Future of Age of conan



After seeing this pdf http://cdn.funcom.com/investor/2017/4Q17_PUBLIC_presentation_final.pdf.
I’m sad that there is no news of Age of conan, why?
After the opening of Zath I had recovered hope after almost 1 year without update.
I do not want to lose hope, I’ve been playing Age of conan since I was 15 years old (been 6 years).
Honestly, are you planning any news?
I hope to hear some good from you.


We all have hope but I think AoC will never be like before (RotG expansion and all those DLCs). This game is on life support where it will remain for many years (look at Anarchy Online!).

Funcom is focusing on Conan Exiles which is their AoC 2.0 - also there will be more Conan games (I hope one will be single player RPG).

I am with you that I would like to see AoC with new content, even with the DLC scale (Ardashir/Dragon Spine). Also there is a limitation in their own engine (DreamWorld), its a bit old and there is 0 modding support. Just imagine if we were able to mod AoC!

Its more sad because AoC has so unique story/visualisation/combo system/classes/soundtrack and is steamrolled by all those copycats MMOs :frowning:

But I have no regrets - It was a nice time playing AoC back in pre 1.4 times and it still is.

So just have fun and play AoC as it is with your friends but do not expect new things.

Or try new Conan games and who knows, maybe modded Conan Exiles could be AoC 2 one day :wink:


If they are not even willing to give AoC a decent cash shop and make subbing worth it, why would they update the base game?!?

its clear they dont want to take even small steps to increase revenue.