Age of Conan remake or a sequel

Is there anyone interested in starting a petition for a second Age of Conan game, the game when you play it is still very unique to the genre for the grit and it’s dark storylines. The game though as we all know is low population and dated. But with a revamp of the systems and adding some touches that are easy in the new technology, I think the potential of this game always surpassed almost any other game and is worth redoing…



They shot the last one down. If they won’t put any people or money into this version they’re certainly not going to sink millions and years into AoC2.

I think they already did a sequel.
It is called Conan Exiles.
No, it may not be what you wanted, but it is the closest you will ever get to AoC2.


Age of Conan 2 or REMAKE would be great :slight_smile:


i really would appreciate a remake!!

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I used to be incredibly obsessed with Age of Conan probably from around 2008-2012 and then played on and off since then when new things came out or I felt like I wanted to return.

I am having a lot of nostalgia for the game lately.

I know it’s a pipe dream but I’m down for a re-make or sequel (Conan Exiles doesn’t count, it’s not my kind of game). There’s still so much they could do especially as they can update the graphics to current standards, fix bugs, implement that crafting revamp, add new NPCs/bosses/questlines/raids, (insert pvp objective - I rarely pvp’d), maybe set up additional combat mechanics, etc.

Any billionaires and venture capitalists willing to invest in the new Age of Conan? LOL :slight_smile:

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When I see the current playerbase I see many many players, I would almost dare to say majority. That only do raidinder and wb. They have missed the great expansion khitai. also missed turan and dragonspine raids in their true form (not raidfinder).

Alot of these places lost their incentive to do them in terms of gear progression. But should still be done since they are so great.


RF as implemented in AoC is the worst thing ever. Like taking a hammer to destroy your best creation.

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Yeap. And players arent to blame ofc. The rewards should be logical and lead you trough the jurney. But in this game it makes you skip the only real expansion this game got. Whoever made the decision of rewarding rf with t4 gear took all the work of the amazing devs who made khitai and turan and threw it in the dumpster.

Wish funcom could do some crowdfunding attempt. Where 1x dungeon, raid and pvp activity would be added if X dollars were reserved by players for funding. And money wouldnt be given to funcom until the goal was met and content would be profitable for them to make.


They did re-launch Secret World, would be great if they did that for Age of Conan. Fix some bugs, add a few things that they meant to before, add full Mod support so players can help keep the game up. That way they could give us a refurbished Age of Conan that can go on. Maybe remind Funcom that games like Diablo 2 did a refurbish and people love it. Conan Exiles is great for what it is, but if you don’t want a survival Unchained is it.

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They did that for age of conan when they released age of conan: unchained.

Comparing diablo with age of conan is comparing apples to oranges. Diablo 2 has one of the biggest cult following in gaming history. While the general consensus in the industry is that aoc was a major flop. Which to be fair. It kinda was in terms of player retention.

I wish they would do something for aoc but if we stay realistic. Any bussiness evaluation would call it a madness gamble to just throw money in it and hope it picks up. Tho if people would pay for the content in advance. The risk is to some extent diminished

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I thought unchained was just really a free to play economical release. Secret World got a whole combat retooling, they also got some additional content in the story (later on). I don’t think they did as much for AoC back then; I admittedly do not remember. I am not trying to compare the games, but trying to give the example of releasing an updated older game can be economically successful. WoW does it with classic servers as does Everquest and such. I think AoC did well with the Saga server. So why not a refresh for the game, toss in some larger mod supports for fan created content and you could have a stable continuing money maker on lower maintenance levels?
As to the success of AoC, I think it was popular at launch, but it had a lot of bugs and issues and lower content levels. It took Funcom a bit too long to address these issues and they lost a ton of players to it. Age of Conan was featured on Big Bang Theory, that has to speak to its popularity at one point in time. Of course, now games launching with tons of obnoxious bugs is a norm; back then a little less as bad as it is now. Funcom has some great story telling skills and some great ideas, they just shoot themselves in the foot with lack of follow through in a timely fashion.

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Yeah you are probably correct it wasnt as big scaled. Tho it did come with unchained dungeons and dragonspine afaik but no core gameplay improvements etc. They did a decently scaled marketing attempt with it tho.

It all comes down to economical risk and comparing the potential interest and return is ofcourse vital in that. I would love for it to happen but cant see it for this game, its too late. Were at 140 online players at primetime level now.

It was popular before release. Big bang theory episode was part of the effective launch campaign and game had massive amount of preorders. Sadly game was objectively speaking a massive flop weeks after release and the reasons why I think you nailed spot on. Addition to that would be lack of content in the leveling up to 80. Insane that they didnt cover the road to 80 to be ready at launch. Record in preorders but road to 80 not ready. Uff.