalf of Soulbound, neither myself nor my community wants to pay for new maps. I will continue to purchase the DLC and support Funcom’s endeavors. However, having entire maps inaccessible to the poorer players is neither fair nor cool.


I personally don’t care if the new map is a paid DLC or Free, I play on a single player server so it has no effect on my gameplay either way. As far as the statement that they are going back on their word, well things change, the person that made that statement may or may not even be at Funcom anymore and company’s change their direction all the time, the company I work at has changed drastically over a very short period of time and they have had to change the way they do things, some changes I liked and some I didn’t but I’m still working there, I’m not going to quit just because they made some decisions that I didn’t like. In my opinion it just seems petty and naïve to think that they will hold to some statement made a year ago that may or may not have been approved for them to make. Voicing your opinion on a subject is great but making threats isn’t going to change their minds.

Edit: And to add that I’ve had better luck with the paid content working better then the free content, so if paying a few bucks gets better quality content then I’m all for it.


I don’t mind them making money and I gladly support this game. That’s what the cosmetic DLC is for. And what they DO with that money SHOULD be improving the base game overall. Like why is this game still only optimized for 40 players? Why don’t thralls have a passive mode? Why don’t we have a clan alliance system? Why don’t we have a grouping tool so you can adventure with people outside your clan without your thralls attacking each other once combat starts? Why don’t we have at least half the stuff Pippi adds? Why don’t we have a magic system? If they do those things AND add to the map as part of the base game they’d actually keep getting new players to support the game with actual game sales. But if players know going in that the “old world” stinks and to get a better experience they will ALSO have to buy new maps as they come out, which is a far cry from optional cosmetic DLCs, that is going to give a lot of potential new players pause.


new or changed conditions create new possibilities. until now, a new map was a relatively unlikely scenario. now, with the tencent offer, a new scenario has arisen. however, this scenario also brings new conditions. for me, a dlc map is completely ok. it requires much more effort than the previous freely available updates and it is legitimate to charge money for it.

to the point of cosmetic only dlc’s: where do i find the official statement from funcom that all dlc’s ever released for conan exiles are cosmetic only? all i have found so far are statements that they only plan cosmetic dlc’s. plans are there to be changed. a plan is not a promise for eternity.


I have said this on other threads. Businesses need to make money! No money no continued game production. Horses came free, is this not enough?

If you want the game to develop the company needs to continue to hit their profit margin.


Hi Alexandria. This is going to be a two part reply for me. The first part for me is that I firmly agree with you regarding the current DLC format. I would love to see them change up the existing formula, think bigger and be more ambitious. I love and have previously supported a number of the ideas listed here in your original post, and agree in the strongest possible terms that it is time to start tackling some of these recurring suggestions such as Customisable Hair & Beard Styles and Armor Display Manequinns!

The second part for me concerns having to pay for a new Map, which is sadly where I must disagree with you. Building a new map is not like simply re-skinning some armor or a foundation piece, it is a massive undertaking, which could potentially take years and a small fortune to create! Case in point; we need only look at how long it took them to fully rework the existing map so that they could add in Mounts. And that was just reworking an existing one, not building an entirely new one from the ground up. Other companies such as Bethesda and CD Project Red have created new maps for games such as Skyrim (Dragonborn) and The Witcher 3 (Blood & Wine) respectively. I can see the sheer amount of work which has gone into them, and I feel that it is perfectly reasonable to charge for them, and Conan Exiles should be no exception. Not only that, but for me at least there is an ethical issue at play here. I care about Conan Exiles and I care about Funcom, and I want to see both continue and do well. Ok analogy time. Lets say a friend happen to build me a new map on his PC in his free time, and said dont worry about paying him for it, and it took him years to complete. When he handed it to me, I as a person would feel obliged to offer him some form of restitution for it. Be it a cash payment, a 6 pack of beer, or some help around his home. Because it was a big job and to me fair is fair. But thats just how I personally look at things. As such I am sorry, but I cannot support your OP on this one.


So are you suggesting that Funcom shouldn’t make a new map? Because just as they said that their planned future DLCs are going to be cosmetic only, they said there wouldn’t be a new map. This was due to technical limitations back then.

So maybe technology has advanced sufficiently to make a new map a reality. But they need money to do it. Remember, that “all new content will be free” was said when they didn’t have any ideas for a new map. That “promise”, if there ever was such a promise, was about the type of content they had on their roadmap back then. Something totally new and unforeseen cannot, and shouldn’t, be constrained by what was said in a more limited context.

I really hope people in opposition to the paid map DLC would actually find an present a source where Funcom promises they won’t charge their players for a new map. If you go on and accuse them for breaking a promise, I’d like to see where they made such a promise in the first place. Accusations of dishonesty are something I take very seriously; false accusations even more so.

The rest of your post digresses from the original point and contains some valid suggestions I’d be happy to support in a dedicated thread - but cosmetic DLCs and map expansions are not mutually exclusive.

Yeah. Funnily, if the “new map DLC” was labeled “Conan Exiles 2” and sold as a separate game, there would be much less controversy regarding whether Funcom “broke their promises” or not. The actual issues of cost and fracturing the community would persist, of course. If one cannot travel from map to map, it could very well be Conan Exiles 2 to all intents and purposes.

But let’s not panic until we hear official answers to those questions. Voicing our concerns and opinions on the subject are welcome, because at this point Funcom probably has time to make changes to their plans; but overreacting and demanding them to stop, before we even know where they’re heading, is hardly going to help. It’s unlikely that it makes them give an official answer any sooner, either; rushing communication is too likely to lead to misunderstandings, inaccurately presented information and disappointment because they couldn’t deliver in the timeframe their rushed communication made us think.

Just log into the game, climb the tallest mountain you can find, and look around. Enjoy all that you can see and beyond that, for as long as it exists, and don’t worry about “what ifs” until it actually happens.


Monthly fees and paid new map!!! LOVE IT!

Support what you use.

If I have pay for a new map to keep development going on Exiles I will. I doubt many copies of the base game are being sold at this point since a huge number of people purchased it during Early Access. In order for Funcom to continue supporting the game they have to be turning at least a modest profit. Throw a coin to you wit…game dev.

Not supporting the idea for a paid map. Map should be a part of the game and it should be available for all the players concerned


So is it about the 10-20€ you have to spend or why the outcry everywhere?