Give us Age of Conan 2

I see you are a great fan who loves the game and you want new content which I understand. I have another opinion that a new game could be very popular among old and new players. But howevere. I respect your opinion and wouldnt be angry if Funcom adds some new content, quests, raids into the old game. I would play it again. BUT a new game would get me much more.

Don’t get me wrong, I’d love to have an Age of Conan 2. But I live in reality and it doesn’t make financial sense to pour an ungodly amount of time and money in something I really don’t think will pay for itself. Keep in mind AoC sold a ridiculous amount of copies in 2008, and look what eventually happened. It’s far more cost effective to invest in the current game, which graphically is still one of the better looking MMO’s even after 10 years.

The biggest problem of AoC was that they rushed it out unfinished. They lost many players right after release. The same happend to Conan Exiles but Conan Exiles was more or less planned as an unfinished game to save the company. Now they are adding the content they planned from the very beginning into Conan Exiles.

For an new AoC they would have time while milking Conan Exiles. They dont need to rush it out. Just to build up a hype. If they can get it 500.000 copies sold (AoC2) and 20.000 premium subscribers every month, they could easy have a team of developers working on new content for a new Age of Conan for the next years to come.

Look at CDPR what they did with Witcher. The first Witcher was a joke. The second was good and the third was a masterpiece. The Conan lore is bigger than the Witcher lore. Funcom just needs to be smart. RPGs are still a good investment in the game industry. If you do it right. But if you rush out too fast, grab money instead of selling quality, you will fail (like Bethesda did with Fallout 76)

I think you are talking about 2 different Conan games. A Conan MMORPG I don’t think needs to be done, simply due to all the reasons many of us have pointed out in this thread.

A Conan single player RPG I think would be a great idea, which would mirror what you mentioned about the Witcher and other RPG’s. I’m ok with Funcom working on this type of game.

Funcom could not develop an AoC2. They don’t have the team or budget to make anything worth playing in the mmo genre. Exiles was a much cheaper to make game and re used several resources from AoC.
On another note, if a AoC2 was to be made it would probably end up like so many garbage cash grab mmos that have been released. AoC has a lot of depth to it, and really a lot of content.

In all seriousness, how many doors to nowhere are there in the game? Just open a few doors into new content. I not a programmer, but it seems plausible. Let’s break on through to the other side.

“There are things known, and things unknown. In between there are doors.”

They could developüe a nice MMORPG with much content for solo playing and multiplayer endgame. Just like The Elder Scrolls.

There are doors but as I said in another comment, new content would not bring many new players or sell the game. It is already free to play. Funcom would not earn anything. Maybe a bit money from the shop. Thats all. They cant make the game free to play and then make it again pay to play because of new content. People would cry around. To earn money they need a new game and I am willing to pay for a new Conan MMORPG.

Ok let’s look at the popular Mmos currently running- FFXIV and GW2. Those games are not anywhere near as interesting as AoC, if Funcom copied some of those ideas for a new game because that is on trend right now. Most of the current population wouldnt bother because we don’t play those now, and those other players wouldn’t change because they already have those games. Unfortunately Funcom does not seem to have the creative force to make “new” and “unique” games anymore. So why should they try to copy with a twist whats already out there, when it would most likely turn out like so many other games of the past few years?
The development of new content for Aoc would cost nothing compared to developing a entire new mmo.

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Because people are hungry for new MMOs. We didnt have a good european/american MMORPG since TESO 5 years ago. Everything we had are these asian MMORPGs which are crap. And even they sold well in Europe because people are hungry for new games. Funcom sold 500.000 copies of Conan Exiles in the first 30 days of early access… a totaly broken game back then. Why shouldnt they sell a AoC2 in the same way ? Okay, I admit that Funcom has a lack of staff for such a big project but they could cooperate with east eurpean companies. Look what the guys from Poland or Russia produced with the Witcher triology or Metro… really cool games… They are not the communists with technology from the 60s they were 20 years ago. And they are cheaper than most companies here in Europe or North America.

The budget for Age of Conan 1 was not a huge one. And they sold a million copies within weeks.

its more fair that you tell us why a new release of another genre would automatically sell the same as a sequal of a dead title.

24 million dollars was the budget for just the base game, developing a game with modern infrastructure today costs way more then that.

I can’t see that Funcom would view another Conan MMO worth the investment… they have invested into Dune and an MMO based in that has been proposed.

Funcom doesnt have the resources to pull it off. They can’t meet launch deadlines and would end up releasing another broken pos. forget this silly dream.

It’s pointless to argue. AOC2 would be a nail to the coffin. Current game is good, but it needs more. It’s one of the few mmos I enjoy and I want more!

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I would love to see AoC brought up to date graphically and in terms of content, this is one of the rare single mmorpg that I come back from time to time for its mature content, bad language, blood, beheadings etc. … The others mmorpg are too Care Bear for me.

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Yeah :slight_smile: This would be really great. The only thing I dont like on AoC is that you need so many keys in combat. I have big fingers and always slash more than I need because every key on my keyboard is somehow reserved for a combo, spell or whatever :smiley:

I dont wanna use makros. Its cheating and it does not make you fight better at all because you need to move.

They teased something for Aoc and my bet its gone happen around anniversary. At least a double or tripple AA event is over due as well, but i hope there is more to come.

What you mean ? New content or a revamp of the whole game ? The whole game I dont think. Would be too much work now and they already plan some kind of MMO in the DUNE universe.

New content for AoC I could imagine…some new dungeon ir maybe even a new raid.

A Conan hardcore dungeon crawler instead of the lack of challenge any pve raid based mmorpg get including aoc could be interesting at this point.

If they could add a fixed dx11 version with super good optimisation…oof

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