Age of Conan remake or a sequel

Is there anyone interested in starting a petition for a second Age of Conan game, the game when you play it is still very unique to the genre for the grit and it’s dark storylines. The game though as we all know is low population and dated. But with a revamp of the systems and adding some touches that are easy in the new technology, I think the potential of this game always surpassed almost any other game and is worth redoing…


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They shot the last one down. If they won’t put any people or money into this version they’re certainly not going to sink millions and years into AoC2.

I think they already did a sequel.
It is called Conan Exiles.
No, it may not be what you wanted, but it is the closest you will ever get to AoC2.

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Age of Conan 2 or REMAKE would be great :slight_smile: