Rerelease Age of Conan

So many people miss the old Age of Conan and would be willing to resub if the game were to release a classic version (with bug fixes and without the shop) of AOC, similar to classic WoW. This is FREE money Funcom is missing out on and requires minimal work to implement.

That or maybe consider making Age of Conan 2 and improving on the game such as a much needed crafting overhaul, graphics update etc. There is too much potential in this game to go wasted!

The diffrences between classic wow and retail wow cant be compared with the way AoC changed since launch (not alot), A classic Age of Conan wouldnt provide anything different than what we already have (gotta say restarting without raidfinder is a good idea tho). Besides Funcom was never really a company that thought further than 1 month ahead. Afaik old versions of the game isnt stored anywhere or saved, they practically override the old patch of the game with the new one.

Did you hear about the Saga servers? That was basically AOC’s version of classic wow, try to catch it in case they decide to roll one out again.

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And thats why they cant fix old bugs. They just don’t have the resources (not the money resources or time or personell) but ‘‘Hey where did i put my USB stick? Ah, in my pants. Oh crap its in the Wash machine’’

What developer throws his old Resources (DATA) in the Garbage Can?

What exactly are you calling a ‘classic version’? Because if it was the game at launch … there was a big glaring questing gap after Tortage.

Also considering how the payment system is pretty hit or miss now, I doubt if you’d find many willing to take a chance on a sub not knowing if VIP would really kick in or not.

Let’s see; classic AoC -

  • No AA’s unless you own Godslayer
  • No Daily log in bonus so getting AA points, gilding tokens etc… would be so much harder

On the other hand I guess Vet Tokens would be back.

Moriala. The aggro master?

sorry for not specifying im not taking pvp into consideration, no need to get triggered. all thats left is mr.afk mr.grief mr.noob and it is what it is m8.

Don’t really understand classic games, just a lazy way to release old content, which we’ve done 1000 times on this game already. We have milked it dry.

I’d much prefer a Conan Remastered Game.

Bin off the feat trees, and give each class 3 set subclasses and skills each with their own weapon set (To allow proper balancing) (and because i want a dual wield dps bear shaman)

Bin off the best gear being locked behind dumb braindead content, and put it in the raids.

Bring elements of Godslayer into the base game content to give it relevance and natural progression but change it…it would make more sense to put altered big AA perks into the classes mentioned above, and make the “AA system” itself like a Paragon system…(Gotta keep Tencent on side, they like grindy stuff)

Give 3 levels of Raids - Easy (Offers strong blues and is similar difficulty to current RF), Normal (Gives Epic Gear), Hard (Gives Legendary gear) again…all appropriate to the tier of the raid.

Same for dungeons, give the gear relevance a natural progression, anything without crit/critdmg is basically trash loot.

It won’t happen but that’s a Wishlist for myself anyway and its the glaring issue when i make a new toon and it gets to 80…there’s so much irrelevant content.

Edit: I also dont care about PvP…for me that should just be like Guild Wars 2, where you have your class, and you have a generic pvp set.

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Star citizen will be complete before Funcom ever considers revisiting this game in any fashion. You guys are all so deep in denial over the state of this game. Just take the red pill and wake up already.

The game is dead

We know it is kiddo, thats why its called a wish list.

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