Instead of AoC 2 how about AoC Classic?

Funcom should be embracing this mmo classic movement spearheaded by Blizzard with the release of their classic wow servers. Even some Everquest fans are launching an EQ classic server.

I know I would like to play AoC again as it was at launch. Before the gear revamp, before bori and AA were introduced. Before pvp levels were in the game. Before guards were placed strategically to protect those people foolish enough to play on an open pvp server. Back when grip of death couldn’t be avoided by line of sight and tos storm crown was a major nuisance! Bear shamans could combo mold and one shot people and conqs could kick your a$$ with nothing but a broken oar!

just good old fashioned age of conan. You guys who are left playing this game know that you want this. Demand it from your Funcom overlords! Bring back AoC Classic!!! @AndyB make it happen!


it is not going to happen and cutting population once more won’t do any good, it is at bad as it can get even on crom. hell there are moments when fury has more action than crom and we all know how Fury looks like atm…


But what if doing this made the population explode? Are you truly happy in this game in its current state? Are you truly content to just grin and bear it and resign yourself to utter hopelessness and despair? Can’t hurt to inquire.

I don’t think it would cut the population any more if the classic was rebranded as a pvp centered game.

Heavy focus on open world pvp, mini game tournaments, staged sieges, leaderboards, and no WB and RF nonsense.

They already copied a genre with Exiles, why not copy another like Fortnite with Aoc combat system.

They already have 6 planned projects though and this game is considered back catalogue.

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Wouldn’t you agree this game is “classic” to an extent; instead of going back to, i assume most people prefer pre 1.4 patch, and start over with the same end results. Plus we have already seen that people come back when Saga servers hit on both game play styles.

  • Keep the RF sure, just alter to T1+ or alter in a fashioned way
  • Addition of Dungeon Finder so vanilla and K6 include shards etc.
  • Bori get an expansion/revamp
  • Crafting Update (maybe make some resources from the PVP nodes etc)
  • Update Textures, etc.
  • Expansion of new areas in World
  • Instance mode in all areas New/Old (Normal, Epic, PVP)
  • New PvP modes (Towers, Maps, Sieges, GvG all this can tie into Bori areas)
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Not really. Most people on this forum, and in game, are not “demanding” new content from Funcom; they’re begging for it.

Going backwards for nostalgia makes no sense, and if it made any $ that would only send the message to Funcom that they never have to provide new content again.

Dividing the few players remaining could be the final nail in the coffin. We might all have to go fly saucers in outer space :laughing: Seriously Spreadi, is the Earth flat from up there or not?

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:thinking: … This sounds like a money-maker!

AoC is recognized for it’s unique combat system and PvP.

It would certainly have to be an improvement, and address the current problems, like afk’ers and more, but this could be where including Vote-Kick for minis and other ideas would make a difference.

Something substantial for PvP gamers would be big news right now, and word would spread :wink:

in order to really provide a nostalgic feeling please move the server back to europe


the best thing is that funcom give the source code the Community AND THEN is the Game BACK!
But they did not because they need money from yours with pets and finance the other flop games.