Don't charge for the map, charge for the map CREATOR

Firespark is right… don’t charge for the new map. That’s going back on your word and that’s just not cool.

However, I would happily pay GOOD cash for the map CREATOR. I’ve worked in blender and in a couple different game engines… so I know a lot of people would be happy to experiment, learn, etc how to use a complicated tool so you wouldn’t have to dumb it down.

Give us the tools to build our own MAPS? Man, you’d see a serious upswing in your playerbase. Have an approval process and community vote to periodically host an official server with a community-built map? That’d be neat… (not something I personally would do, but I get it)

Think about it.


The tools to build maps are already available. It’s in the modkit. The reason why you don’t see more maps? I’d imagine it’s for several reasons: the 200GB install size for the UDK, the sheer amount of work it takes to make maps of any substantial size, the amount of new assets someone would possibly have to make whether they’re all new meshes or simply just retextures for existing objects.

Honestly, if it weren’t for that 200GB install size, I’d be using the tools to make stuff - but that kind of footprint is really prohibitive to a lot of people.


Hey Daybreak74,

Drukuku already mentioned it, but the tools to build a map is already available in the game’s dev kit. Building an entirely new map creator for Conan Exiles is a little out of scope for us right now.


I got money money I’ll take one of each.See that’s how that works.

I hate Firespark but he is right about not having people pay for a new game map. Don’t do that. You said you wouldn’t do things like that.


Making maps is time consuming. Making great maps is expensive. Game continues to be developed, and improved. You can’t have everything for free.


Don’t make new maps. Just legitimize maps other people make. OR… Stop getting board of things so dang fast. I’ve been playing Age of Mythology for 18 years. I’m not board of it yet.

Businesses need to earn money. Im happy to pay for a new map. :ok_hand:


Don’t charge for the map but incorporate a dlc with vines and decorations like that of emberlight mod. A silkworm farm would be nice. Also the volcanic forge would be nice also.

You heard Firespark. Charging for the Map DLC falsifys their previous statement of not charging for maps only decorations, armors, weapons, etc. And with Tencent buying Funcom. I don’t think anyone is going to be back peddeling or fraying from what has already been said and done. Its a New Year give us the maps and create a New Season Pass and slide in some Xtras like they did with Riddle of Steel.

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Yes, I heard Firespark. I also heard Firespark spout the already cliché argument that games-as-a-service is bad (meaning Conan Exiles in it’s current form is bad), then proceeded to declare that a bunch of micro transactions is what’s best for the game.

I don’t feel like digging through the previous dev streams dating back to early 2018, but I recall the statement that people keep saying were “promised.” What I recall is that they won’t charge for the features that were hyped for in EA, which is mounts, sorcery, etc. Which they haven’t. I also recall a developer stating several months ago during a stream that if (or when) they decided to make a new map, it wouldn’t be free.

Edit: @TheLOLxd2 found it. Source from June 20th of 2019 Dev Stream

  • Twitch Comment: The game needs more maps. If there are technical issues, make it as Instance

  • Robert: We don’t have instance tech either, so that in itself is a technical issue. The space we have on the map is limited by two major factors; the Unreal Physics limits, which deteriorate over distance, and also the fact that we have more dungeons planned out and these need to be placed somewhere - we earmarked the northeastern part of the game for this purpose. Don’t get me wrong, we’d love to put more land into the game, or make a new map but that is a significant addition and certainly wouldn’t be a free update if we did so.

It’s completely unreasonable that people expect a complex map to be given away for free “just because Tencent is trying to buy them out.” You realize that EA and Microsoft have folded dozens of game companies because they weren’t making money, right? Any other game not named Conan Exiles and there would be very little push back about a paid expansion. Ark being a direct example. And Firespark’s argument that Ark is allowed to do it, but somehow Conan isn’t, was just silly.

It is time for the game to move forward, and a paid map expansion is a great way (and a very much demanded way by this same community)) way to do it.


Yeah me neither. I’m waiting for someone to provide a link and a timestamp, which I have a feeling won’t happen.

(if they do provide one and Funcom is saying what they’re accused of having said then I’ll acknowledge people have some right to be miffed)

Until then, I wish people would stop jumping on the outrage bandwagon.


Clusters. I don’t play Ark, but the principles are relatively simple to explain.

What is a Cluster?

A cluster is simply a server-side location to store Ark data that is uploaded from an obelisk (characters, items, dinos). If the server is not using clusters, this data is saved locally on the machine of the person performing the upload and can then be downloaded to any server that does not block downloads. When using a cluster, the data is instead kept on the server in a special location:


Any servers with access to that folder, and which share the same cluster ID, will be able to share uploaded data with each other. (You do not need to create this folder yourself, the server will create it when someone uploads something.)

Enabling the use of a cluster implicitly blocks downloads from from other sources. Players will not be able to download saved data from their machine to your server, nor transfer data from other servers outside the cluster to your server. Also, data uploaded from your server will not be available for use on other servers outside the cluster.

Somewhat old source, but it was the first thing I found on Google and thought it explained it well enough. My understanding is the transfering can be further configured. I have no idea what Funcom is planning, just answering the question on how Ark does it.


I own every dlcs sofar but I wont buy new map firespark and jade are right they did say only dlc would be cosmetics a map is not and if they do charge for it they will lose alot of players what if u can afford it but your clan mates cant what then

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No, Firespark and Jade are not right. They have given valuable insight to the community and have been, and I hope, continue to be valuable contributors. But not everything they say is 100% right all the time.

I remember that, too.


But several of us are willing to give them money for new content like that…

Its what some of customers want.

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Maybe they’ll have the map open to everyone, you just can’t build there until purchased. So you and your clanmates can still go there and raid, just you yourself can’t build.

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I’m pretty sure ark server clusters only allow nude character uploads. On private ones it’s configurable to a!!ow Dino’s and items.
Not totally sure.
If the new paid map is clustered and you could only take your character nude, then it is not at all pay to win.

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Zerog you’re correct here. The only thing that makes it P2W is if you could freely travel between the maps with your possessions. We have no reason to believe this will be the case. You cannot currently travel between servers at all. So I’m not sure why so many are saying it is P2W and funcom is going “back on their word.” I’m also confused why people are so concerned that not everyone is going to buy the map. As if basically every other game like Conan has never released a new paid map. As if we’re going into completely uncharted territory here. Ark has done this and despite what Firespark said Conan and Ark are very similar. Some people get the map, some don’t. If your clan mates get it and you don’t you get new clan mates, life goes on. Let’s be excited that Conan is continuing to get such extensive development and support by the dev team for at least another full year.

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Because a lot of people are quick to jump to the worst possible case, crying P2W over everything. The situation is not helped by self-righteous streamers making unverified claims about broken promises (for some reason a lot of people believe whatever some dude says on a video).