So, your planning a dlc map?

All i’m going to say, i like this game very much BUT you release a payed map (DLC) then i’m out… i’ll quit playing, quit the mods (updates). i’m so sorry but paying for a map i can not do unless the map only cost 10 bucks but that’s probably not the case.

this dlc map will split the player base and its not that of a big player base !! so i really hope firespark was wrong about the upcoming dlc map! the game has so many bugs left, so many things you could improve and your doing a map. :confused: so dissapointed right now.


I dont think there will be much playerbase splitting… most will move to the new map.


it is your choice and your right to quit but i doubt you leaving will somehow influence the decision whether the map will be paid or not, sorry to say :frowning:


The DLC will be pay… so enjoy your last bit of time with the game.

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Yeah, he definitely is. That whole video was just fearmongering in an attempt to split the community and so far has done more harm than the potential map will. The truth is we don’t know anything at all about how the map system will work. Just because a youtuber put out a speculative rant about how it might be bad, doesn’t mean that’s how it’ll be. As for quitting over it, why? You can still play the map you already have, and if you have friends you play with I’m sure they’ll keep playing with you, or help you get the new one.


People do realize that if they buy the new map they won’t lose access to the previous one, right? I don’t get this assumption that a new map will somehow prevent anyone who has it from ever playing with anyone who doesn’t ever again.


Just as a counter to this post, I’m counting the days to a new map and expansion.


People are afraid of the potential advantage the new map will give players if it is paid for. I can understand their concerns pay to win is not desirable, but having played many games that have something like this, It really isnt such a big deal. If it is balanced correctly it will not be so different to if you had specific weapons from a DLC that I don’t have. I get where you are coming from but it really wont be as bad as you imagine.

I am curious however, are you upset about this due to the potential pay to win advantage that this could give other players? or is your frustration coming more from a place of principles, like you feel that Funcom are somehow betraying some president or principle they set for themselves?

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I doubt the new map is gonna be pay to win because it will run on different server instances. This means a complete new character and a start from the beginning.

It will be just another official server #xxxx with map ExiledLands2.0 (example).

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I don’t think so. The current map is great and complete. Many players will prefer to keep playing on it. It’ll split playerbase for sure, but only the current playerbase. FC knows what they are doing, and I think they are focused in creating a new playerbase. Probably, new buyers will receive the new map for free with the game, and they will be encouraged to play the new map. So the old playerbase won’t want to stay behind and they will pay more money so they can play the new map too. It’s a very good strategy.

It all depends on what the new map looks like. I’m not worried about play base splitting though. I think thats a canard.

People can and do play multiple characters on multiple servers now though.

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So, either travel is impossible - in which case it’s all moot, because it’s the same as playing on two different servers, it doesn’t really matter whether one is a different map or not (mods already make that possible anyway).

Or, if travel between the maps is possible, make it so PvP servers only allow you to travel naked. Then it’s the same as the “two different servers” example again.

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Strongly disagree here.

While Im disappointed yet again that Funcom has pulled the wool over our eyes, I do look forward to a new map.

I really, really hope that its an instanced type of map, just like the dungeons we can access from our current server…or rather, the new map is a separate server but tied only to current servers. Example, right now, pvp server #1. New map comes out, called New Map server #1. Only players on old pvp server 1 can access New Map server 1. (hope this is clear, its kind of like cluster servers on Ark). Each current server will have its own New Map server, accessable through the old map, maybe like an obelisk, a ship to board, sorcery teleportation etc.

Now for what I would love, and where we disagree. All your toons, inventory, materials and thralls can be moved from one to the other, so you can take materials and thralls, build a new base on the new map, then ferry items back to the old map, and vice versa.

In my opinion, if they don’t do it this way, or allowing only your naked toon to transfer and no items, is a slap in the players faces.

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For the record, I agree. But I’d be willing to accept the “naked travel only” for PvP servers, if community sentiment leans that way and if the alternative is a boring old “no travel” solution.

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Just to be clearer, how do Ark handle the cluster situation when people have bought access to Map 1 but not to Map 2. I haven’t played Ark but when I played Atlas, we could move from grid to grid but they were all part of the map we bought with the game. It would be cool, if we can buy a 2nd server to connect to our first one so that we can play both maps at the same time, talking from private servers perspective ofc.

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In that case where you don’t own map #2, you just cant travel there. So the same can be done here, if its an obelisk you interact with for example, if you do not own the dlc map, you just cant use the obelisk. It can be done.

Personally I don’t see a reason to separate PVP and PVE on map transfers. I just don’t understand why one should be limited to a naked toon and the other can freely flow back and forth with anything.

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I can’t wait for the new map, and will be happy to pay for it… twice!

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Valid point, but whose fault is that?

Another way to look at that - you play on a server since launch, for almost two years now. You have nice bases, thralls, weapons. Funcom strolls along and says here, here is a paid dlc map, but if you want to play it, you gotta leave all your stuff behind.

They already slapped us in the face and laughed about it with the thrall limit, this would be just another one…but Im used to it after being in Conan for 3 years.

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