WE should try to revive the beast!

AndyB Is there anyway that funcom could release a kit to the public to create new models and what not for Age of Conan? That way we could get more interest in the game?

Also, kill Tortage. just saying.

I get it, most have run Tortage over and over til their ear’s bleed, BUT it’s still the best part of the game.

Plus if you get your wish and get new players to the game, you’re going to need a starter area.


I wish. Would be a dream but is probably never gonna happen.
With modding hugely adding to the Conan Exiles experience and also being great for that game’s longevity, Age of Conan just isn’t the same as an MMO. And plus Funcom doesn’t want players messing with the files, and all the assets are stored in super unaccessible forms anyway.

That said if Funcom would ever allow client-sided modding for textures like they allow UI mods that would already be a dream - I’m sure the community can work on upscaling the old textures to provide higher res and bring the game slightly more up to the times, like someone mentioned before on these forums.

But eh, how likely is that. Probably not, but one can still dream :confused:

In the current dead mmo landscape where people actually miss oldschool mmos, funcom should just get together a team of 20 devs to make age of conan remastered (like black dessert online did with gfx)with upgraded assets, updated models, spell effects, animations and make fury and crom share group finder and minigame queues. Then just advertise it. Im sure streamers would check it out again and people would try it. Game is way to good to be left in maintance mode. 6-12 month effort for revitalizing the game and potentially make it a top dog again.

It could happen if they replace the current ceo with someone who isn’t a moron.


Nobody is going to give AoC another chance. That ship sailed over 10 years ago.


Sad but true

yeah youre right. btw who are todays age of conan ceo?

Rui Cassais is funcom ceo