Two things that would make AOC PvP enjoyable again!

  1. Replace epic sones with PvP sones and merg all servers to crom now that you can do open world PvP on crom as well!

  2. Make it possible to sign at least two players together. In the current state of the game, if it aint B&G PvP event you cant fight other players together without relying on getting on the same team in minigames which is a 50% chance. (This fact is also the one that destroys AOC PvP the most imo.)

If this were to happen i bet alot of player would return to the game. They would be able to encounter people out in the world while also have access to raid content.

Make PvP sones sub req. and alot of your returning players will also sub. :wink:


You could probably pull it off by just introducing a flagging system into the game.

Want to Pvp turn your flag on and now you can attack and be attacked by others with their flags on. Have a short turn on (so it doesn’t go instant on) and a 5m cool down when you turn it off (so you can’t backstab and then turn off to stop being attacked back).

Would allow players to experience Pvp on their terms. Want to quest and not be bothered, turn it off, want the worry of being attacked? Turn it on.

Only down side I guess would be stopping any hide and seek games in the cities.

  1. Enable groups of 2-3 to join pvp minigames together.

  2. See point #1


Hello, I am a returning player, how can you do open world pvp in crom ?


I think that was a typo and maybe should have read ‘so you can’. There is no open world Pvp on Crom outside the Pvp border regions.


@Nebless Thank you for clarifing


You can’t find any type of pvp on Crom atm.


I guess its due to zath server. I am also playing there. I think this will be my main character in Crom when it will be transfered.


Keep epic zones, and add the pvp choice and i’m sold. I think more people would be into pvp if they had a real choice. This should have been done years ago IMHO.