Future of Age of conan

After seeing this pdf http://cdn.funcom.com/investor/2017/4Q17_PUBLIC_presentation_final.pdf.
I’m sad that there is no news of Age of conan, why?
After the opening of Zath I had recovered hope after almost 1 year without update.
I do not want to lose hope, I’ve been playing Age of conan since I was 15 years old (been 6 years).
Honestly, are you planning any news?
I hope to hear some good from you.

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We all have hope but I think AoC will never be like before (RotG expansion and all those DLCs). This game is on life support where it will remain for many years (look at Anarchy Online!).

Funcom is focusing on Conan Exiles which is their AoC 2.0 - also there will be more Conan games (I hope one will be single player RPG).

I am with you that I would like to see AoC with new content, even with the DLC scale (Ardashir/Dragon Spine). Also there is a limitation in their own engine (DreamWorld), its a bit old and there is 0 modding support. Just imagine if we were able to mod AoC!

Its more sad because AoC has so unique story/visualisation/combo system/classes/soundtrack and is steamrolled by all those copycats MMOs :frowning:

But I have no regrets - It was a nice time playing AoC back in pre 1.4 times and it still is.

So just have fun and play AoC as it is with your friends but do not expect new things.

Or try new Conan games and who knows, maybe modded Conan Exiles could be AoC 2 one day :wink:

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If they are not even willing to give AoC a decent cash shop and make subbing worth it, why would they update the base game?!?

its clear they dont want to take even small steps to increase revenue.

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What I think will happen is that Exiles will get the same treatment Life is Feudal did and be turned into an mmorpg. A bigger map, persistent servers, auction house, npc vendors etc. At the Funcom shareholders stream it was mentioned that a new mmo will start development soon. Given that FC has stated that they are focusing on smaller games with short development time and also their history of reusing assets from other games, makes me think the new game will be Conan Exiles MMORPG.

Well, that post is a whole lot of crazy. :grin: The Unreal Engine as used by Funcom for Conan Exiles is not compatible with an MMO. Servers can’t hardly handle 40 people playing together, let alone hundreds. There is no way in heck it would ever become an MMO.

Funcom has also said repeatedly they won’t do MMO’s anymore. I don’t remember them suddenly backtracking on that and saying a new MMO was being worked on during that last stream. Can you link us to a timestamp proving your statement?

In a previous financial report (some 2 years ago?) they said they were not planning on doing any future major work on AoC, and this was after a long time of little happening. They have not retracted that statement.

So don’t expect much new stuff, you will only get disappointed.

https://youtu.be/x1EsPPhder4 From about 14 mins onward. New open world mmo. Please check out what was done with Life is Feudal to see what I mean by changing a survival game into an mmorpg.

Strange you never noticed the mmo thing when you watched the live stream. It as written on the screen for like half an hour :wink:

Problem is that conan exiles is hard coded and built around have 40-100 man servers. If they wanted to turn it into an mmo it would be so much work that they might as well build a new mmo from scratch.

You said MMO which is Massively Multiplayer Online. That is on a scale far, far, far larger than a simple multiplayer game. In the stream, they just said a new open-world multiplayer game. Just like how Conan Exiles is a mostly open-world multiplayer game. Just like how most shooters out there are multiplayer games. That doesn’t make them all MMOs.

For Life is Feudal, that wasn’t made on the Unreal Engine. It has its own game engine which was capable of supporting an MMO architecture.

Strange that you noticed a ‘mmo thing when you watched the live stream.’ Since it was never written on the screen even once the entire time.


It isn’t really hard coded to limit the player count. The game engine is just horrible when it comes to performance, and that tied in with fast, sloppy, and inefficient game coding means Conan Exiles will never be able to support a much higher player count on one server.

I started to play this game one month later it was released. The game has always been a disaster, some of the reasons were.

-EU Fury community - Pure drama, massive cheater that still are there, cyber bullying and to join a guild was impossible.

-The game starts in Tortage, a really boring instances for a new player who doesn’t know it takes just 5 minutes, my first time took 2 weeks because how boring it was.

-Funcom decision, the first pvp system was a disaster, ToS could one hit everybody, the second one was the best one because everybody was able to kill everybody, then they made a disastrous patch where they totally opped the rogues and nerfed tanks as DPS, at the begin it was impossible for a tank to kill another tank, and they strongly nerfed the demos who as highest DPS mage doesn’t do better than a nec or an hox. This patch made angry many players who quitted because from a day to another they found their class totally useless.

-The game does not have an end game. All the games as end game have the PvP, but since there are PvP items that totally make PvE items useless, once you have finished with the PvE that doesn’t take that long, there is nothing else to do but some mini, small sieges, because there are few player left.

