Is there Any hope of Age of Conan 2?

I heard that funcom are making a new conan game?

I would sell my left *** lol

It will be lego conan

It’s going to be a battle royale style pvp game.

I dont think there will be a similar Conan game to this. The WoW type Genre is dying out.
Next Game will have to catch up with new types but that requires some good and constant investment to be profitable.
The Old method to base progression on time spent subbed without updates is not something that attracts new customers. It used to but there is more Advanced Games being released so it never lasts.
You can change that with Private Servers that allow massive Mods to be made by your fan base (Like in Conan Exiles) which never lasts forever of course or keep releasing content every Year.
AoC sees better days from time to time but they are reliant on ongoing Event Rotation (Yearly Anniversary Event - Halloween Event - Christmas Event - Late Winter Event) but it doesnt increase Playerbase just makes People Log in more often and go Active for a short period.