Funcom really messed up

Age of Conan was amazing! Coming out the gate with 80 levels of content! Then a few years later, the awesome expansion came out and it added a lot in the form of the new areas of Khitai. All was going great.

Then, instead of putting everything into AOC, funds and devs start working on other games and with less money and developers, they put AOC in maintenance mode, with maybe a team of 3-4 to do a few small updates each year.

10 years later, AOC is still amazing. If only it was promoted to potential players. If only it had the backing to continue with more expansions.

Warhammer Online had the same problem. People giving up and not realizing how special this game is.

I know there are now survival conan games and others, but they do not compare to AOC. Same with the secret world, should have left it alone. But they should have been PROMOTED PROPERLY.

So now, those that love the game will still play, knowing there will never be a future beyond what already exists. So if you are a new player, you have years of content to enjoy. But if you are a veteran player, it sucks to see soo much potential stagnate when it could have easily been revived!

All they had to do was release a new expac within 3-5 years since Godslayer and all would have been fixed. It makes me so sad because I looooove this game :confused:


Yes, RoTG was amazing, and Turan is honestly great as well though less massive in scale. Old content of course but I still find myself logging in from time to time just to walk through some of these zones.

On a different note, they should have released a Saga server that removed raidfinder (or make it drop only cosmetics) and made old content relevant again. A sort of clean slate if you will. And then don’t merge it with Crom or Fury at all. I bet that would have drawn in some more players for a while.

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Maybe something like an Age of Conan classic with some updated features and ease of life.

Well written post. I often look back at this game with fond memories and look back from time to time (like today). Not sure I’ll play it again but it is definitely one of, if not the best I’ve played.


Age of conan was great when it came out the problem is they tried too hard to emulate world of Warcraft. This is the end result. No game is going to kill world of Warcraft by emulating it poorly.

Don’t worry, WoW will kill itself, it’s only a matter of time. Blizzard is not what it once was anymore. On a different note, stylistically speaking WoW and AoC are more like polar opposites.

As Blizzard do for WoW, FC should give us bots with IA to play in team dungeon…
It could be very nice if players could be able to call their own characters from their account.
But i don t think FC is able to do that…

Giga Chad! this is true!