Age of Conan: Classic

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so what would you say about the idea of ​​reviving the classic Age of Conan (like WoW Classic), with the version of the last patch before the addon Rise of the Godslayer and launch a new classic server?
I’m sure the excitement would be amazing!

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+1 me too want to see aoc with old dx10 features (better graphics) and client version 1.3-1.4

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I think the one and only worthwile content was the Rise of the Godslayer.
This retrospective go back to the beginnings seems to me like level up a character but switch off the AA perks, then start to raid until T3. Can you imagine how could healers heal without AA perks in T3, when they do not know how to do the big heal rotation at all?! Knowing the current pug raids including RF, it would be a catastrophic failure. :slightly_smiling_face:


I imagine that very few people would be able to clear T3, without AA and Khitai gear. :sweat_smile:

I like the idea. Mainly cause it brings more population concentrations. Oh…and a pvp flag!!

Bring back a “chained” server. Montly subs, no cashshop, no teleporting to raids or instances (other then Asura and such).
But let the expansions stay.

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I think funcom stated some years ago that this is impossible when we last time had this conversation.
Mostly what I would be interested in these old servers is that we would get to enjoy the game when it actually was somewhat challenging, or maybe that is because people gotten so much better now… at least the vets have… mostly … not you rf people, sorry :wink: .

And playing classes before they were reworked is something that I been wishing for a long time, ofc combo skip would be back which is good too, still not a clue why they removed it.

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Yes, need client version 1.3 !!!

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As a proud monday RF spammer i feel offended.

at this point just remove RF and the accompanying gear and you have enough of a classic mode.


That would be awesome! :+1:

this will be good, new paid server with start from beginning, maybe with new account base. But AoC NEED anti-cheat system! without that all sh-t will happen again

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1.4 or 1.3 was close to perfect.

this game needs total reboot based on new engine that will fix fps problems and other ones, like UE4, hd textures, some new models and rework of craft system and aa system. With new content it will be a bomb. But FC dont care…

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