Poll about AoC PvP

Hi all, I am curious about what would be your priority if you could improve your AoC pvp experience within the poll below and with a maximum of 2 choices per voter. Thanks!

  • A GameGuard Protection System Detecting Common Hacks
  • More Minigame Maps, More PvP Levels, More PvP Gear Tiers
  • Disable PvE Items impacting PvP, Balance, Leaderboards
  • Allow Premade Groups (Friends) In Random Minigame Queue

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  • Gameguard ain’t gonna work if any competent cheat developer is actively working to pass it (though, I admit to the possibilty that they wouldn’t want to given the population, it would be a waste of time, money wise).

  • More mini game maps - there’s only two good mini games as it is, i don’t have faith they’d create a good one (could rework terrible BR and TT, but Sag can’t be fixed). T4 PvP as an upgrade, hell no, we don’t need more power! More PvP levels with vanity like rewards yes sounds good

  • Does anyone even care about T4 gear in minis anymore? If so why? PvP 10 gear is superior in every way, T4 gear is decent entry level gear to start. Some of the weapons available, and T6 armor can be a bit ridiculous though.

That leaves with only one option, and that’s for friend signups (preferably probably limited to 1-2)


I would suggest some way to equal the PvP maps in terms of a new PvP with no gear doesn’t face geared high levels. It’s almost impossible for a lowbie to compete. The bonus now helps and maybe Saga Blood with help too but normally the higher levels farm the lowbies. Maybe break up minis for PvP levels to 1-5 and 6-10 or something like that. :slight_smile:

Tier 4 gear isnt an issue as much as tier 5 and 6


best for pvp in AoC is disable pvp on Crom and move all pvpers to fury and let them do what ever they want

I haven’t pvp’d in a while, especially not recently, but what’s the beef with T6 gear? If I’m not mistaken, it’s loaded with negative pvp stats.

I wonder why all this pvp buzz and gear jealousy pops up right NOW. I think because fury guys came over but its not Crom ppl fault that you miss that stuff since no one could do it on fury . And no one asked you to come here if you dont like the items economy here…

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tier 6 gear for certain classes is still highly effective in pvp even with the negative pvp stats. Those stats aren’t enough to compensate for it.

Thing about Crom is PvP is optional (of course we will see what Saga Blood brings) so no one has to PvP unless they choose. Me, I like both PvP and PvE, so I enjoy the option. I often take breaks from PvP as for me it’s a casual thing, if it’s not fun I dive into pve.

I would like to see leaderboards and adequate team balance system with possibility to kick trolls/afk. Anticheat would be nice, but i don’t have much trust that it will work. Though still better to have it than not.


I have confidence we will see a minigame vote kick in the near future.

Ugh… If we get PvP T4 we will probably end up looking ugly as hell in PVP zones. Also the gap between fresh PvPers and old ones.

If however we are getting PvP T4, might i suggest it having the same stat budget as regular PvP T3 with a much more offensive approace?


@Diesel / Voice

What you fellas dont seem to get here is that most "“pvp:ers” also do pve
Also to keep in mind is that good bunch of “pvp:ers” are the ones who have better gear than majority of pve:ers on crom :joy::joy:
Lets pretend for a moment that they would throw so called "pvp:ers " out of crom, that would just cripple crom t5-t6 raids, good thinking there buddy :+1:
On a side note, most fury people have had toons on crom since dawn of times,


And dont forget that PvP players very often are much better in PvE than PvE players, because we know our classes from each side and our reaction time is much faster. In my guild half of the players play mainly PvP, but we do weekly t4-t6. So yeah, kick us from the server Diesel


I was not arguing against PVP Players in general. I was arguing against those that fear gear differences from Pve gear. Since honestly there are only 2 valid standpoints in my opinion:

1.) You are a true PVP Purist. You think that PVP is only 100% about skill, never gear, no way. Then each pvp ppl should have exactly same gear right from the start. No differences, also NO PVP gear tiers.

2.) You accept that gear differences exist, then why should they be limited to only one way of grinding that takes ages. All have the same grinding chances, so all ways to acquire gear are equally valid.

It’s not bad that pve gear can be used in pvp, just the fact that it’s better for pvp than pvp gear is a bit annoying. This means that people who prefer to play pvp have a handicap compared to people who dont even pvp.

All ways to acquire gear aren’t equally valid simply because the other way around doesn’t exist but it’s not really the subject.

PVE RF (Highest)

PVP T3 (Highest)


bla-bla-bla better gear, bla-bla-bla all will die if no pvpres around, bla-bla-bla pvpers are best)))) sure)
better gear mean nothing if you dont know what to do( in raid or dung.) as far as I know pure pvp guilds are on their way to t3-t4, so dont think pvpers have any big influence on raids at all. sure there are some pvpers here and there. sure some of them are good in pve, but nothing that raid breaking as you think
very often pvp players are worse then blue geared pve crab, one that just hit 80. because knowledge about yr class is good, but mean nothing if you don`t know how to play the game. jumping around like rabbits in border kingdoms looks funny but not help when you need to know how and when pull mobs, not help when you need dps or not dps at all, not help when you need heal or not or not use some heal. asf, etc

You’re right, partly, T5 gear is much like T4 but for HoX the rune is crazy. The T3 crafted 2HB remains silly to this day and T6 blew the whole thing if you want to be a pure glass cannon. I hate the raid finder rings with a passion (those and the chaos rings should have like, -10,000 PvP hit rating on them so you can’t use them at all). But as the OP is mentioning RF gear, it mostly means, to me anyway, T4

I’d suggest that the issue that came out of T4 gear was that it necessitated buffing the holy hell out of PvP gear and sending the crit on it through the roof to be on par with it. I quite hate that as things were in a nice place in Khitai days, with real drawbacks to using the DPS Khitai gear > the defensive PvP gear (for anyone really except maybe assassins but full BB gear wasn’t a great idea either). The issue to me, in those days was that you needed to raid for any good weapons.

Hey if they could do unchained minis with the gear reverted to the lower DPS of those days and everyone forced to use it, I’d be really on board with that.

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