Why Age of Conan is worth saving

I want to hear your reasons as well. I have a lot but here is a major one.

Guilds on the PvP server.
There are no factions.
There is no warmode.
There isn’t any restriction on instanced pvp game modes.
Everyone that isn’t in your guild you can attack.
Alliances form. Rivalries develop. Fighting for supremacy in the open world is just amazing.

What other mmo has this? Don’t say MO2 because we all know that game sucks.

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The stories up untill 65th level were amazing and did a good job of adapting REH Lore. It is a shame that Funcom did not understand coding and allowed this game to expire. If it got some decent expansions and lower group instances of 2-4 instead of six players I feel this game would still be thriving



  1. It can be updated very easy. Cus of Conan Exiles //
    – Character models – Armors – Weapons –

  2. Reasons the owner of this post I highly agree with.
    2.5 – I will tell this much, the game was release in the peak time of World of Warcraft. Therefor it did not get the chance it should have had. And It does contain alot of what the MMO player base is looking for now adays. Therefor it needs a modern re-release.
    as of writing this post, the post has 809 Views, meaning people are looking.

  3. The No faction is such a good thing for an MMO. It is one of the things that is currently killing World of Warcraft. The die hard fans wants the faction war(lore) but it doesnt make sense to have.

  4. Open World PvP is the best of all PvP

  5. Game needs very little update in my opinion to re-shine.

  6. Best time to start is now.


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  1. Big portion of exiles is age of conan assets.

  2. Aoc broke preorder records at launch. People knew about the game, but also the issues.

  3. You can since a while now play with opposite faction in wow. Wow has 2.4 million players logging in daily. Age of conan has like 400 players total. It might be abit naive to think aoc is gonna scootch in and battle wow for its playerbase…

  4. Thats pretty vague, if it doesnt need alot of fixing, what do you suggest they do?

  5. The good time would be 4-5 years ago. When the playerbase was large enough to warrant investment. Back then they could even continue the Vanaheim model and make content they sell for a sum.

With current playerbase not even the Vanaheim model could be viable financially. 30 dollars for a raid? I guess only half the playerbase would access it based on gear/skill/experience. So 6000 dollars profit, how many developers can you have working on that for it to be financialy viable? You break even with 1 dev working two months.

Problem is, what the current playerbase want is not beneficial in the sense of attracting new potential players. We want new content. But a 8th raid wouldnt make the game more popular in the eyes of ppl browsing the mmo section on steam. Sadly the market is mostly about hype and “fear of missing out” nowadays.

Theres some players that offered funcom to do work on the game for free. Maybe in some dimension that could solve a few issues


im supporting the idea of AoC 2 more (:

im also from WoW by majority of my time as a gamer, I am 30 now.
I really see where the WoW is bleeding & what a majority of MMO players want.

I follow alot of channels with diffrent content, and the overrall wish I see from alot of players is the fact they want vanilla WoW, but they got it, now it has to be hardcore, and what comes after hardcore, they talk about EXP+ like Vanilla WoW+, an expanded version of the original game.

I see the potential some of these older MMO’s have, like Conan, Warhammer, Aion, etc etc

The new Vanilla Experience is Conan/AoC2

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Seems to me that more people wants some AoC or AoC2, sometimes silence speaks more than a 1000 words.
Please dont be shy, fire some possitives and negatives on why you think the game needs a rebirth

Hopefully funcom/tencent just sell the game to some interested party at the point. Every day new issues come up and funcom clearly has no interest in fixing them. I’d lay down a couple tens of thousands to get this gem out of funcom’s hands.


It really needs a revamp much

I’m currently playing WoW classic era (Vanilla) but I would be playing AoC if there was new content or something left for me to do in the game. Last time I really played was the PvP Saga server, as old vets came back to play the game. They had a dueling tournament and I was able to play premades with people that had a lot more knowledge than me = I was learning more about the game.

It was amazing. But they fired the saga server dev. Conan exiles has really bad combat, I just can’t get into it. How hard is it to do a saga server? I came at the very end when everyone was already lvl 80 so I missed out on the low level pvp. Dam.

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I love the combat of Conan exiles, but overrall I really agree with you.

Games dead and on life support.

This kind of forum post gets done maybe once every 6month.

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This game has a lot of erros on its engine. You can basically exploit easy go over walls etc. To fix this, they need to invest money into rebuilding the engine. Or at least goign down the rabbit hole of fixing it.
They see it now only as a milking cow.

It is worth saving because it is the ONLY true adult MMORPG out there. It is brutal and sexy. If you kill an NPC or player in PVP, you cut his head or limbs. He/She doesnt just poop confetti but blood.

Its worth saving to YOU, but to Funcom it’s barely worth the server bandwidth it costs to maintain it. Funcom is a business. the only way you’re going to see a re-ignition of interest is if suddenly 100k + people decide to log on and play and subscribe. that massive influx of cash would certainly put aoc back on the radar. Sadly, the only way that’s ever going to happen is if a major streamer like Asmon gold decides to play it full time. And that’s not likely to happen. If anything I imagine he would play it for a day, say yea its not bad, then saunter off to whatever he enjoys most while gladly forgetting this 14 year old flop.

You guys have to let go of your AoC crack addiction. Its not healthy. besides, a new and better AoC coming out eventually.

You are right that we should just move on and forget Age of Conan but Ashes of Creation? Nah. people loved Age of Conan because it is a brutal MMORPG for adults. Ashes of Creation looks like a wannabe Korean f2p MMO.

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Ashes is going to be awful. They promised a bunch of stuff but the combat is looking more and more like WoW every day. I don’t suggest getting your hopes up for the game that started as a EverQuest-clone, got refactored into a pubg clone, and is now promising players absolutely everything despite having no effort placed into the combat system after years of development.

Next week, if the fad was racing games, suddenly ashes will be a racing mmo. The developer has no vision and is just catering to the masses, promising the moon when he can’t even deliver moon pies.

That is not a recipe for success.

Hard pass.


I think Ashes of Creation looks like a complete joke. They have been developing the game forever and the graphics look dated. The abilities don’t look impactful at all either. Go ahead and give them money for their “Kickstarter” and hope it will be released in the next 10 years if at all. So much time has past that this game will have no hype when it comes out because by the time it does all the MMO players will be in their 50’s.

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By the time Ashes will be released, it will be already outdated. Some developers aleready working on multiplayer and co-op games with A.I. generated quests and covnersations with companions and quest givers but also random NPCs.

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It used to be worth saving.
I myself check from time to time if there’s any announcement. Its been like this for the past 4 years.
Sadly nothing at all.
The worst thing that keeps people away is how there’s absolutely zero payment support. Even Steam users face them. By that i mean both subscription and character transfers.
On the other hand i would simply re-pay for all the dlcs and the lvl 80 bundle pack due to AA if they removed the freaking gold cap. Under the condition they put it under a realistic price for 2023. Lets say 50eur should be good.

None of that is going to happen and since AoC is dead MMOs are dead because every damn MMORPG i tried out there could not replace it. I mean look at them. They’re all Korean Braindead Grindfest games with stupid NPC AI. They’re just flashy using Animations that give the illusion of combat.
Where’s the good old AoC smart Combat? Shouldn’t modern so called ‘‘Action combat’’ games offer quality like For Honor? Nope they dont. They’re just dumb ability spams like BDO. And btw. New World sucked. The game failed.

An edit though: The worst thing is that we’re boomers now and maybe AoC was the last true Online RPG for us.