Should new map be free?

Just wondering if anyone else has an issue with a paid dlc map. I know on my server now, there are players who put paths of foundation across most of the zones. The game was free, so whatever, I can put up with it. Now we might have new map & areas that we have to pay for. So say I get on and they have all these new areas claimed with paths of foundation? How is that gonna be allowed if I just paid my 9.99 or whatever for those new zones? If you ask me, a new map must be free for everybody.


What does player behavior have to do with whether a DLC is paid or not? Did you get Conan Exiles for free and that somehow influenced your opinion?

The official servers are not moderated. Whether they should or shouldn’t be is a debate that is always quite hot on these forums. But that’s got nothing to do with paid DLCs.


My hope that the new map links to the old map so we have two large maps to play in rather than a stand-alone map where we choose to live either there, or in the old map. I dont care if there’s a load between maps as long as the two are linked someway (via teleporting or what not).

I think content such as a map should always be free and i am bigtime against content like this segregating the community in any way, but also just thankful they’re working on a map in the first place because by christ that’s what the game needs more than anything IMO.

Thats my point, it has everything to do with paid dlc. If you buy something, you expect that you can use it. Cant build in a new, paid zone if someone builds foundation across 10 zones.

I repeat, didn’t you pay for Conan Exiles?


This is the dumbest thing that I’ve read in a very long time.


Would I rather have a free dog food sandwich or an $8 BLT?
You get what you pay for.

Should this be free? No, not really. I’m fine with giving them some cash. Whenever they get off the pot and put Season 2 in Steam, I’ll front them the money, the same as I did Season 1. I’m not a rich man, I just know how far money goes in this day and age and the money they ask for Seasons is coffee money.




Uh, since when?

I mean the argument of OP can be paralleled to someone buying a new map then finding the “perfect build spot” but oh no someone else got there first and has built a base there… But you paid for the game how dare they? how dare they block your access to that build spot, Nevermind that the other person also paid for the game. So yes if someone foundation spams an area of the new map… guess what they paid for it too, so they paid for the right to do that, This is much more a problem with Funcoms lack of official moderation than it is a paid DLC problem.

Nearly every game like this that I have played such as ark or rust, has had players on servers that try to control parts of a map or certain resources, those are all still paid games, just because you paid for the content doesnt give you some godly right to have full access to whatever you want while playing on multiplayer servers. You can always play Solo and have a fresh unblemished map to explore, but whenever you join multiplayer servers you must understand that everyone has the same rights to the map, so first come first serve or fight them for it.

Imagine going up to a group of players who have built a massive structure in an area you want to claim and demanding the area they have built in to be yours, and when they ask why they should give it up, you state “I paid for the game” they would laugh at you man. This is really not a valid argument.

You didnt pay to have free rain over multiplayer, you paid for the map which you have full access to via solo play, and you paid for the opportunity to experience that map with others online if you wish to do so. But just like you those other players paid for the same right. If you are worried about players spamming over the new map then play on private servers where admins have rules against foundation spam and blocking. I made the move to privates a long time ago and havent looked back. I recommend to anyone looking to be free of hackers cheaters and players that use undesirable play styles, try private servers. Many mimic vanilla 100% and many have been up for years now without “disappearing” despite the arguments many have made against private servers, every argument I have seen has a private server sitting there that completely disputes their claims.

But back on topic no, if there was ever going to be an argument for the new map being free… this is definitely not it :wink:


CE was free to some subscribers on some service or other that runs on consoles, I forget the name (so “free”, not free), but yeah. Anyway, no the map should not be free.

OP clearly has no idea what type of game this is. Fairly logical when you give someone stuff for free - surprise, surprise, they don’t value it as much.

And yes, trolls are annoying, but making the map free will do nothing to combat that problem - quite the reverse if anything.


It might be that they got it through PlayStation Plus, when Conan Exiles was one of the monthly free games :slight_smile:


no it shouldnt be free ( devs/designers need to be paid for work ), and it cant be an extension to the current map. if you do that, players without the new map wouldnt be able to attack a base in the new map.


