Age of Conan... Classic?

Yeah I was just wondering if there was any talk about releasing a classic version of Age of Conan or at least a pure version of the game that doesn’t include all the pay to win stuff. I played the game when it was first released and really fell in love with it at that time. Recently I came back and that original love I felt for the game as a whole returned right away. But it just kind of ruins the whole progression experience and makes it hard to immerse myself in to the game’s fantasy world knowing that someone could just go to the shop and buy a top level/top geared character, xp boosts etc. with their credit card. Its really shameful to let such a beautiful game only exist on a play to win platform. As an original Everquest 2/Vanilla WoW player I certainly don’t mind having to grind my ■■■ off to get to the top and I think many other players out there must feel the same way just based on how well WoW Classic has been doing. But just look at how ugly and simple WoW Classic looks these days. To me the fact that its so successful is truly amazing. If a classic version of AOC came out I’m sure you’d have a lot of returning players and players that would abandon WoW Classic if you had the right marketing strategy.

Maybe you guys should at least give it a try? Please? :wink:

That won’t happen, they will never invest so much money to make a classic version of the game.

If I had the cash I would buy this game from Funcom and convert it myself. It has amazing potential. I actually believe it could be the top MMO with the right team. Oh well

True. To us, this is a pastime or perhaps obsession- to Funcom, it is a business, this game is a product. In business, if you spend money without ROI, well, you won’t be in business very long.

Of course there are some expenses with a business that you must make, with little return on that expense, but overall you must have that revenue coming in.

I have never cared or even given any thought to how others play. I just don’t care, it doesn’t effect me in any way, shape or form.

To expand on your complaint, does it bother you when someone else plays more hours than you? Uses Double XP potions? Plays in a group with a higher character?

Who cares what they do.

If it bothers you that much, Make all your characters Unconquered one’s, than you’ll know that any that made it to 80 did it without any auto boosts.

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the only part i don’t like about the f2p model is that you don’t get any AA point (aside of the exp) and once you hit 80 you have to farm AA exp to get the perks needed to actually play most of the content.

I don’t mind the lvl 80 bundles, they come perfect for those who already investen so much time in this game and don’t want to go over a month of leveling or a tedious PL.

The only classic thing i would really like are the low level dungeons in unchained mode.

Ok, so if I start unconquered characters I’ll be playing in a world with no boosted 80s? Sorry the unconquered thing is new since I last played.

Nevermind… I see what you mean now.

It matters to me that others can boost with credit cards solely because of PvP. Its just lame and unfair that others can buy their way to the top. At that point its not a fantasy world any longer. Its just a theme park game. But to each his own.

You can get them via the daily login bonuses, especially when they’re doing a special daily login bonus month. My F2p account Necro is sitting on 187 AA points and that’s not counting the points I’ve spent already.

Yes, Unconquered can’t be done using boosts, but the double XP does work with them.

Ahhh, well that’s a different matter then. Thing is Pvp is pretty much dead and an auto boost 80 is going to be weaker & have weaker armor than a ground to 80 character.

yes i know, but once you hit 80 you struggle a little to find groups because you don’t have the AAs.
Ofc, raiding, questing, harvesting, playing minis, or bori will give some exp and after a while you’ll have more AA than perks to spend them.

i’m just saying its a little rough for f2p characters to reach lvl 80 without help.

So, you are playing in Fury?
if thats so, yes, you are in severe disadvantage.
In crom you’ll have to fight with those already in pvp lvl 10 anyway, so you are always in disadvantage.

Okay, well I appreciate the comments from you guys. In that case I’ve decided to ignore all the pay to win stuff, just zone out in my own little world and enjoy the game. It sounds like people are going to be mopping the floor with me for a while on Fury regardless of anything. Which is fine. I wouldn’t have it any other way. I’ll definitely be doing my share of mopping when I get good anyways. No other game out there even comes close to this game when it comes to being true to the fantasy world Robert E. Howard created. So I’m going to dive right in. Thanks again guys.

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P2w isn’t really applicable in PvP because of the AA grind. AAs are more significant in PvP than in PvE, and t1 pvp gear is very, very similar to pvpt3 gear. The shop sells a single expertise point for around $2. Now, consider the fact you need 3800 points for a “maxed out” character. Yikes. Point is, very very few people will “boost” their characters using the in game store for pvp. The most I see people do is buy those dumb 7% crit potions at all times. But people do that for raids too, lol.

Fury has a much wider range of characters and skill levels on it than Crom in terms of pvp. There are plenty of sub-pvp5 characters that play on it regularly with disadvantaged AA and gear.

Of course, on both servers you have a lot of people that will simply not PvP without their completely maxed out characters with raidfinder rings. You will get stomped by them on disadvantaged characters. It’s just one of those things you learn to live with, but certainly helps hone your skills.

Don’t listen to people who say pvp is dead. It’s alive. You just have to know how to find or create it :slight_smile:

I agree with much of what you say- but on one thing I will add my thoughts-

You will get stomped by them on disadvantaged characters. It’s just one of those things you learn to live with, but certainly helps hone your skills.

This is why people that are fresh to 80 and/or new to PvP leave. They will not stay long enough to hone their skills after repeated focus from the experienced, geared, and high level PvPers.

Added to that, a few (not all PvPers) will constantly badger and QQ in global about noobs, and no one can pvp on Crom- etc. I would bet the same people that complain are the very ones that focus new pvpers to the point they leave.

Sure you will get focused, and yes- it is part of pvp- But it is a circular problem, and it does cause people to quit PvP.

Whats the solution? I really don’t know, you cannot ask people to refrain from killing lowbies in PvP, that is indeed part of it. Tier Premades? Bori? The last Bori I went to and met another person simply trying to gain some levels got immediately attacked by a group from a certain guild who said “Well, we saw 2 people in Bori and came to attack, deal with it.” Asked if they could leave us be, we were met with laughter and more kills, so we left the zone.

I wish you and all the PvPers, the best of luck and days of high adventure, and dream of a solution that would allow inexperienced, low geared people a way to pvp.