This Game Fails in Every Way

  • New Map is way to small and looks cluttered from what I’ve seen on streams.
  • Map Came out on pc before console making the game on console die harder than ever before
    -Game is still 40-60 dollars when it’s old and community is small
    -small community equals non noob friendly servers. Which also equals new players quitting easier
    -For the all maps why didn’t they just keep old settings making it every day but maybe making it shorter raid times like 6pm-10pm
    -There is so many things you tried to implement on the new map that just absolutely fails like why did you make it harder to get thralls lmao make the map bigger too you can’t pvp on this map.
    -Whats with the animation for potion and bandages who has time to do all that if you going against a thrall and three guys on horses
    -Get better testers and better feedback from actual every day players cause I can tell you are not doing that I’ll do it for free my god
    My suggestion is to make this game free so community grows especially for new player going against players from years and we smack them up and they quit lm. armours and weapons free or not need better stats and easier to obtain. Make this game easier to get everything so people can Have time to also live their lives there’s so much that needs to be done for make this game good.
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So you haven’t tried it?

Blame the console companies for not allowing early access

The same could be said about your mother

Not really true, I have a very popular private server with plenty of new players

Raid times vary server to server and are being changed for the new dynamic system

Funny, usually people whine this map is for pvp. Your definition of a fail is different from mine. I’m glad I’m not stumbling over 30 berserker a day anymore. Makes there actually be challenge to the game for once

People who are smart and know their environment

All of which can be easily countered by climbing up something lmao get more creative with your combat

I will fight you

Oh cool, are you offering to pay everyone in the studio’s paychecks? No? Then who is?

And that’s all it boils down to at the end of the day. Counter to your entire thread: get good my guy


Do you not see the post upon post on this very forum from people, mostly from the pvp community, who are begging to make this game HARDER. Yet you want to make it easier? rolls eyes

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Lmaoo buddy how you gunna climb a tree if they can throw all sorts of arrows, throwing axes and you defending the game makes it seem like you don’t pvp or you play this game 24/7 reason why this game fails as much as it does is because you need 24/7 grind to do anything or even pvp I can tell from the stream the map lacks many things especially building locations lmao, this game had the potential to be the best survival game but they don’t have good knowledge of their own game and you can tell with the updates they roll out plus the new map that just dropped

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who said tree? Try a big rock or a small ledge. Anything to get you out of melee range and a bit of cover from ranged. All I’m hearing is you’re being outclassed and angry the game isn’t catering to your feelings.

I’d like to consider myself retired. It’s exhausting dealing with people who whine 24/7 to every slight meta change and think bombing people when they log off is how true pvp is meant to be.

I actually only play for a few hours a night, I work a full time job. I just actually play instead of watching a streamer play, lament about not having money, and echo chambering the usual pvp complaint of the week.

No you don’t.

And I can tell you as someone who’s actually set foot on the map that you are wrong. Next time you wanna complain about something, at least have actually tried it first please. Nobody can take you seriously.



  • First of all, the map is in Early Access, which means it is in development and is going to change.
  • Actual players are testing it, both in PvP and PvE scenarios.
  • If the game was free it would be worse for new players, way worse.
  • If you think you have a better idea for raid times there is a suggestion section of the forum for those valuable ideas.
  • Thralls are easy to get, is not the same gameplay than before. Thralls randomly falling from the sky tough… kinda cheesy
  • You can PvP pretty much anywhere…
  • Animations are awesome, but i guess you like to spam buttons to heal
  • Making the game free wont help at all, people quit for many reasons and you can’t please everyone of them.

As i can see all you want is a faster gameplay, as if it was a battle royale or something in between, ignoring the rest of the content, the surviveability part of the game and the creativity behind every building.
Consider that not everybody want to go to PvP all the time, some enjoy playing the PvE aspect of the game, even in PvP servers. Maybe you could set you own server with your rules for insta bloodshed, maybe you could ask for a fast paced PvP server type, i’m sure there are more people who likes that.