Simple (on paper, anyway) solution: Make characters only transfer naked from one map to the other on PvP servers.


Free vs. Paid is neither here nor there, and kinda depends on the mechanics of the game map - of which, none of us, except the FunCom Devs/Peeps, can speak with any authority.

FunCom have, in my opinion, always been very detailed in letting players know what could, would, and might come (though I imagine they have learned the hard way that the players do not always fairly reward this :stuck_out_tongue: )

FunCom have stated on many occasions that there are system and performance issues expanding the current maps further. There may be gaps in the current three-region map that suggest ‘another map’ will go there, and that this ‘must be free’, but no-one has confirmed whether it is feasible or possible. If any new map was to go there, then I tend to think it should be as free as any of the current maps.

But, when the game first came out, open world games were different. Since then, with advances in technology (Unreal and the like), better world map mechanics are now more viable. I can say that, after more than 4,000 hours of play, I am certainly a lot more familiar with most of the current map than if I started playing this morning.

I will also say, (and there is nothing anyone, FunCom or otherwise, have stated to confirm any of this) that if there was some new development that made a full, open world game that for example included some randomness in the generation at game-start, that had an open-world map that was even more ‘real’ and that allowed villages, towns, dungeons, camps and communities to develop more open-ended - well, I would certainly pay for that as that would effectively be a Conan Exiles 2.0 and a complete new game.

As I said, this is all pure speculation on my part.

I love the Conan genre. I enjoy being able to have a server that other players can enjoy and interact on. I love being able to set up stuff, and have the players set up stuff that keeps the game alive and changing. read through all the excellent ideas in the ‘Wishlist’ forum FunCom are running. So many of those excellent ideas don’t seem viable using the ‘old’ tech that was about when the current version of Conan Exiles core engine was created. They could all be available in a newer version - and we all know that most games charge for a new Version of a game, don’t we? :slight_smile:


Ark works this way, and it has like 3 additional paid maps along with 3 free maps, something like that. All of them can be transferred between and more than the fact that players can’t attack a base on a map they don’t own, but those maps offer resources and tames that can’t be obtained on the free maps. Take the snow owl for instance, it can not be acquired from the free maps, but players can tame them on paid maps and transfer them to the free maps and fight players with them there.

It may not seem fair but the advantage is less than you think, as long as things are balanced then it is no different to players who own DLC in conan that allows them to craft different weapons to those that don’t own any DLC. You can still kill those players and take those DLC weapons. Not being able to raid people on paid servers is kind of offset by the fact that they still have to transfer to your map to raid you, and when they do this anything they bring with them can be taken from them. But I agree there is an element of unfairness to it. It’s not all that drastic but it’s there. Unfortunately this is how companies market and motivate players into purchases like this. Small advantages that come from paid content is kind of a staple for games like this I’m afraid, so it wouldnt be outrageous if Funcom implement this way, they may steer clear of the whole server transfer mechanic but they may not. Only time will tell.

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What? no, why would it be free? because everybody can build wherever they want in official servers?
I know it sucks to find those servers filled with foundations, i suggest you look for a private server or make your own, even playing solo would be better for you if this is the case.

I don’t mind paying for a new map and paying for more of them to explore, i just wonder if they are going to use the same story and dungeons and just place them in different places or if its gonna be totally different ground to play, anyhow, i would pay for them.


Considering how much work goes into a new map, I would pay for it.


It should be paid. Any and all expansions/dlc should cost money so that we can continue to support the work that goes into fixing bugs and addressing player ENDLESS concerns and critiques.


That’s literally pay to win.

Lets say you are playling pvp, vs 49 other people.

5 of them have the map, and live there/can go there.

Your base is there literally, 5 people out of 49 can raid you.

Unless you can’t build on said map, which is very unlikely, it would simply be a dungeon with extra setps

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