New map thoughts if I am having to pay for it then

Just going to post my feelings about paying for a new map. I will preface this with I don’t know what the new details are since I have no information on that.

But if people think they can sell me on a backhanded restart I think you are wrong. People don’t like giving up their stuff to get access to new stuff in this way. If they are not invested in your version of PVP then think about what they are invested in and why would you take that away?

I am not interested in starting over and having to craft stuff I already have. Nor am I interested in reliving the leveling experience been there done that, thanks but no thanks. I am saying a new map should allow us to keep what we have already done and should allow builds and possessions prior to the new map be interactive and not cutoff with the addition of the new DLC. i should be able to move between maps freely.

If I am paying for a service I expect to be able to transfer over my belongings that I worked for previously.

I should be able to move around with all my attributes and features that are currently on my character. The new map should let me build upon what I already have and continue to develop my character paths already not force me into a false restart which just delays my game play.

Since this is no longer just cosmetic DLC’s we should be able to expect more than here’s an new map and you can just restart. That only kicks the current problems and problems that have been occurring since beta testing down the road for about a week. It’s a sneaky wipe in some ways and I don’t think the PVE players deserve it.

PvP players really don’t care about builds since they are not that elaborate so they probably don;t have as much time invested in that.- i could be wrong though.

There are undoubtedly many that feel the same when it comes to restarting. I personally dont care but I can understand that perspective. I think Funcom is well aware of your point of view and will do what they can within the limitations of cost and schedule to satisfy the most people.

Well I myself and oh do I know this would not go over well with all the huge alpha clans but I think new map new every thing and they should wipe all the servers so the people who just leave one map filled with crap as they are to lazy to remove it and will make the old map just as bad as it is now for the players who decide not to move to new map, for me no matters as I play on single player and wipe my game often enough just for the fun of a new start. New map , fresh start, a new life to find but just one little old laides hopes.

Im actually a firm believer that they should wipe half of officials on a quarterly basis. 3 months is plenty of time to arm up, set defenses and sack your enemies. Then they could compare between the two environments to see where the most people play.

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Who’s paying for what service? I mean you bought a limited licence to use their intellectual propriety in the form of a videogame, is it not?

And com’on, you’re complaining because you don’t want to spend 24 hours to level to 60 again?

Actually what hole have you been in since from reading the info on funcom they are moving to a Games as a service model.

> The Management Board’s recommendation to the Supervisory Board will be to increase the focus on the Open World Survival segment with Games-as-a-Service business model

Go ahead there and pick fly poop out pepper on trying to define what games as a service means in your reality.

Its definitely a sevice model

That’s fine for pvp.

PVE I think has the bigger player base and some would be more invested in what they do.


In my reality, the reality of a GNU/Linux package maintainer and system administrator, you only buy software when it’s either licenced GNU, BSD or MIT, all the other licences are just a right to use such software and/or intellectual propriety. You should have listened “my kind” when it was time. Now it’s too late. Deal with it.

But you haven’t answered my question, are you paying to use the official servers? No.
So what is your problem? Not wanting to spend some hours to level your character?
I’m being well mannered, I’m just trying to understand your issue while trying to explain to you that you don’t ever buy games, you buy a limited licence to use them. It’s the sad reality of the software industry, and games are software.

I don’t really understand your anger, I understand those who complain about the lack of polish or well thought balance, but not this.

It’s a conflicting thought to myself too, would I pay a little a month for a better online experience? Wouldn’t you?


No-one’s forcing you to buy the new map or move to it. If (and I say if, because we don’t really know anything about how the map expansion will be done) you can’t move your levels, stuff, buildings etc. over, you have the choice of not buying the new map and not playing on it.

Yesw, this may mean that you’ll miss some new shiny things, but if keeping what you already have is more important to you, then you absolutely will have that choice.

When Firaxis released Civilization VI, they didn’t take away my Civ V. They didn’t tell me I had to buy Civ VI and stop playing the old one.


Yeah but all my scantily clad dancing thralls weren’t hanging out in Civ V. Not to mention the thousands and thousands of rocks that I turned into bricks. millions maybe.

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They are. That’s the point of my comparison. The current map is Civ V; the new map will be Civ VI. What you have on the old one will stay on the old one, and you can keep playing on the old one if the stuff you have is precious to you. If you choose to move on to the new one, you’ll have a whole new world to experience (with or without an Arabian princess), but what you used to have stays where you left it behind (maybe - we don’t know this for sure yet).

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Oo I want an arabian princess… can haz pls?

I think you people are overreacting ( someone overreacting on the internet, who would have thought).

It makes no sense to have an expansion and instantly deny the old players all the past progress. What is becoming the trend now is the contrary, whoever buys the new expansion gets the base game for free and gets a max level character to play the expansion map from the get go.

Maybe it will be a new map like a new adventure, where the characters are not exiles anymore, in this case it would not even make sense to come back to the old map on the same character. This scenario might allow to migrate your old character from a original server to the new one, but it comes again buttnaked and without bracelet, with only previous levels.

This matches with the theory that even new players will start max level on the new map. This also means all you acquire on the new map, cant be brought back to the original one, but the original map servers will still be there with your character in their last state.

At this point all we can do is guess, but I’m pretty sure Funcom is not going to wipe servers people are currently playing.

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I want both. I don’t think that is too much to add. One of the reasons that I bounced off ark was that I didn’t want to have to give up what I had to go do the “new” map.

I know I’m pedantic, but you buy the limited right to use the expansion. Language and context is important, especially in software.

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In fact it makes even more sense if worded that way whoever buys the limited right to use the new expansion, to get also access to the previous original content.

But ultimately we will only know when there is a reveal of the stuff.



There you go!



PvP players really don’t care about builds since they are not that elaborate so they probably don;t have as much time invested in that.- i could be wrong though.

You are very wrong about that, PvE players build for Aesthetics, PvP players build for functionality to assume it is any less elaborate is a grave error, I would even argue that at times PvP bases are much more complex and fine tuned in their designs simply because they are are under threat and so have to include so many functional defensive mechanisms that mean it really has to be well thought out, Where as PvE bases don’t have that same external pressure of needing to actually withstand another players attempts to break it down. Not that PvE bases arent elaborate or complex but Comparing the two is bit like apples and oranges. They are both designed for very different purposes, one however is under heavy competitive pressure and the other is built in much more relaxed environment. You can take shortcuts to achieve a certain aesthitic as long as it looks the part, you can’t take short cuts if you want to achieve maximum functionality and defensibly. I would say this comes down to a player by player bases rather than PVP or PVE standard. Some players build more elaborately than others no matter what Mode it is.

PVE I think has the bigger player base and some would be more invested in what they do.

Yet another potentially incorrect assumption, You didnt state it as a fact which I commend you for, I will also not propose my counter thought as fact as I don’t have the Statistical data to back up any claims regarding player numbers across PvP and PvE, However from personal experience PvE server numbers have been a lot less over the last few months than the PvP servers, I noticed this because I play both PvE and PvP, I also really enjoy starting fresh and so I often scroll through servers lists and observer things like player populations on servers over time.

I’m PvE and I’d love to start fresh on a new map. That’s fine if they allow you to carry your stuff over, but why would you do that unless the map is extra hard? Even then, fresh start is fun. In fact, with the new map, I’d love them to double or triple the amount of time to reach top level. Got there too fast.

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Oh yeah… so hot