Ohh I think talking about someone’s Mother is going too far, if I knew how I would have reported you. Why the negativity in this post, I think someone is allowed to voice an opinion without personal attacks. It might have sounded funny, I am sure I might have made the same comment to a good buddy after a few beers, hope you know the OP well.


You can use the flag feature, or learn to take a joke.

Because this post is negativity?

They are, and I’m allowed to voice my opinion on theirs.

I mean it wasn’t hilarious but sometimes you gotta slap a ur mom joke in somewhere from time to time. It’s a classic


I would have flagged you if i didn’t laugh so hard myself.
That being said… your tone doesn’t help making this thread less toxic. I hope you realise that


the map is focused around pvp after all. but even then i, as an soloplayer, really enjoy the new map. its different and something which i needed after playing hundreds of hours of vanilla conan exiles.

the map reminds me of the maps in rust. smaller maps have usually more pvp actions since seeking out a player takes far less time than on a bigger map (unless you are campin near monuments. but then you make yourself a target too).

and from my experience so far it doesnt take that long to get t3 thralls (mostly fighers but hey). hell im even killing them since i mostly see one in a wild surge with a bunch of t1-2. the surges dont happen alot in a location which i like (screw those rock throwing giants) but still you can get them.

i dont agree with that. ofc making the game f2p would allow more player to join but it also means that more cheaters and toxic players can join. just look at csgo. just get a bad teammate who has a bad time and you will hear swearing each time it dies or you do something wrong in their eyes. also i wouldnt say csgo is fully infested by cheaters but at some point you will see one or to either on the enemy team or on your team even with good trust factor.

another good example of a toxic f2p game is league of legends.

plan ahead. if you only have some hours to spend each week make a checklist of what you need/want to do and then do it. if you dont understand the mechanics do some research either by playing solo with admin rights or check the wiki. belive me it will make it much easier. also you can get anything besides legendaries and certain armors pretty quick with a t3 thrall or named t4 thrall. and the easiest you can get is lian and the lone fisher (which also can do purge recipes). i highly reccomend it to get lian early on and lvl him up in the jungle you can also do it in the uc but you want to have the healing arrows recipe unlocked (special ammo ii feat iirc) and a good sword (the black ice broadsword is really good. only requiring a hardened steel sword and some black ice. which you find in masses in the temple of frost where the sword is also crafted).

Yeah fair, but it wasn’t really meant to. Toxic thread is as toxic thread does. I can’t bring myself to have a more formal reply when it’s the same copy paste game is dead funcom evil my suggestion will save the company thread we see in here 37 times a day.

My beer belly also looks smaller on camera. I suggest playing trying the map out first.

This has to do with console makers’ policies on early access games. If you wanna know more, I suggest Google, Bing or DuckDuckGo.

Is this also your impression based on what you’ve seen on streams?

On PC, there’s TestLive, and there’s Early Access. Join us, we have cookies.


Why join in the testing process when you can make baseless accusations and whine endlessly like a petulant child? :stuck_out_tongue:


Really? You cant be civil?


Not defending Jimbo’s comment but the thread wasn’t started in a very “civil” manner to begin with.

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Dunno about xbox but PS4 do have early access / beta games

Aye. Maybe you could just let it die. That kind of thread disappears disappear quickly enough if we just ignore it (because it wasn’t even a tiny bit constructive). I understand how you feel, trust me, I also want to be able to tell every idiot why they are wrong and should just learn to shut up. But in the end, you can’t answer all of them in a proper way, so better let it go… (insert Elsa gif here)


Dude, seriously??

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Amazing you can get so personal with someone and not get your account silenced temporarily or banned. Hell, I was silenced once just for pointing out game flaws a while back. I’m guessing you’re a Funcom favorite.


Jeez, tough crowd. First time in an online game for many of you?

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