New PvP maps please

Is it difficult to make a couple of new PvP maps and put them to item shop? You will earn some cash ,players will get some fun , its very simple funcom

Apparently it is very very difficult.

It isn’t difficult at all and could be done in a few days with minimal knowledge of coding. they just can’t be “arsed” for lack of a better term. From what I read once upon a time they actually have a few unused minigame maps that were built but never rendered and finished hidden away in the code somewhere. Maybe they’re lost to time. Maybe the dev just cant be bothered. Who knows. It would be nice to get some love for the pvp community for a change in any case. Clearly the PVE focus model didn’t work as this game is in its death throes. How about a balance for both sides of the coin? Bit of PVE bit of PVP love. You’ll get more players returning if you add more content.

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As a PVP lover who thinks this game still has one of the best PVP features, i agree 100%.

They should add new pvp maps in first 2 or 3 years of conan. But, add something after 10 years sounds… good. Also, it’s not very hard.

There was an interview with Alex Tornberg where he sheds some light on the Dark Cathedral map. And I think it was Joel or someone else commenting on this some year back as well, it would be faster to make a new map from scratch than to go back and polish the old unused ones.

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Can they give me access to a map editor? I would crank out some sick pvp maps.

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The creating process of a new map does not start directly in a map editor. Nothing is stopping you from crank up some sick pvp map concepts.

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I’m on it