(Suggestion) PvE => PvP weapons. Possible fix

Hello dear Funcom devs and players.
There is a big problem in the game balance, when T5 weapons and T3 crafted ones are better for pvp then PvP weps because they have better stats, runes, (t3 crafted 2h blunt has bugged white hits damage) and etc, which pvp dont have.
So, i have simple solution for that - add same stat that you have on T6 and Onslaught weapons: -pvp hit rating, -magic gamage and -combat rating. That make this items useless in pvp but still good at pve as it should be from the start.
Also it will end RMT thing about selling T3 crafted BOE weapons.
Dont touch anything below T5, it has ± same stats then pvp ones and balanced enough.
Thank you.


Good suggestion.

As this is being updated, it would be good to also increase the -pvp stats on the t6 gear and accessories since this gear is still very strong compared to pvp gear, especially for dps classes.

What i don’t understand is why you think T5 weps are better than pvp ones, but T4 are fine, when they have almost identical stats. In certain cases the T4 weps being better than the T5 ones.


I also don’t understand why you don’t want people who are not pvp10 have worse gear when they want to try pvp. PvP in AoC is pretty dead. Small community and nearly no new players. If you join a minigame and you are not PvP8-PvP10, you get focused by all PvP10 players and you get instantly deleted.

I’d prefer to have pvp weapons adjusted/buffed over nerfing T5/T4 and T3-craft. I think it’s fine that they do not allow T6 weapons and debuff the use of Rune and T6 gear, but everything below has been around for years and i don’t think it’s a major problem for pvp.


Because its unbalanced when pve gear is better then pvp gear, while unobtainable for people who want to just pvp and not spend their evenings in raid dungeons. Pvp gear is pretty easy to obtain as solo player who likes to do pvp.
Buffing pvp gear to be on par with the best pve gear would require much more effort balancing and will probably not be considered by funcom.

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There is no balance in this game and never has been, and gear is this games last thing to worry about.

how is pvp10 gear easy to obtain?
for some1 new to PvP

Pvp 10 compares to t4, t4 is easier to obtain (raidfinder, pugs), but t5 is superior ot t3pvp, so it must have -pvp stats too!

you can get t5 in 2 like 8 raids( 2 months with 2 hrs/week) , t5 gear is obviously worse than t3 pvp, weapons are ~.
You can`t get pvp 10 in 2 months playing 2 hrs/week

The difference between t4 and t5 weapons is the equivalent of something like 100-150 combat rating, yet somehow t4 is fine and t5 needs -pvp stats. You still haven’t explained this.

T5 weps worse then t3 pvp? Are you mad? How much guilds do t5 now? 1-2? Why you cry so much about t5, use t4 without runes pvp that can be obtained through RF, why not?

only people crying here are those “pro pvpers” proposing -stats for t5 ,but not for t4 (which is same weapons only).
Sorry I cba doing rf and rather join t5 raid and get weapon from there.
If you cant do t5 - it doesnt mean weapons from there are OP, it means - you can`t get them. Thats it

So your problem isn’t that t5 weps are stronger than t4, your problem is that you can’t get it through RF :smiley:

So if I do more than 1-2 t5 a week, am I dreaming awake or something strange ?

well, you are Cappa,it`s fine :smiley:

The point is that it’s easy to obtain compared to t6 pve gear. Ofcourse it requires work, but t6 can’t be reached unless you are in a t6 raiding guild and on crom.
Since t6 gear is so OP compared to end game pvp gear and since it’s only obtainable for the people who are on crom and in a raiding guild and want to do PvE to be able to compete in PvP it causes imbalance.

Everyone can obtain pvp gear. No requirements except effort.

I disagree, it’s easy to get t6 gear, you just need to kill those bosses. You just need to meet enough players that share your will to do that. In my opinion it’s way easier and faster than farming rank 10 and the tokens pvp10 gear needs.

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The ultimate pvp patch would be to nerf pvp t3 to be at most 5% better than pvp t1, pvp t2 to be at most 3% better than pvp t1, and give all 80s the pvp t1 cache. In addition, any pve gear > t3 should have a -500 pvp hit rating (including t3/t2 crafted). Potion/buff/rune modifiers (crit, damage, khitai blessings, runes etc) should not work in pvp. That is a super easy fix if target = player exclude the modifier from the calculation. This would fix the exile rune issue.

Also move the pvp protection rings to tier 1 to give players an option to choose damage over survivability. Any new tiers of pvp gear should have the same stats as T3 (just hire some 3d artists to make amazing looking gear).

T6 gear needs to be nerfed to the ground for pvp (sin/demo/necro esp).

Rune of the warmonks should only work on ccs dealt by NPC mobs.

And if we wanted to go a step further if you are being attacked by a player remove the passive AA protections from the mitigation calculation.

I also believe I could sit down with one of the devs and get this done in a day free of charge.


yea exactly, even Badhansen can wear t3 pvp gear, all keyboard turning fury warriors have it.
How does t6 can be only obtained on Crom?
Doesn`t Fury have 24 ppl online?
And how t6 gear is that OP? only for 2, may be 3 classes, thats it.
P/S doing pvp != getting pvp 10 in most cases btw

Everyone can obtain pve gear. No requirements except effort. And as the pvp masterrace always flames about easy PvE bots which keyboardturn and clicking their skills, it should be easy to clear T4-T6 for the pvpers.

Best solution for PvP would be -> same power gear for lvl 1-10 but “Vanity gear” depending on rank. So it would be fair “gearwise” and if everyone would start with the one and only pvp set, noone would have the problem of farming.
Only then I agree with removing all the PvE gear from PvP.