Funcom Please Listen

Dear Funcom-
We understand this is an old game, and you have newer projects that you are devoting your time upon. We understand budgets, staff reductions, deadlines- some of us do work in corporate structures (different fields perhaps) so we understand that one old game cannot demand constant attention.
We understand upper management making decisions that don’t make sense- in short, we understand and sympathize.
We understand Age of Conan isn’t the most popular game out there, that it has a small but loyal player base.

BUT- This last summer, the complete abandonment is very frustrating, from promising new content that was put on hold indefinately, to absolutely no word on when or if we get a Halloween event this year. Not to mention several threads relating to billing issues-
Please pay attention to these forums and your loyal player base- we are not asking for much- just some explanations on issues that have been dominating these forums. We have been patient, for the most part- but our patience is running out. Just a little attention is all, and it wouldn’t hurt to spend just a tiny amount of time on marketing to bring in new people. And marketing beyond sending out emails- you might be surprised with the results.

If you read this, I can only hope you can take some of the suggestions of the forum posts under consideration- not just this post but all of them- and give us some feedback. Make us feel like valued customers again, instead of forgotten players.


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this is the only acknowledgment you are gonna get sadly. Or hilariously


please remember I am not working for Funcom I am only a volunteer Moderator

I thought I had posted this in General Discussion to start with. My apologies if I posted it on the incorrect category.

don’t worry :slight_smile:



Dont everyone at funcom reply at once now !!!

They cant even reply to a billing issue in a timely fashion. Im litrally waiting to give them money and cant get a response. 8 Days and waiting.

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#freekoranto aka Andromaeda


Hi, maybe Funcom will consider to open source Age of Conan for gamers to develop it by themselves?
Or maybe outsource or franchise whole game to the other studio that would have time and passion for it? AoC has still huge market potential - a lot of new customers on the market don’t even know how great this game is.
Some continous small tweaks, minor updates, new events etc. -> regular steps that would make AoC alive and would state to the mmo community that this game will be alive.


Give me another SAGA server for Christmas.


Dude if AoC open sourced and we could have private servers that would be incredible.

Also: I’d love to see a pvp saga server again. That was so much fun, like aoc of old.

Just give up on hopes guys, its over

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New Saga would be great (PVP and PVE equally). But please remove p2win !!!
Okay, FC want to make bucks? Perhaps they could sell slots for Saga toons against FC Points?

I would be only interested in a saga server without raidfinder, and without worldbosses (or worldbosses with heavely reduced drop chances of epic gear like T1,2, weapons, rings).I do not actually care about p2w on a pve server, though a leveling questline with powerfull rewards would be really cool.
Bottom line: A saga with everything erased that kills groups and raids, but everything implemented that helps groups and raids.


pls not pve only though

Just have both saga quests from the previous two sagas running concurrently without RF/WB!


My wallet can’t handle any more bawxes

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No more PvE Saga please

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