10 Years ago this month

In May, 2008 Funcom released the game Age of Conan.
I played the living crap out of that game, everyday, for 4 years. It was a game full of bold ideas and, whether you liked it or not, it had an amazing community. I really miss it, but it’s hard to go back, and now with Conan: Exiles, there is no desire to go back. 'Exiles is amazing and, at times, a great throw-back to the old game.
Go, Funcom!


it was a great game i hope this one doesnt follow the same day 1 bug like original one

I missed the Age of Conan game, only recently learnt of its existence. I was still playing Age Of Empires 2 at that time, one of my all time favorite games.

This game however… it has everything I need in a game. Well done Funcom.
(with the small exception of it not being a 1st person view!)

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I hope some more music and armor/weapon models from AoC are used in Exiles. Still to this day no game has really matched it in art style.


Great game with great mechanics, fantastic art, amazing immersive Conan universe, sadly not so great further developement, but still best MMORPG i have played ever.

That’s so awesome to hear. :slight_smile: It’s still up and running of course if you feel the need to ever go back. We launched the Saga server a couple months ago that brought a lot of veterans back. I know a lot of people hold AoC close to their heart and brings some nostalgia.


It’s EXTREMELY annoying and amazes me how an Age Of Conan 2 is not planned.
Hilarious. Knowing all the mistakes they made, wich now they would not make. AoC is a jewel and will always be, a not enough polished jewel.

Ot at least make a SP Conan game.