Too many complaints from pvp players, in my experience pvp players can ruin a game and destroy it and it can slow down and complicate the development of a game and ruin the content

This is just an opinion.


Thanks for sharing?


And prejudicial viewpoints of INDIVIDUALS that are centered around gross exaggerations and stereotypes to justify bitterness can drive conversations and communities down.

PvPers are confrontation. That ain’t a bad thing. It’s more of the how it’s done by individuals that becomes problematic.


Game was originally marketed as a multiplayer pvp survival and slowly was transforming into a roleplay pve survival game . Can understand the frustration


So very true, I have lost countof the items that the have caused to be removed or ruined. They are even playing in Horwarts and complaining about how OP some spells are, why? Surely the OP of a spell should never spoil a solo game for them, after all no one is there in their game to kill them with one.

Hard core ‘for the balance’ PvPers are an issue, because they grossly inflate issues, that no developer can tackle to their wants, and cause everything in a sandbox to suck. Normal PvPers, mostly just annoyed because they are playing on the official servers and getting wrecked by meta to the max clans running every exploit they can. Sadly, rando PvP is hopelessly impossible to balance, especially in a game like this one.

Sucks we cannot have nice things, cause one game is expected to within the same rules and resources deliver two wholly differing gaming experiences.


This one does not think the complaints are the issue.
This forum is majority complaints…
Many of which go unaddressed.

The issue this one sees is with the way in which those complaints that are given traction are addressed.
The nerf hammer has only one setting, all the way into irrelevance.


This is just an opinion.



Problem is how slow the balance team works , and little experience the team has with pvp balance , they are great at animations and story etc … but balancing is lacking

A big issue with trying to balance PvP is that players will always seek out and exploit the current meta…often to the fullest extent possible. Nerfing and boosting items only results in PvPers swapping to the next meta. Those that don’t get whomped in PvP. This all usually happens without regard to PvE. It simply makes no sense chronically pissing off random segments of your playerbase to appease the low tier PvPers that can’t hack it against the psychoid meta setters. They will always be there, they will always bend the rules. Don’t chase your tail trying to make things fair. Things will never be fair cause not everyone is a “Try Hard”.

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Generally the pvp meta is just what kills quickest and easiest, goomba and daggers, with the introduction of the auto lock exploit it made other weapons actually effective . The problem is they listen to the general player base witch is a bad idea when balancing a game .

PvP is where the streaming and money is at as many players attach their egos to game characters. PvE is the Sims so far on this game.

Pve’rs earn funcom the big bucks , pvp’rs just cause problems for devs , and we wonder why we havent heard anything about pvp for 4 updates now , sad times


PvE is a fraction of the money to be made from pvp due to publicity . I don’t like this fact, but it still remains so .

You dont see pvp people buying trees from the bazar.


Unfortunately, this proves nothing and the fact still stands.

pve players are the ones buying the architectural dlcs and bazaar items

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This thread is funny.
These players are ruining the game
Nuh uh, they are the ones that make money for the game, despite spending the least money on it
You suck
I’m rubber you’re glue, whatever you say bounces off me and stick to you

Rather than broad brushes, why not address specific issues that one thinks were altered due to PvP complaints?


Agreed. PvE has a place as does PvP. It does seem that conflict brings in more viewers than passive play for many for some reason.


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