Why Age of Conan is worth saving

AoC combat was and is still great. But nowadays nobody wants to use brain…They want a combat where they have to spam left mouse button all the time till they get some loot. Every game where you have to click 3 or more buttons to do a combo would fail in sales. Thats the sad reality.


That and the fact most current MMOs aren’t RPGs at all and all you can do is grind the same mobs over and over again for currency without any goals or real progression. People are just shutting off their brain and auto-grind (see Throne and Liberty) i dont know something’s wrong. Matrix Error 404 lol

Not to mention something else that is often overlooked. Most modern MMORPG’s are a completely bland and uninspired high-fantasy ffest. F off with your elves and hamster-people that float three feet into the air when you jump and land as if carrying a parachute. I want not only a world with realism, but also one that is deeply inspired by different CULTURAL TRADITIONS. That, for me, is what makes a world feel real, responsive, and immersive. AoC absolutely shines in this aspect. From the music, to the scenery, the storylines, and the character design. Everything fits and is obviously drawn from real-world inspirations. Sure, we have for a large part Howard to thank for this, but surely also the original game designers, who did such a phenomenal job at translating all of that into the game (especially for RotG). I have tried many games in the genre, and nothing comes even remotely close to AoC in this aspect.


You guys need to understand that no matter how much you moan or complain that funcom will never add any future changes or updates to this game. Abandon all hope before playing.

We should demand and start a petition for an Age of Conan 2 remake with advanced systems, this game is more than just a game worth saving it’s a game worth remaking and done right could be one of the best mmorpgs that is on or coming to the market, I’m sick of all these pretty Korean MMO’s where’s the grit and blood? It’s all high fantasy not like the dark look of Conan we all desire…

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Dream on, my little dreamer :slight_smile:

I forget why private servers cannot exist but I really wish we could have them. That or another Saga server. It’s been years and it is the last time I really enjoyed this game. Fatpom!

Officially I think it falls under the ‘theft of services’ law. Basically a private server for a game still active would steal money away from it even if they don’t charge anything since if you’re playing on a free server, you’re not on the official one where you could spend money.

lol funcom isn’t making money off aoc are they? People cant even sub to the game.

stop lying

definitely not making money now.