Fix PVP for good

It’s great that people want to PVE but the idea of bringing PVE gear into PVP is ridiculous. That conversation has been going on a long time (since T4 gear was introduced!) and arguing over what needs to be changed on PVE gear to balance it out is beating a dead horse at this point. We know this will never change.

So instead of trying to balance item stats, let’s consider a different solution.

Create a separate mini game mode like tournament mode where everybody is stripped (Disabled like when path of asura is blocked in a mini now) of such things as OP runes, p2w crit pots, RF rings, and PVE armor/accessories and placed in class specific PVP T1 gear where changing equipment is not allowed once you’re in the mini. If you’re melee you get the combat rings. If you’re a mage you get the magic rings. The back and neck pieces are the default protection ones.

AA can stay in and allowed since it would break many classes without it. Food and standard HP/STAM/MANA pots can be used as well.

The PVP gear was balanced for PVP (a long time ago) – why don’t you let the community play on a balanced field.


I support this heavily but i dont think they should separate the minigames. there is barely enough players to fill one minigame so dividing those players is not a good idea.
just banning all pve gear from mini is much more effective and easier to do.


I support this wholeheartedly however it completely ignores the reality (as does most of the excellent ideas POSTED here) funcom has checked out.


Making everyone use t1 pvp set won’t actually fix anything, all it does is make tanks even more op Litelary remove dps from dps:ers while tanks lose absolutely nothing and will be even harder to kill. Not to mention gear is not the issue in mini games, cheaters, afk:ers. griefers, BAD players, low amount of players, server lag issues. lack of teamwork, flag pick bugs, bad luck in res timer etc etc
are much worse problems than non existent gear problem. If this is about t6 sins again…

Its not like same classes that “two shot” you in t6 set didn’t already do that in pvp gear’s or khitai / t4 gears… because they did.


Delred - first of all I don’t think you’ve played in 100% PVP gear in about 7 years so it makes sense why you’d defend PVE gear in PVP. Without a doubt there’s a damage gap and one could argue crits are a big part of that. Then compound things like rune of the exile and it gets to be a bigger gap.

But to your point, tanks lose a significant critigation amount (as do other classes) which is pretty big actually. IIRC Conq and DT lose some prot too in t1, but Guard still has the same on pvp t2/t3.

Age of tanks is probably what you’re referring to but guess what, Frenzy magic damage was nerfed many years ago, and that was after pvp gear was implemented. But more importantly, crit rating is more in line with a balanced game on that gear. Tank crit rating in pvp gear is lower than the other classes which is the way it should be.

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Yet conq critical rating stays above all others because of the feats it has, and you are talking like the dps:ers dont lose stats in gear

And if you think that I have not used full pvp gear you are wrong in that part too. On that note, pvp gear IS better in pvp than pve gear. Yes pvp 10 gear is stronger than t6 set, t5 gear and t4 gear are only useable till you get pvp t2 set, even then t1 pvp set more preferable for tanks

Pvp offers also the best acessories, (not rings thou, rf rings are completly broken and should be deleted from the game for good)

Weapons are debatable, not that makes much difference anyway on what you are using
And please, tank gear has ALWAYS been the best gears in the game with completely bloated stats .

Sin t1 pvp armor has 2296 armor, 148 crit, 856 prot and 78,16 dps
Conq t1 pvp armor > 6903 armor , 115 crit, 1450 prot, 66,61 dps

Lets say from those two sets what I would be picking when I play sin in pvp, is definently the later one, minimal dps loss with insane boost to surviving

in closing for this post that I am typing currently… PVP gear is better than pve gear, I agree on nerfing RF rings as they do not belong to pvp. But there is no pve gear that is better than pvp gear. Unless we talk about SOME weapons, but that is so small matter that rather fix something useful. Gear complaining is just excuse for people when they lack something :wink:

In essence I would agree with Delred that gear isn’t as much of a problem as most people make it out to be. I especially wish people would stop crying about t6 (even though it hurts a bit more when they do hit you) - let those fools run in pyjamas I love landing combos on them with my DT or HoX in particular :slight_smile:

Now RF/Chaos rings are definitely broken as is T5 hox rune and if FC slapped some heavy minus pvp stats on those we could talk. But I’m not sure how much we can expect from FC these days…

Plus it’s plain obvious that RF is a huge part of the game now for both FC and an unfortunately very large part of the playerbase (RIP dungeons and non t6 raids).

