Give us Age of Conan 2


Dear Funcom team,

The big success of Conan Exiles saved Funcom in a very bad situation. As you can see, people want more Conan lore and you had the best two years in the history of your company.

Now, be smart and give us more Conan lore. Make a second Age of Conan MMORPG. Just dont make the same mistakes you made 2008. There is so much lore that could be told. Conan Exiles is a great game and I bought it on the very first day of early access, own all DLCs and have played it for over 3000 hours. I would be happy to see a new Conan MMORPG. MMORPGs are far from dead as some people say. Look how many people still play old games like Elder Scrolls online. From time to time I play Age of Conan but the game got old. I got almost everything I cxan get in the game and so did many other players out there. We need fresh meat. Give us a new Age of Conan 2.


Or just fix the damn game? Everyone knows Funcom is too lazy to make AoC2


Nobody is too lazy… you want to fix a 10 years old game ? For what ? Do you think fixing Age of Conan will get all players back ? Not really…Maybe 1000, maybe 2000. But you cant earn money with 2000 players.

Just make a new Age of Conan and all the former player + new will return to play some new lore and quests.


We have already got AoC 2 - it is called Conan Exiles.
Not what you wanted perhaps, but as close as we are ever going to get.

A straight sequel to a game that was at best a middling success and which no longer makes much money - in a genre where few games make much money? There are easier ways to waste money.

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This is not true that MMORPGs dont make money. Just look at Zenimax Elder Scolls Online. Every year they bring a new map and sell it as a whole game. The game could have been a huge success but Funcom rushed the release. The game was unfinished. As you can clearly see because of the sold copies of Conan EXiles, there are many adult players out there who love the Conan lore full of brutality and â– â– â– .

What people dont like are these Korean MMORPGs full of pay to win crap. But a game like Age of Conan with all the lore Howard gave us, Funcom could create one of the best MMORPGs ever made.

We need a MMORPG with real RPG elements for both kind of players. Soloplayers and those who want to play in groups with friends. Such a game wouldbe a huge success.

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No. Just add to the existing game… new map, dungeons, raids, crafting recipes, AAs, level caps, a room in guild city to display your trophies… Heck, even a little thing like letting guilds put an emblem on their cape after X renown would be nice. Lots of things could be done to attract new players. Just don’t throw out the baby with the bathwater.


There’s nothing fundamentally wrong with the existing game. Funcom just needs to add real content to it. There’s no need for a completely redone MMO that would cost too much money to make it financially worthwhile.


The game is 10 years old. Graphics, mechanics…everything way too old to waste more time and money into it.


who in their right mind would make a sequal to a game no one wants to play?

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Noone ? You still play it. Dont you ? There is a new generation of gamers out there. This game is 10 years old. Bring a new one out and lets see if nobody would want to play it. Same people said about Conan Exiles and look… over 600.000 sold copies (I have no idea about the real numbers right now… maybe we are now at a million).

Your logic is totally wrong. Just because nobody wants to buy the 10 years old models of Audi it doesnt mean Audi should stop producing new models of cars.


we need new content, not a new game. I am not going to start a new game . Haven’t we seen this exact topic before?


You are not going to start a new game ? Nobody asks you to do so. Stay here and play the old one. But there are many players out there who would start a new game because it is new with new lore, new quests, new graphics, new mechanics, new combat system… and so on…


I dont like your comparison with cars, its not comparable in the slightest, but If i would try i would rather say, if a carcompany introduces a new carmodel that many tried but sold/stopped driving out of dislike, the company looses all its marketshare on the carmarket just like funcom did in the mmorpg one. Then that company wouldnt try to ressurect their wealth investesting millions and millions into the product-name the customers has a bad taste of already.

Conan exiles is a survival genre that built the game on stealing rust/ark-players and succeeded since that genres playerbase oftenly plays all those game at the same time switching around when new content comes to either of the games.


When did Funcom introduce any new Age of Conan ? They did not :slight_smile: If they would, the positive outcry would be huge.

And no. Conan Exiles did not steal that many ARK players. Conan Exiles got many many former AoC players. Because people like the lore. Conan has not a huge fanbase like some elves or vampires but it has an adult, strong fanbase. This alone would sell a AoC 2 very well.


Making a new game with the standards of todays mmos, would be way more costly then developing aoc. Take into account that aoc broke world record in preorders when it came. And it barely broke even. I think you underestimate how devastating it is to make sequals on titles that has bad rep.

Are you saying that conan exiles has several hundred thousands aoc players playing it? we can discuss flat earth if u like aswell :smiley

funcom said in interviews that they compete with those particular games. check out steamcharts how the playerbase-graphs changes corralate in those games when new patches comes, there u see that those games share playerbases.


I am not saying that all players are old AoC players. AoC came out in 2008. We have now 2019. There is a huuuuge new playerbase out there. Kids who in 2008 were 10 years old are adults now. Why shouldnt they buy an AoC 2. It was and is the only game out there with such a brutality and â– â– â– . Compared to these flying pony and pink dragon crap from Korea, every Conan game is a masterpiece.


Thank you, yes I will stay on the old one. Forgive me oh great player for sharing an opinion on a public forum that is different from yours. An opinion on a topic that has already covered. Please continue your quest to have the powers at Funcom to develop a new Conan lore based game when they have 3 of them presently. Good luck!


Hm ? I never said that I am a great player or never blamed you because of your opinion. No idea why you feel offended. It is your free choice which game you are going to play. I would be happy to play a Age of Conan 2. Simple as that.


Aocs graphics is still better then FF14 and WoW, that holds the majority of the marketshare in mmorpgs. Its also more brutal as you put it. Why would these new players get aoc 2 when aoc is already much newer then wow. It would be cool with a overhaul of aoc and branding it as such, almost like aoc: unchained did, but bigger scale. i really dont see aoc 2 as a smart move, or realistic, fun to see some enthusiasm tho :>


Funcom could do something like they did with Secret World… that is give AoC a major overhaul. But hope they learn some lessons, and do it in way that doesn’t alienate the current players.