The game is repetitive


Pvp needs more attention it’s so boring now and so repetitive I know the admins only care about the pve side but can u guys do something about pvp maybe bring back the old conan that was very fun now I have to deal with porked thralls,1 tap saber that’s not fun


What is nasty in PvE? I don’t have any problems with it when I do PvE stuff on PvP servers.

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Old pvp was stupid

Oh I see. I just remember. I did the dregs dungeon for fun last week and when I arrived at the boss, it was there and as soon as I approached it, it just disappeared below the ground.

Since I don’t really need it, I don’t have problems with it. But yeah, if you do them for fun, it sucks. All the other bosses are also not important. PvP is not that demanding in terms of PvE content. But the PvE content we have to go through works without problems.

Yeah, on most servers I play there is a building piece restriction for each clan. The admins check those weekly.

I think that is server settings related. Because the purged worked perfectly on most servers, where some servers just had bugged purges.

You seem very lucky on every thing works perfectly for you and it all works , nice , wish it was the same for many many many on these forums as it is not, the underwater dungeon is broken, the Witch Queen well that been broken for a while, the Dregs, well that worm is broken then fixed then broken then fixed. Its great for us players who have done them a few hundred times but newbies wow what a great introduction to bosses in Conan when some times they just mess up and disappear in to a wall like the giant spider and you can not even pick them just gone.

And it is not it works perfectly on most, its it works half way on some. Its been all over the forums for months the problems with the purge. Heck most players wait for months for it to even then lucky if it even starts when they do get one and then its either crazy tear your base down with one round of 25 warriors or two rock nose hiding in a rock or under the mesh or the greatest one when a Dragon spawns on your bed inside and it then breaks the purge and its gone. Months there have been complaints about the purge. its broken and even Funcom has admitted they need to fix it.

I wish we were all as lucky as you are the servers you play on.

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Bugs, damn bugs and nerfs.

Like the others have said, most dungeons are bugged. A lot of seasoned players don’t care for stuff like the Dregs, but I’m one of those who visit it on a regular basis, because it’s a great source of abysmal flesh.

Then there are other PVE-related bugs.

The hate lists for several NPCs are still broken, so you better make sure to kill the volcano T3 fighters before trying to knock out any crafters.

Speaking of the volcano, don’t bring any followers with you unless you’re prepared to micromanage the hell out of them, because the pathfinding will never get properly fixed and making followers immune to lava seems to be anathema for some reason.

Last time I checked, you still can’t get ichor from fish. Okay, maybe you’re not supposed to anymore, but the patch notes for update 2.1 claim you can, and they still haven’t said anything along the lines of “hey, we changed our minds”.

Wanna build a base? Don’t put anything valuable inside it until it has weathered at least one server reboot, because the stability propagation is buggy. And pray that a future update doesn’t pull a Darth Vader and “alter the deal” any further.

And lastly, we come to the nerfs. It’s pretty simple: don’t get attached to anything, no matter how old or new it is. At any point, Funcom might decide that it has to be balanced, which would be fair enough if Funcom’s idea of “balancing” wasn’t “nerf it to paperweight”.

“But nerfs aren’t really a PVE thing!” True, they’re not motivated by PVE, but they always have a negative effect on PVE. You’ll never hear a PVE player say “thank Mitra they nerfed that”. It’s more of a “would anyone like to explain why I wasted hundreds of hours trying to get this thing in the first place?”

Oh, and the icing on the cake? Trolls and griefers. Crom might have poxy balls, but it’s nothing compared to some d-bags you find on official PVE(-C) servers. You might get lucky and get Funcom to actually do something about them. Or you might not. I wonder if moderation on official server is just as RNG-driven as the rest of the game…

TL;DR: No, Funcom does not “only care about PVE”. They shaft all of us in equal measure.


Let me try to explain to you, why I don’t see the bugs that you see:

Oh yes, as I said, I already noticed that. But the dungeon is unimportant for PvP players.

I never get thralls from the volcano. When a server wipes, we usually start at the summoning place to have access to darfari thralls and the Asura T4s in Sinner’s Refuge. Easy hearts for antidotes and easy essences for Ambrosia and also Derketo stamina buffs.

I never have followers unless I go raiding or I go farm in PvP spec, then I need a T4 bearer. And that does not happen in the volcano, since gold and golden lotus will always be farmed with 50 encumbrance when only a few players are online.

Ichor we get from spiders (Executioner’s cave) and those slamanders that roam around in the western jungle and also the entrance hall of the dregs dungeon. Fish was only used for oil, but that is a no go anymore (T4 alchemist FTW).

We never had any stability issues after server restarts. Literally never in 2020.