Sorry but I think you are missing the point. The point is to balance minis so each class is always using the same gear / runes. What this does is reduce the extreme differences currently in the game where one player, let’s say a ranger is completely decked out popping off 3-3.5k pene shots while another ranger who has barely any gear is popping off 1.5-2k pene shots. Now both rangers will be popping off roughly the same average number for the same ability, or combo, however you want to define penetrating shot. Now there is way less variance for the EXACT SAME thing.

You’re comparing apples to oranges with a sin vs conq gear comparison when it’s two different classes. They have different play styles, abilities, and feats to compensate for the difference in armor and protection values. Sin can be tankier than a conq depending on the classes it’s fighting against. Considering you play sin I don’t understand how you could even make this argument in the first place. Sin combos are way quicker than Conqs and the burst is no where even close to the same page because of miasmas.

You show me a gear DPS comparison but look at the top feats sin has: 190% weapon damage and 2700 unholy combat rating. The developers clearly understand if the DPS was +300 on sin gear then the sin would be completely unbalanced. You’re not seeing the big picture here.

This post is not for class balancing. Of course brute conq has the highest crit rating in the game. There won’t be class balancing any more but please go ahead and open your own post if you’d like.

You either overlooked or disregarded the point I made on critigation amount on t1 pvp gear which really changes the tank dynamic since even at 80% critigation chance, the critigation amount is only ~33%. Further to this tanks would be in combat rings so they’d be losing the additional protection from pvp t3 rings. I really don’t see how this is a problem.

Weapon damage does make a big impact for damage output since combo damage uses multiplication to generate total damage. There is a pretty lengthy post about this on the old forums if you want a refresher:

Go to google and type ‘age of conan damage for dummies’ and go to the last post of the thread. Apparently you can’t post links on this forum.


There won’t be class balance changes, but there will be no gear changes either, and having just one possible gear that you can use is just dull. If that is to happen at least give different variants of the set with different stats on them. and ofc critigation will be lower, but so will crit rate, dmg’s and tenacity be lower also.

If they are to spend any little leftover resources, I god dear hope they do not spend it on “gear balancing” but to prevent toxic people from continously ruin mini games and fix flag bug

I think t6 is crap in premades but nothing quite ruins pugs like a t6 necro or sin when your team doesn’t have a healer


But I play necro and those t6 sins are one of easiest kills I have been getting

And not having healer vs necro is the dumbest thing that can happen, and quite frankly it happens often with one team has x2 healers+ necro, and other team has 0 healers. That is not class or gear issue thou.

I do think that dots should not prevent from taking flag, or capturing objective in JS.
I also think that dots like mark of devour, curse of gwahlur etc should not keep you in combat, and u should be able to rest / hide while having them on you


lol, I don`t understand why people are so pissed of t6 necro/sins when those kind of characters are free kills, ofc if u prefer to fight conqs/guard then sin/necro in t6 is a problem for you :smiley:
the bigger problem is flag bug and having 2 healers vs 0 ,but you are talking about useless pve gear…

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If it really is so useless as you say, there wouldn’t be so many pvp toons using it…

The people who scream the hardest that t6 gear is bad for pvp are actually using t6 gear in pvp. This says enough for me.


Agreed, removing the dots ability to prevent resting is something that should have been done 11 years ago


well, I dont see that much ppl using t6 in pvp, i can only name 5(1 of them is myself) and Im using t6 gear on a sin just because I don`t have pvp 10 lol

removing dots when necro dies should`ve been done at same time :slight_smile:

t6 gear works same way as t4 gear or khitai gear works, as long as people do not focus on you, it is “better” to put it short…
If you see someone in pve gear, focus him. He will be squishier than the same class who would use pvp gear

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nah,they prefer to focus tanks and qq on forum about OP t6 :smiley:

You should know who the trolls are on these forums are now :grinning:

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Many? I see like one per mini maybe but often just none. And I don’t have a single piece of t6 myself, not even a token in fact.

All I see is that they do a bit more damage but die a lot more easily to any form of magic damage (against physical it’s not that a big of a difference, true). Of course t6 is viable in pug minis with how horrible target focus is most of the time but that doesn’t make it a major, critical, gamebreaking issue. You can get away with a lot of silly things in pug minis.