Addition of a new map needed! (Perhaps modders are the answer if The devs are to busy?)

Hey guys i’ve been playing this game since its release for ps4 and following it much much longer than that. I know that is working hard to make this a successful stable game but we are at a cross point. This game has been out long enough that most of the population if not everyone has seen practically every inch of the map and likely built on a good bit of it. Even with the addition of the new content it doesn’t help break the boredom that some players feel. Personally i love running with my wolf pack and running down other players or hunting animals. Alas even for one such as myself who can amuse my self by kicking people off my roof or even the dreaded dragon fist fight. I’ve finally run out of the ability to have near as much fun in the exiled lands.

Now has been releasing new content very slowly unfrotunately however i am not upset with them as they are working diligently to keep the game stable and bug free which makes playing much easier. However if the rumors about a map called the skylands are false and the Devs are to busy to build their own map for us to wander around on. How about using the modders maps from pc? Taking the most popular maybe just one or maybe two maps from that list and releasing them for consoles as well as official maps. So that those of us who have become terribly bored with the exiled lands will have life brought back to the game. I know tons of my friends would be foaming at the mouth to be on a new map and i am sure that we aren’t the only ones.

Who else thinks this would be a viable course of action letting the modders most popular maps be ported to console so we have more lands to explore and discover. Heck maybe even add some of the modders unusual animals and such!

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There isn’t a modded map available now that I know of. Map making takes a lot of work, hundreds, maybe thousands of hours to do it alone as a modder, as well working knowledge and skill to accomplish.

Even if there was a modded map, publishing modded content and putting into the official game, there a ton of hurdles to be considered. This suggestion gets brought up all the time, and Funcom’s answer on this has largely been no, they won’t just take modded content and add it to the game. This was a question that came up during the Q and A in September, I have it time stamped if you want to hear it from Oscar.

Yes, it takes a ton of work. But yes, a new map is desperately needed.

(That’s why, earlier, I was asking if some other modded map from a different game such as Ark Survival’s Ragnarok mod map, that used the Unreal 4 engine just like CE, could be transported in – with the mod authors’ permission, of course – because of the sheer amount work that would be needed to do one from scratch; but alas, those familiar with CE modding said that idea would not work)

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Well crap my and my friends are kinda beating a dead horse playing this game lol. We built a base so big that it lagged the server out entirely like no one could play not even us. We were bored and no one else was on the server but if you ask me thats the absolute height of boredom right there! We need something anything to make this game have a bit more life. I’m watching serves die on ps4 constantly and this is like my favorite game so its a little infuriating to see this happen.

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I agree that Conan Exiles need more maps as time goes if they want to keep it alive, but I would rather see it as official expansion packs than a modded map that only works in multiplayer and on private servers :slight_smile:


I am well aware of how long it takes to build a map having personally toyed with certain games map building tools. Its quite tedious and takes a great deal of time especially for a solo worker. Though this does not change the need for a new map. However the one problem they do not have is server space due to the large number of dead servers those can be re-purposed as servers for a new map.

Unfortunately Funcom plays things very very close to the chest and lets us know very little of what they are working on, on the side. It is entirely possible they have been building a map this entire time and have said nothing as they have done with other things. We are still lacking features that were on the road map for this year. So there is no telling what will happen. There are still two weeks left and it is entirely possible they have stalled a large update due to a recent issue that has been occurring on servers with the purge.

We still have yet to have the full pet system implemented. Some animals still do not have babies namely the mammoth, Lizard rhino, komodo dragon and a few others if memory serves. Several animals have babies but nothing can be done with them. Dragons, Elephants… We are still waiting on the rest of the siege system as we were supposed to be able to launch rotting bodies at people from out trebs among other things. Still waiting on sorcery which may or may not be implimented as actual sorcery. (Fireball and lightning bolt being normal sorcery.) Expanded survival, The addition of environmental hazards such as area specific viruses were mentioned. Further expanded religion, There are still tons of gods in conan lore like the god of thieves and the god of spiders among so very many others. The list is quite extensive these are just t he things i remember them saying they would be adding this year. DON’T GET ME WRONG i am not mad at them for not reaching these goals they have been hard at work fixing bugs and problems constantly and this i applaud as so very many devs just compound errors.

Though hopefully we will be given a bone soon giving us an announcement for a new map. Something. Little updates that add new things like weapons or revamp mechanics are always welcome but i certainly hope they have been working on something more substantial as it has been a long time since we have last had one of their large updates that add a large number of things.

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What I find interesting is that when you start a new game you have the option to choose different maps. However, there is only one map. So I think that Funcom probably intended, or perhaps still intends to, release more than one map. I personally would like another map. Something new to explore and new secrets to find.

I only want a new map so that I can have either an actual sandbox, or so that I can have a different character in single player. Sorry, I don’t want to play with any of you. =P I would love to have multiple characters in my own singleplayer. I know that isn’t worth looking into so I don’t request it. I would be cool with a second map so that I could have a second world to play in though. (yes I did that in ARK as well)

That might be a hold over from some kind of base UE4 blueprint for online stuff, like say just hosting a server or part of logging in with the client. Dark and Light for example has the exact same thing (Ark might as well, though I wouldn’t know).

