AoC 2! Would you buy?

Could be another thread like this. I have not seen it yet so here it is. We love Age of Conan. The game has been dead a long time and players still pump money into it. We love the game. We do not love the years of broken this or broken that. We get it FC. You can’t fix AoC. What you can do is make a new one from the ground up.

If FC made a new AoC, would you buy it? Play it?

I can sit here and say I am done with this game over my hurt feelings, but I know for sure I would buy AoC 2. I love AoC. In its prime there was nothing else like it. So lets do this FC. Give us what we want!!! A new, fresh, up to date AoC.

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There still is nothing like it. However I wouldn’t want to start the grind all over again… I’d prefer they refurbished aoc1

As much as i love this game i have to now say no, Funcom are just not the right company , if it was with a more professional company with their S@@t together then probably, but everything funcom touches turns to dust, They dont understand how to manage the games they have and are always chasing the next big thing leaving the other games to rot, its why none of their games ever make it to the top they are never finished…

Funcom sell AoC to someone better then yourselves you ruined what could have been the greatest MMO ever…


nope. This IP should be revoked from funcom so another studio can do it justice…


I think even if they did release a 2.0 i dont think anyone would trust funcom again , PvP has been overlooked for way to long with our special community we are not allowed to talk about for fear of thread deletion and silence , and the pve community is now starting to go through the same thing all be it at a slower pace , and hell if they brought out aoc2 they would only start working on the secret world 2 straight after , they dont know a good thing when they have it…

From what they did to SWL after relaunching… it seems that game has less players than Aoc. With that being said, they would likely ruin the combat system so much that no one would play Aoc 2. From a technical/money standpoint, I don’t think they would budget for it ever. They want to do small easy made games with very low risk.

AoC 2? I don’t think so, put far too many hours into AoC and I cant’t be bothered with another grind or even learning a new MMO.

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Funcom now? You’ve gotta be kidding. It would be terrible. They aren’t capable of creating anything large with their small team and all the developers that produced all the good content are long gone.

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Hehe, with their track record. NOT A CHANCE, they promised so much, and ended up just using us a alpha for the engine, literally sat through 2 years, while they worked on the engine, of which almost all the new actual content went to the secret world.

I too think the license for conan should be moved to another studio, although i have no idea which one, been playing a lot of black desert, but there you have a team who is completely discconected with its player base, they dont even play their game. its rediculous watching their patches etc.

anyway, funcom, would have to have something extra special, with polish, and not empty promises.


BDO has a cool foundation, graphically it’s clean and good quality even if it’s not to my taste, has good combat system, but it’s a sandbox game which relys on “player driven content”, which is a pretty way of saying developers are too lazy to create content for it. So you’re just going around in a grind cycle and all sandbox MMOs are like that.

The old theme park style MMO, which is what AOC was, is pretty much dead and the only popular ones left is WOW and, I guess, Bless falls into that category too.

Years ago I figured if Conan was turned over to anyone I’d have wanted it to be Trion, since RIFT was so polished out of the gate and was (though not to my tastes) an objectively very good MMO, but my opinion on Trion changed after the Archage debacle.

In an ideal world Funcom wouldn’t have given up after Khitai and thrown all their eggs into the TSW basket (which caused the collapse), sure it wasn’t perfect and there was a lot of bad, but the PvE they produced was great - T3, Khitai (ok it had it’s flaws but the dungeons were excellent), Erlik, Fort, House of Crom, was all top notch. Even T4 was good when it eventually got done (outside of the last 2 bosses). I wish that team gave us a few more expansions.


if it from funcom i would never buy it again.

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Imo, there’s no need for an AoC 2 as there’s nothing really wrong with the core game, it’s just that it’s neglected and not getting any content updates. If Funcom is involved, I’d rather resources for an AoC2 be spent on the current game, but that will never happen unfortunately.

Now, if AoC property was sold to another company and new game released, that’s a different story.

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We already got an AoC 2.
Sort of.

It is called Conan Exiles.

If by AoC 2 you mean something that is pretty much the same as AoC, except newer- that isn’t going to happen. Would be easier and cheaper to just improve AoC and add new features and new content, and we already know that is not happening.

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Yea mmos generally never spawn sequels. Look at World of Warcraft. Same mmo but updated over the years to improve graphics and what not. But still the same game. Mmos are a never ending thing that can be forever added on to if the dev company decides to. If Funcom would actually invest some of their capital back into refreshing the game a bit more they might actually get more subscribers but they can’t see the cash cow that’s right in front of them.


Exiles is nothing like AOC unfortunately

I do like exiles, even in spite of the bugs, but it will never be an “mmo”, and there is no end game pve to speak of at all. Balance is a joke, they seem to create bugs more quickly than they fix them, and due to the nature of the game servers die off over time forcing you to repeatedly start over

I had high hopes for it but I’m losing faith

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You had high hopes for a funcom release? You must be new around here…

Exiles is very different compared to AoC.

One is a survival game and another is a mmorpg, i din’t purchased CE because no magic and i play video games to do things that i can’t do in real life. I can can practice with my sword or my crossbow, but i can’t create artificial life and command an undead army while trow deadly curses and materialize ice to strike my enemy. Also, on CE people can spawn a god’s avatar in human world if they have a high priest, but can’t conjure a weak “hellfire” or a weak imp to serve then. There are skeletons on CE but the player can’t create an skeleton army.

I an not complaining or saying that CE is a bad game. I an just saying that the game isn’t for me by a specific reason. I know that they probably considered put demonology and necromancy in the game and probably have his reasons to not add into the game.

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This ^

You don’t do sequels for MMOs unless you’re significantly updating the entire design, from combat to graphics (compare GW to GW2, not to say game is better, just the differences) because you’re throwing away everything you’ve built to do that. It’s the opposite mindset to anything that isn’t an MMO.

In addition to my previous comments I’d also add that AoC graphics might not be that great anymore but they still hold up when you consider any other MMOs, no one playing AoC would want different combat or a decade of content thrown away.

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I would come back to AOC - IF they had released propper expansions and further progression, and a more thought out gearing system. I just loved the content, what i hated was all the broken promises and lack of content after khitai. Mind you i would like a more action based combat system, if they could maintain the feat trees, (these are still some of the most fun feat setups in a game to date for my taste at least. :slight_smile:

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Well, i will love to see a AoC 2. With modern graphics, with a more dinamic combat aka no tab targeting for spell casters, etc. Considering that CE is recently launched, probably Funcom will be releasing more things for CE and a new AoC if comes will not come in this decade.