Suggestion: How to fix AoC. Hear me out!

Hey @Funcom

It occurs to me that the community is divided physically because of two separate rulesets.
PvE vs PvP
What’s the solution? How do you merge two opposing rulesets?

The solution is easier than you think. Funcom really should make me creative director I mean what are the requirements? half a brain?

To solve this dilemma funcom need simply do the following.

  1. Create a PVP flagging system for the open world server allowing players to flag on and off for PVP with a 15-minute cooldown. You would also need to have this enabled to be involved in the PVP festival or the daily PvP festivals. unflagging for PVP would have you unable to get PVP quest credit.
    This would eliminate exploitation. Or at the very least reduce significantly.

  2. Then they need to test it out and make sure it works. They can do this by unlocking test live and allowing us to play on there freely at any time instead of keeping it locked up like they have been :smirk:

Once it’s verified that everything works and functions right funcom needs to merge everyone into one server with a PVP rule set. Give it a new name like “Hyboria” and merge everyone into that leaving one server where everybody’s happy.

If you don’t want PVP you don’t have to, you can flag PVP off and run away to quest to your heart’s content! They can even get rid of guards finally!!

The coding already exists in the game it works with the siege mechanics. funcom just has to get in there and use the code.
Make it work funcom!!

If you like this idea vote yay

What do you think? We are better off together! More bodies means more fun for everyone! Funcom needs to stop nickel and diming us for transferring characters every 30 days! This time we launch our power to the people protest! Make AOC great again!

Come discuss it with me live
@Spreadicus on Twitch

  • Yes it’s a great idea :+1:
  • Rather AOC sinks like the Titanic! :fu:

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This suggestion has been proposed thousands of times already but Funcom never really responded to it. Also, it would be a far too big change for how little development time is spent on AoC.

It most definitely has been proposed many times before. Also the choose zone (PvP or Pve) to replace the epic has been proposed many times. Funcom has pretty much stated that PvP/PvE at zone in will never happen. Flagging they have never said anything (as far as I can recall), but I doubt it is “easy” to implement.

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Listen dude the way I have proposed it has NOT been put out before. If you can show me otherwise feel free and I’ll concede but the idea has merit so stop trying to shoot it down. Keep hope alive dude!

Again I do not agree with the separate instancing idea PVP flagging is the only way to make it work

A Flagging feature as you’ve described has already been used in Star Wars Galaxies, and while I like the feature (including having some missions auto flag you for Pvp) for some reason it wasn’t well received in the game and was eventually taken out.

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Based on what you wrote I dont see how this would “bridge” pve and pvp, other then saving the remaining fury pvpers some bucks as they wouldnt need to transfer between fury and crom, please elaborate for a dumdum like me

bigger issue is the lack of influx in pvp cos the entry commitment is too steep, having to grind AA and pvp levels -> gear and get rekt for way too long before your character is competetive

I think the issue spreadman is trying to address is the fact that in order to have open world pvp, you have to play on fury, but if you want to play minigames, you have to be on crom. You cannot have both.

While I like spreadman’s suggestion, I think the easiest thing for funcom to do is simply have the “epic” versions of playzones be relabeled “pvp”, which has been suggested many, many, many times before.


Yeah that makes sense to adress somehow, I remember reading also that ppl wanting tweaks made to pvp festival to make all the festival activities meaningful and make it perma on crom, could also help i guess.

also again i feel like it needs to be easier for new ppl to get into pvp, in pve you can always join a guild and learn encounters but in pvp its pug minis so joining communities and learning from others isnt happening anymore so atleast remove the initial progression aspect as the uphill battle is big enough anyway, i guess world pvp is better in that regard, but new players rarely pick fury where world pvp exist

I agree wholeheartedly.

What I’ve realized with pug minigames is that I generally don’t even enjoy them. Often they’re not even remotely balanced in any sense (composition, player skill, gear level) and you end up having a bad time. The fun part of open world is that if people are civil (which they usually are, even on fury), you can create fun engagements regardless of the numbers or players involved.

The two biggest issues with starting out as a new player in PvP are AA and RF rings. Honestly, as people have suggested before, RF tank rings should simply give -500 pvp hit rating each.