Well we already know that Funcom does a bad job at weapon balancing. But some weapons were just a pain to fight against (Act of Violence/Doom for example). Yog’s Touch actually not so much. It was just stupid to see it killing a 1000+ 40 Vit guy with 4 hits. But that was to blame on heavy armor, since you can’t really get away from a 1h axe if the axe user is decent.

As long as I can stagger it or let a thrall tank and DPS, then PvE is not a problem.

Trolls and griefers get raided off the server pretty quickly. As soon as they piss someone off, you can see them getting raided.

I think you missed my point. I know that you don’t see or care for a lot of those PVE problems on a PVP server. That’s not the point. I know that there are ways to work around them or avoid them even on PVE(-C) servers. That’s not the point, either.

The first post in this thread claimed that Funcom “only care about the PVE side”. Then Halk said “PVE is as nasty as PVP”. Then you asked about what’s nasty in PVE. This was my explanation. The point of it was to explain that Funcom keeps messing up both PVE and PVP, and there’s not a special preference for either. They are basically out of touch with both.


Idk if it was stupid or if the people who couldnt master it was too stupid.

I don’t think there were pvp players that couldn’t master it, was literally the dumbest pvp I’ve ever seen in a game.

Th OP was only stating fact. the PVP side is severely lacking depth. He did not say PVE was bad, just that the game focuses on the PVE side way more. Raiding hasn’t been changed since day 1. The PVP combat is not as intuitive as other games when playing other players. The Combat is close to button mash on 90% of NPC’s. Bosses and mini bosses plus maybe 2 or three other “normal” NPC’s actually take some thought once you hit level 60. So don’t get so butt hurt and defensive when an opinion about one side being lacking comes out.

Muy. Cierto

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Horse pucky, PvP needs balance, PvE does not.
The DEVs spend way more time ruining PvE for PvP balance


I think this unskilled horse PVP is the most boring. And yes people couldnt master it, it was obvious back then.

Yes it is pretty boring. Just press WASD and Right click. Sometimes the SHIFT key is involved.


Who needs positioning? Who needs timed dodge rolls? Who needs stamina management? (Yes, there is stamina on horse, but you just run out of sight and then regain it and charge in again)

Who needs to care about debuffs? Who needs to care about weapon combos and which hit to avoid? (Your horse tanks all that ~insert curse word here~ anyways, without even reacting to it)

As a PVP player I do PVE stuff most of my time on a PVP server. And I dont really feel the PVE is worse now than it was 1-2 years ago.

So how does PVP balancing ruining the PVE?

And also, if FC starts to listen to the people who actually are coming with good advices and feedbacks we should not have the problems we have with unbalance in PVP like we have today.

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Umm… Isn’t it very specifically the PvE content that is repetitive? In other words, if you want to avoid repetition, there needs to be more varied PvE content.

PvP is only as repetitive as players themselves make it. Whether you’re fighting on an arena, or pitched battles with full-sized clans on either side, or hit-and-run tatics and ambushes, there’s a lot of variety if you choose to explore your options.

Not how it is right now. Ofc you can choose to duell on a PVP arena server. But the main issue is the official PVP side.
There is a reason we have plenty of private servers without mounts/cats allowed, paid by dedicated people who want to still have good game.

If it was like u said a big variety of options in an official PVP server I would be more than happy, but how it is right now there not much of that.

The teamfights is horsefights and those fights are silly, no skill involved. Only numbers and luck. Who hit who first will decide the outcome most of the time in a horse fight.

Before the horses was a thing tho, I could spend so many hours on a official server. Fighting people with different types of weapons, having teamfights and the team or player who has the most skill/teamplay would win.

Nothing is close to that today, the closest u can come to it is an private PVP server that dosnt allow horses/pets. Teamfights is there, but the options to roam around and actually have a chance of taking out 2v1 or 3v1 is not there anymore, because the smaller skillgap path FC chosen to go.

In a game like this u should need to put in hours to get good, and with that I dont mean get the best gear and weapon and you are good.
No I mean hours to learn the movement, aim, prediction and overall mechanics of the game.

If that became a thing again I know a lot of people would be more than happy and also players who left for other games would give it a try again.

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Stop with the trendy phrase already. Forums are opinion pieces at best. And again, if you weigh what has changed in the three years, PVE is far more different.

Raiding is still mass farm bombs and offline.
Combat 1v1 PVP is still meta of the month op weapon or run.
PVE has new dungeons, new DLC cosmetics, new NPC aggro, followers + mounts for even easier travel and farming.
Building is the only thing that is more static than PVP parts.


Porked Thralls, undermap , people craching servers … horrible. we need help