Well honestly since they are doing stuff based off of conan lore even the halloween event was based off conan lore. (Feast of the dead.) There are still a great number of more lands to be explored. For example Stygia would be an example of one area. There are plenty more nations and lands to give us. Exploring the entire conan world would be a large number of maps. So the way they are doing things combined with the option to select a map i feel it is a fair guess that we will at some point get new maps. But the question is more when? Honestly i feel the need for a map is greater than the need for new items at the moment having played from release and snooped around every corner of the current map so its a little boring at times walking to all the same ole places looking for folks to fight with or for resources.

Think of this from a financial perspective. Funcom has made several games over the years and with CE, they hit their first blockbuster. They sell millions of copies and then follow up with 4 rapid fire DLC skins. They can continue to pump out more DLC skin jobs, but it is going to be hard coming up with new ideas that fit the lore. So how are they going to leverage an already captive audience for more revenue? Expansions.

It is the smart choice. It is logical. It works. There is no chance in Hades that Funcom isn’t aggressively working on a major expansion to this game. As a CEO, imagine if two ideas were brought forth: Idea A) Leverage all our existing content and just expand, capturing a majority of the revenue raked in from the initial release of the game, which eclipsed any of the previous games sold, or option B) build another completely new game and hope for similar success that CE brought to the table.

People love sequals. They are the safest bet for success. Nearly every major success in the Multiplayer Online game world has mode most of their revenue from expansions.

So yes, it is ok to hold your breath for one here. It is coming. The real question is when?

When… when the gravy train slows down, meaning the original release sales have slowed significantly and new DLCs can’t seem to raise a significant chunk of revenue on release. That is when they make a decision to set hard deadlines for the new expansion and go to press, to make sure the fan base doesn’t move on, before it goes gold.

I think with most games, the expansions come within the first 2 years, so an expansion on CE may still be a while - but honestly it just depends on the current revenue trend. If sales slow significantly, they will make every effort to get it done ahead of schedule. They won’t want to lose happy paying customers to other titles.

If I get bored here, I’ll go look at other games. If I discover another really entertaining game, I may never make it back to CE, even after an expansion is released. In my particular case, I’ve only just started, but for 3 weeks, I’ve been averaging roughly 16hr days on this game, unlocked most of the content and am now pretty much just farming for T4 crafters and planning for my next base. I’ve made a plan to slowly pick up DLCs, to make sure I have something new to look forward to and NOT have everything all at once. This will help extend my time in CE, before I get too bored and move on. Hopefully I plan it right and Funcom launches the expansion in time to keep me happy.

Another thing I plan for is changing it up to hard mode. Make things very difficult in combat (not hard to grind for materials and craft, because that just sucks) and do a new server that way. Might even try joining an official server to meet new people.

Ultimately though, the expansion is coming. Count on it. If there wasn’t, the CEO would have a lot of investors to answer to.

I think the biggest hurdle for new modded maps (aside from the obvious time investment) is that it’s not entirely clear what’s needed to make a map functional. While we can look at the existing maps in the editor, there’s like eleventy billion layers involved with world comp and whatnot. Since UE takes forever to load maps, it’s not so easy just to browse through them and figure it out.

Might be a bit much to ask, but if we could get some sort of template map in the devkit (ie, a 2x2 tiled flat landscape in world comp, with the essential system actors and a couple of example things like territory spawners or weather), people might be more willing to have a go.

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Yes expansions are a huge part of this game. The frozen north dlc added nearly a whole new map to the existing one. Unfortunately an expansion of the current map won’t be happening as Funcom has made it very clear that the map is finished. Which leaves them with one other option and that is to create a new map. They have made several off hand comments about it themselves in their streams and hopefully that was because they were working on one in the background.

It does seem that the large majority of the vocal community is in agreement though that the game needs a new map so hopefully they have seen this and have at least started some work if they had not already.

Yes. It would be really cool that after one had completed all the major quest lines and was finally able to leave the Exiled lands, that instead of starting over with a new character – instead one was transported to a new land (map).

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It is likely not going to happen that way. Though it would be nice to be able to go outside of the death wall seeing as the braclet is literally the only thing keeping you inside.

No, I don’t mean a map built on the existing map (ie. going outside the “death wall”). I mean transported ‘magically’ to a whole new map completely independent of the previous map.

From what I’ve gathered about the current map’s limitations, there’s insufficient room to “attach” anything to the existing map. If there was going to be some kind of attachment, it would have to be a layer either below the existing map (like Conan in the ‘Underworld’ or ‘Journey to the Center of the Earth’ type of map… or something more fantastical like Conan in ‘Cloud City’ or ‘Olympus’).

Either way, attaching to the existing map I don’t think would be possible. Best create a whole new map somewhere else.

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Yeah i agree about that. Adding a layer is the only way they can increase map size for the Exiled lands. However a new map is the better option as they can build it to support mounts or something similar.

On noob river, near the Guardians, is a NPC who can be talked to. He mentions that someone (I do not remember if it was himself) saw people behind the ghost wall to the north. Those people were wearing bracelets with amber stones, instead of the bracelets with green stones that the exiles wear.

So according to ingame lore there is already another area. Funcom just have to design that area. Yeah, ‘just’, I know :wink:

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Terrain building takes serious skills. That’s so far outside my wheelhouse, I just know that its hard work. Kudos.

In fact they already did, Arcos the Wanderer is talking about the nordheimers, the Frozen North expansion added more lands, the ghost wall used to be where the desert ends.
Same happened to the swangle, the former ghost wall lies in ruins now that the map was expanded into the east.