I guess this game will continue until the license is up and the money they make can support the expanse and pay the developers. This game was quite good but i have to say it had really a bad administration with catastrophic results.

pure drama and bullying they are something that depends on the people and certainly not on the funcom. They can happen anywhere, here, on another game, on facebook, at work, at school …
It is up to every single person to avoid dramas and learn how to face people, relate, look for allies and friends to support you and to deal with the harassment.
I always found “ignore” an escape route too easy

it is absolutely subjective and not objective or technical at all.
Tortage is a beautiful area, one of the most beautiful of the game, full of quests (perhaps a little too much backtracking), graphics and setting magnificent, beautiful music … is a small pearl in the game, I loved a lot beautiful Tortage

if you talk about day one it’s normal, no game is born directly with a finished and defined end-game but it’s not like that and for a long time.
There is a progression of raid T1-> 6 with a lot of plot (except for some raids like the T5 whose plot is a sketched and ugly sketch of two lines), very nice to follow.
There are 14 raids, dozens and dozens of dungeons to deal with normal difficulty or UC or HM, factions, arena, quests, instance in solo … there is so much of that material that only PvE takes away years and years of explorations before seeing everything. Why do people (you’re not the first one) complain about having seen everything and not having much to do after seeing only 1% of the game?
If you do not like the game and do not want to explore or play it, I understand it is a matter of taste, but do not say things wrong or wrong, talking about little content if you do not even know of its existence!


You have to get that a new player already plays another game, when he joins an online game he wants to see players, he does not know how long tortage is, this is the reason many got bored at the really begin and quit to play the game they were playing before. Me too agree that tortage is fun. However i was referring to the single playing area.

I know the community is not Funcom problem, but it still has an impact toward the new players, on fury levelling to 80 was almost impossible. Now this game is at end game, what a new player can do if there are no more the instances we used to do at the begin most of the player are PvP level 10? After a while he will quit.

For your information I’m not a new player, you should read careful, this game has a great PvE but when it comes to PvP the game is a disaster.

Thats why PvP should have way more attention. AoC has the best combat system ever created in any MMO and its a shame we have so few activities.

Im just sad that funcom is not making a diablo 2 clone set in aoc universe.

Or a skyrim type singleplayer with focus on open world rpg questing and story set in conan world.

Or a witcher ripoff with conan as the main protagonist.

I mean, they could just copy paste the resources from exiles, but remove the housebuilding (keep the armorcrafting) and all they would need is some voiceactors, and maybe some mounts.

Funcom could be a billion dollar company if they did, and howards world would get the games and media it deserves.

Actualy Funcom is making a singleplayer Conan game :wink:

Excited for it :grin: .


By the black scales of the Old Great Serpent One, Set… there was not one mention of [Age of Conan: Unchained], Set’s teeth this is disheartening, but I will remain resolute!

State of [Age of Conan: Hyborian Adventures - Unchained] is not so dire, by Set… plan of action by the public, coordination of said plan, and execution of said plan is in dire need!

We need to rise up and make our MMORPG known… that it will not go down in history-books and be lost to an onslaught wave of new wannbie progressive platformers; we as Hyborians need to come together and even those of the new-community of our population, but must sound our horns, beat those kettle-drums, clamor our armors, sing our swords to be carry in the winds to be heard throughout the lands, clash our shields so they may be heard from the battlements and feel the quake of our wake as we march before the world in pride and honor to our King Conan and tell… no, dare!

WE DARE the world to join us and celebrate the world we hold so dear to our hearts in [Age of Conan: Hyborian Adventures - Unchained], for we will not go down without a fight, we stand battle-ready to combat all MMORPGs that dare plot, scheme, and think to overthrow our world of [Hyboria]!

We are an interpretation that was thought only of myth, legend, and fantasy of the our honorable-creator, Robert E. Howard, but… WE LIVE, WE BREATH, AND (BY SET!) WE SHALL NOT DIE IN VAIN OF MEMORY!

We will spit, bite, and beat back the dogs who dare oppose our will to live! Set eat you and consumes your red-wine that spills from your weak flesh… it is time we, as Hyborians, to make this world hear our war-cries and know; THERE IS NO MMORPG GREATER NOR EQUAL TO OUR WORLD, JOIN OUR WORLD IN THE DECANDANCE AND DINE ON THE GLORY READIED FOR YOU IN HYBORIA! FOREVER!!

[Age of Conan: Hyborian Adventures - Unchained] has the soul of ROBERT E. HOWARD, the mind of KING CONAN, and heart of FUNCOM!

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… just my little outlook on the future of [Age of Conan: Hyborian Adventures - Unchained] and I cannot wait to return!

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Agreed. This game is awesome for casual play. I thoroughly enjoy it for doing whatever. Vanity hunting is fun as well. Problem is Funcom killed the potential behind it by locking vanity by class and wearable armor. They should have removed that limit a long time ago.

Your personal opinion, do you think AoC should get the SWTOR treatment and get it some proper story?

Behold the slitted-eye of the Old Great Serpent One… a compelling story-arc detour from where the story-progression so far with [Dragon’s Spine] from many of the great Robert E. Howard writings would be definitely be welcome, but only also induction of more region-Kingdoms like Zingara, Ophir, Argos, Zamora, Vannaheim, Hyperborea, Shem, or the full Turan-region.

I believe they can recapture our love in [Age of Conan: Hyborian Adventures - Unchained] and even more of the masses to join our world.

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