PvP t1 and t3 are very similar (in everything except weapons), and PvP4 is pretty quick to get, especially on Fury where the daily 40 kills quest will get you pvp4 in a week. That said, I think all pvp t1 gear should be accessible at the moment you hit 80. There’s no reason new players should have to play in khitai blues against decked out full RF veteran characters. There is very little fun to be had in such a situation.

I also think it’d be pretty fun if there was a budget of AA points you can spend in PvP, which would be adjustable at any time. For example, you have 150 AA points total, decide how you’re going to spend them. You might end up forgoing certain stat boosts in order to get good perks on low cooldowns. I feel like it would satisfy the urge many players have towards customization without ruining the new player experience. I think this would make every class feel like they almost have a second feat tree rather than a bunch of passive bullcrap from grinding. It’ll probably never happen though, too much effort and too controversial.

Small comment on the topic starter suggestion.

I would prefer that changing pve/pvp flagging would only be possible in hub cities, to prevent someone abuses it in the pvp area (e.g. gank someone and then switch to pve mode, it will add a whole new dimension to boating :slight_smile: )

I’m not so sure about non pvp enabled people on a pvp map. They may be annoying if they start to body block people during pvp fights if there are enough of them. Could even create an impenetrable wall arround a couple casters.

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A challenging system works as well where you could challenge a player to a duel

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Actually… people farmed t4 on fury, so t4 farm was not the reason :stuck_out_tongue:

I for one, did the heroic thing and abandoned my guild to join russian t4 farm squad. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

I could easily link at least 3 threads from the old forums that proposed this exact idea but I don’t really care since you would stay delusional anyway.


name of united server should be Crom’s Fury, you can`t get rid so easily of those two names who survived 12 years : D
The only risk I see is having endless pvp flaming chat feuds that will scare the hell out of new people lol

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Basically because what was presented on paper on how it should work, didn’t actually work in real life (although why that should have come as a surprise is beyond me). Too many variable, too many mistakes and it was found to open up players to griefing, something the dev’s didn’t see coming. The Dev’s thought they had foreseen all the ways you could become flagged, and found out they only thought of about half and all those unforeseen act’s is what soured some on the system.

All in all I always thought it a good system and didn’t really have problems with it, but that might be because I mainly played solo so a lot of the situations would never occur to me. The few times I did group fights, everyone was flagged so any those situations where problems could come into the mix didn’t occur.

Here’s the dev take on it:

Now you’re right it is apples to oranges, but some of the examples given in the article could carry over into AoC. What if you healed someone? The very real problem of griefing while someone’s trying to turn in a quest. I’m just saying while it would be nice to combine the servers, I don’t think it would be as cut and dried as you hope it would be.

Most companies are remastering old games.

It would be prudent for funcom to remaster AOC with updated textures, new content and revamped system like the OP has suggested.

Honestly that new game they revealed looked like a recycled doom game with guitar hero… how in the world that got green lit is absurd.

Why not remaster and revamp AOC?


I find it kind of funny that there is one thread about how bad it is to have T6 gear available for Mini games, then this thread which if implemented would bring those same issues to open world.

Also, Server merges are bad. If you look at any game including, but not limited to Age of Conan; you will see that shortly after the merge the combined population is about the same as the total population of the pre-merged servers (Sometimes a bit more). Within 6 months the population on the combined server is less than the population was on the largest pre-merge server.

It’s really not a good idea.

I find it funny that people complain about t6 to begin with, the same people that are happy to run around with sogoths, aa exploited toons, runes, item shop pots

like that is apparently not an issue, but the second somebody does a dent on tanks HP with t6 gear. now that is apparently game breaking and must be nerfed.
Non of the people who been using sogoths all these years, have came to these forums begging them to be fixed. fascinating :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


Haha i rememeber someone whining about it like cray, untill the day he got one from satetka, after that it was a finely tuned weapon


Exactly the point, the only reason people complain about tier 6 is because they are unable to get their hands on it, if they had it. There would not be a single post about it

People who have exile rune don’t complain about it, people with sogoths keep quiet, and list goes on. At least own up to :poop: :poop:

I’m gonna be the first one and say " I use T6 because it feels so damn good doing some damage to tanks that have been going 25-0 every mini game for past 10 years in conan, I might die to every single casters burst now, but its worth it. Not to forget barbs who are pretty much immune to dmg with unstopabble and heals are getting their own slap in the face :stuck_out_tongue: